This toy-filled hotel room isn’t a potential horror film set at all. It’s just a hotel room filled with delightful children’s toys.

How many films have you seen that start out with the big bad villain getting introduced in a room filled with creepy dolls? Or stuffed animals? Or toys that were obviously designed somewhere in the 1930s before kids these days all just wanted to play Fortnite on their smartphones?

What we’re saying is this hotel room is creepy AF and whoever thought it was a good idea was obviously born sometime in the early part of the last century and hasn’t seen a single movie since then.


But if you want to spend some time in a hotel room where you’re too terrified to sleep, there’s an option smack dab in the middle of Midtown New York.

In collaboration with FAO Schwarz, the famous luxury designer toy store, the Conrad New York Midtown Hotel is offering a special deluxe suite where the entire room is literally covered with toys. It's wall-to-wall toys that are spilling out of the bedroom and onto the floor. Toys cover every wall, from vintage barbies to multiple train sets to enormous plush animals that stare at you with their cold dead eyes.

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The idea here was to get into the spirit of the holiday season with a special suite designed to elicit Christmas cheer. Instead, it elicits Christmas terror because there's no telling which of the half-dozen nutcrackers is actually a sentient doll bent on feasting on your soul.

If one of those toys does capture your attention you can purchase it and have it delivered to your abode. We don’t know why you would since that seems like inviting the serial killer into your home, but whatever. Also, the saying “if you break it, you bought it” definitely applies during your stay.

Booking is available from November 18th all the way to January 5th, 2020. And the best part? Staying one night in this toy-filled hellscape will set you back $3,000. There’s no age limit to who can stay in this room, but that’s mostly because there’s no age limit for fear.

(via Afar)

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