One of the most beautiful and famous mountain ranges in Europe is the Dolomites. Part of the Italian Alps, the pale mountains of Dolomites are famous for mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, BASE jumping, paragliding, hang gliding, and are a go-to place every ski season. Never miss a chance to experience the wonder of the mountain ranges in this region of Italy.

We’ve made a list of mountain towns that offer beautiful, year-round views of the Dolomites:

10 Ortisei In Val Gardena

Ortisei is a famous town especially for photographers because of its picturesque view from the peak of the mountains featuring the sea of clouds. The highest peak is the Sass Riga of Seceda Ridgeline, where hikers can get the best view of the Dolomites and the sea of clouds. Ortisei is also known for being a big town with a good supermarket and other amenities. There are also public swimming pools with saunas and steam rooms found here.

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9 Canazei And Campitello di Fassa

Both towns give a beautiful view from the alley between hotel balconies and the mountain background. Most of the trails start here, and it also provides access to other towns. These towns are home to countless pizza parlors and supermarkets with various products. Aside from hiking, tourists can also visit the Marmolada and the museum of the Great War located at the highest mountain in the Dolomites, no worries about how to get there because cars can go directly to it. Never miss this chance to ride the cable cars to get a 360-degree view of the Dolomites.

8 Alleghe

Located on the shore of a beautiful lake with the most romantic vibe and the view is the town of Alleghe. To view the lake from above, go to Ferrata Degli Alleghesi to the summit of Mount Civetta, where guests can see the lake turn into a tiny pond. The hike to Lake Coldai gives one of the most fun day treks where it takes 3-4 hours to finish the whole trail and see the fabulous lake located at the foot of Mount Civetta.

7 Madonna di Campiglio

This hidden gem is a favorite with international tourists, and during ski season crowd numbers are high. Nevertheless, the town is full of fun adventures such as Via Ferrata, glacier crossings, and the cozy lodging huts at night. The lack of large crowds in the off-season makes it perfect for travelers who want to have private moments. During the winter season expect many guests as a rule because this is one of the go-to ski slopes. As a side note, there are also waterfalls along the way as you hike near the town.

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6 San Martino di Castrozza And Fiera Di Primiero

These two towns are situated in the Trentino region of Italy, where tourists can access the Pale di San Martino range. The most scenic way in the Italian Dolomites is the Passo Rolle; with just 45 minutes of trek, the Baita G Segantini is within reach. It is a small mountain featuring a pond that gives a clear reflection of the view. The cable cars are also located near these towns for tourists to experience a more relaxed way of viewing the beautiful Dolomites.

5 Siusi

Siusi is a large town, yet there are few amenities and shops to see here. It gives more of a local feeling to every tourist, and the main reason guests visit this town is the access to the Alpe di Siusi Altiplano, also known as Europe’s highest alpine meadow. While here, visit the San Valentino Church framed under the summit of Massiccio dello Sciliar Schlern. At times, the road to Alpi di Siusi is being restricted, so be aware of that.

4 Misurina

This town gives the best experience of exploring the Tre Crime – a tree distinctive battlement-type peaks. Unlike Siusi, Misurina is a small town, yet it offers plenty of decent-sized restaurants and tourist shops; there are also a few hotels. Located here is the Lago Misurina, the most beautiful and peaceful feature of the town. Since there are only a few hotels, guests are advised to book accommodations early.

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3 Sesto And San Candido

Located in the northern region of the Dolomites are these two 5-minute drives from each other towns. Featuring in the backdrop of this town is the Tre Crime Nature Park. The area is peaceful and idyllic and visitors find it easy to appreciate nature and the mountain ranges, while also being able to visit the famous Lago di Braies. As opposed to a bustling pace, these towns allow visitors a more relaxing vacation.

2 Corvara In Badia

If San Martino di Castrozza and Fiera Di Primiero has Passo Rolles, Corvara also features its own pass – the Passo Gardena. Many via ferratas can be experienced here; the Gran Cir is known as one of the easiest via ferrata in the Dolomites and the Brigata Tridentina – a tougher via ferrata than Gran Cir. The town directly lies at the foot of Sassongher peak. To satisfy cravings, the best pizza parlor in this town is the Bar Pizzeria Villa Caterina.

1 Cortina D’ Ampezzo

The most famous town in the mountains of Italy is the Cortina D' Ampezzo; despite being a small town, Cortina offers plenty for tourists. Cortina is the most expensive town to stay in the Dolomites, with three hiking sites, three via ferratas, and three mountain huts to explore around Cortina.

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