New York is a big city and it attracts thousands of tourists daily. Due to the size of the city, there are many places a tourist can visit. However, the most popular one is Times Square. Times Square is not only popular among tourists, but also locals.

It is one of the most visited places in New York for people who are in the city for fun, touring, and relaxing. Times Square can also be quite crowded, as many people go there to do several things. One will find a variety of people here. Here are some touristy things to do.

10 Take Part In Public Art Projects

Times Square is a place where many things take place. One of them is public events that a tourist can take part in. The events at the Time Square mostly include public art projects. For someone visiting Times Square and good at art, this is an interesting opportunity. However, one must make sure they check their website to find out about the dates and plan accordingly.

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9 Explore Madame Tussauds, New York

Madame Tussauds is found in Times Square and was founded in 2000. It is a place that offers an excellent chance to interact with favorite stars as well as their wax figures. In this place, a tourist can pose for amazing photos of the most popular movie stars, sports legends, musicians, and other personalities. One will find the five-story museum that is full of interactive exhibits, from the likes of Ghostbusters, Marvel Super Hero 4D experience, and so much more here.

8 Midnight Art moment

Another touristy thing to do in Times Square is experiencing and watching the midnight digital art exhibition. Time Square is known to offer the largest digital art exhibition in the world from its huge billboards. This is a moment worth experiencing that starts at 11:57 pm. Although it is late at night, it is a very secure city and is worth waiting for. The billboards offer amazing synchronization of arts with imagery and great lights in the night that one will never forget.

7 Visit One Times Square

A chance to enter and explore One Times Square is a golden opportunity when visiting Times Square. It is one of the most iconic and expensive buildings in the area that stands 25 stories tall. One Times Square is one of the oldest buildings in the area. It is a building known to host the annual New Year's Eve Ball ceremony. Additionally, the building hosts many old billboards and traditional displays. As a result, the building has become an attraction to many people who want to find out more about Time Square, its history, and even witness the surrounding area.

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6 People-Watch

What is most known about Times Square is the high number of people in the area. There are many people moving around and doing so many things that it becomes an attraction for the eyes. As a guest there, sitting in one of the pedestrian zones and watching the people is a unique moment one can enjoy. There are also people doing acrobatics, dancing, singing, and other interesting things one will enjoy witnessing at Times Square.

5 Experience Daily Show With Trevor Noah

For those people who like the Daily Show hosted by Trevor Noah, Times Square will offer that. It is one of the most-watched shows and for sure, participating in its filming will be a great way to experience Times Square as a visitor. Tickets are available and the show takes place Monday to Thursday. Although getting the ticket may be a challenge, getting to watch this show and be part of it is an interesting experience.

4 Visit The New Victory Theater

A visit to the New Victory Theater will surely be worthwhile for a visitor at Times Square. This is a theater that is known to offer entertainment in the form of arts for families and kids in New York. What is interesting about this theater is that it is open full-time all year round. This means a person can get in at any time and experience performances in the form of circus, dances, opera, puppetry, and much more. It is a historic place as it is found in a structure that was constructed back in 1900. The New Victory Theater is one of those places a person can visit and enjoy Times Square during their free time.

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3 Meet Naked Cowboy

For someone who is a fan of Robert Burck, they will see him at Times Square. Dressed in tighty-whities, with cowboy boots and hat, Robert John Burck can be seen in Times Square playing amazing country music and offering photos for tourists and his fans.

2 Explore National Geographic Ocean Odyssey

Here is a chance to experience real animation of an ocean voyage that feels very real. It can all be found in the National Geographic Ocean odyssey. Through the use of photo-real animations plus projection screens with immersive sound, people can experience a voyage that feels so real. Families and kids can enjoy the latest interactive technology by use of holograms, games, and touch screens.

1 Dine At Dave and Buster’s

For travelers who like exploring the food world, this is a good option. By visiting Dave and Buster's, one gets a chance to enjoy both traditional American food, sports bar, and arcade games all together at the same time. There are also amazing cocktails.

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