People who move more and search for unique areas when visiting a place get to enjoy their travel or adventure more than those who stay and wait to be guided. This applies even to couples on a honeymoon or even people on vacation. Whenever one visits a place, whether new or somewhere they have been before, the secret to enjoying the stay is going out and finding things to do.

When visiting Virginia Beach, there are several things to do outside staying in a hotel, resort, or Airbnb that will attract a tourist. They are engaging and exciting, and they include the following.

10 A Visit To Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

When staying around a beach, visiting a wildlife center is the best way to have a good time. It is found on the southern side of Sandbridge. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is among the most beautiful centers in the region, and it is worth visiting. The refuge offers a chance to see wild animals as they interact with the natural, unspoiled habitat. There are many activities for tourists, such as bike hikes and moving around to see animals, woodlands, dunes, and other attractions.

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9 Old Beach Farmers Market

A visit to the Old Beach Farmers Market is another thing a tourist can do while in Virginia Beach to spice up the stay. It is a market found at Croc’s 19th Street Bistro. The market is the perfect place for families or couples to explore what Virginia offers in terms of farm produce. Here, there are a variety of products to buy such as wines, garden products and much more. It is also a chance to interact with locals.

8 Visit The Military Aviation Museum

It is a unique museum that is dedicated to military aviation and especially showcasing the events of the second world war and the Korean war. It is a worth visiting place. The museum is also known to have the most extensive private collection of military equipment collected from the two wars. Upon visiting the place, tourists enjoy seeing bombers, fighters, seaplanes, and trainers from the Korean war and 2nd world war. Additionally, it offers a chance for people to volunteer to take care of and maintain the place.

7 First Landing State Park Hiking

First Landing State Park dates to as early as 1607. It is one of the most beautiful and unique places to take a trip by biking or hiking. The park is also suitable for solo adventures, couples, or even family. Upon visiting the park, there are many things to enjoy, such as picturesque swamps, and freshwater ponds. The whole trial is interesting as it offers a lot of peace and a chance to learn. One can visit the historic centers within the park and museums to learn more about history. Sunset at the park is even better.

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6 Fly On A Warplane

When visiting the Military Aviation Museum, there are many things one can do there. However, the most exciting thing one should consider is taking a flight on one of the warplanes. It is a perfect adventure and a memory that will live for a long time. The museum offers such flights, and it can take around 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, one enjoys using the second world war runways, flying on a biplane, using a flight suit, and seeing more of Virginia from the skies.

5 A Day At The Virginia Aquarium

Virginia Aquarium is an interesting place for tourists to visit, especially those with families. It also includes the marine science center. The center is found on General Booth Boulevard. By visiting this place, a tourist can see over 300 species of marine animals, including loggerhead turtles, otters, seals, and many more. The place also has several interesting exhibitions that are very educative to the visitors. It is close and very peaceful.

4 Check Grommet Island Park

It is a unique park that is highly recommended. It is a park with a beachfront covering more than 15,000 square feet. The number of things to enjoy here is countless. For starters, there are sand-castles worth visiting and exploring. Being the only area accessible for disabled people, it has free-to-use beach wheelchairs. Mobility at this park is also aided by using sensory boards and other equipment to help people who are physically challenged. This makes the park a unique one in the region.

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3 Mount Trashmore Park

For people who like mountains, here is the deal. Here is a good way for tourists to have a very engaging experience, especially during weekends. Mount Trashmore park covers an area of 165 acres. This means that it is not an easy place to cover. However, the park is full of beauty with two artificial mountains, a skate park, two lakes, and two playgrounds. There are also other things to see, such as birds and the trails are incredible.

2 Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum

A lot of history was made in the past, and much of it is preserved at Wildfowl Heritage Museum. It is a museum that gives visitors great memories and a chance to learn about Coastal Virginia and its history. One of the things to discover here is about local waterfowl, among other things.

1 Distillery And Brew Tour

A tourist can also participate in more exciting activities like touring distilleries and breweries. One of the recommended places is the Microbreweries. Others to tour include Green Flash Brewery, Chesapeake Bay Beach, Pleasure House Brewing, Back Bay Brewery, and Commonwealth Brewing Company.

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