Every year, the Trevi Fountain attracts thousands of tourists looking to have their picture taken next to the iconic piece of Baroque-era architecture. The fountain’s waters are the purest blue while the carved stone depicting scenes out of ancient Greek legend evoke a sense of wonder and awe.  Unfortunately, it also seems to have evoked a sense of wrath from two women who got into an argument while snapping photos.

Authorities state that the brawl involved 8 people after the two women initially arguing over how the other was ruining their selfies. They eventually came to blows, striking each other repeatedly until family members arrived to alternately break up the fighters and get a few punches in themselves. Part of the brawl was caught on camera by surprised tourists and then posted to YouTube.


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A policeman arrived shortly after the fight started to enforce some decorum. The 19-year-old Dutch woman and 41-year-old Italian-American were separated briefly, but the fight resumed soon after the cop departed. You can hear the whistle in the background as the police officer calls for additional backup. Two more cops showed up before the brawl was finally dispersed. So far, it is unknown if anyone was officially charged.

The Trevi Fountain, located in the ancient city of Trevi just north of Rome. It was initially designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi in 1612, but wasn’t completed for over a century. Giuseppe Pannini finished the fountain in 1762, and later had a sandwich named after him for the effort. Now, Italians around the world celebrate lunch with his delectable sandwich. We kid: the sandwich is actually spelled panini, which comes from panino, which is derived from the Italian “pane” or bread.

The Trevi Fountain, like many fountains, gets many donations in the form of tourists tossing coins into it. The method is to always have the coin in your right hand and then throw it over the left shoulder into the water. The Trevi Fountain gets around 3,000 euros per day in donations, or around $3,000,000 USD annually. Thieves frequently attempt to pilfer the coins, which are normally donated to a local homeless shelter.

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