5 Reasons Why Tourists Get Excited About Heading East (& 5 Why They Don’t)

Everyone loves a good holiday, regardless of whether you're heading down to the local water park for the weekend or jetting halfway around the world for a month-long adventure. Alas, somewhere in the middle of all that, you'll find that most travelers have some really interesting views when it comes to how they feel about visiting certain destinations.

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Today, we're going to talk about the East. It's a place that many have ventured to, as you can probably imagine, and it's a location that we still don't know an awful lot about in comparison to the rest of the planet.

10 EXCITED - New Culture

The core of the culture in the East, and especially in the primary Asian nations, can be traced all the way back to the heart of China many, many years ago. They seem to focus a great deal of their attention on the diverse art, lifestyle, musical and literature options that can be found throughout this wonderful continent.

It’s all so colorful and unique, and above all else, it’s the kind of learning experience that you’re incredibly unlikely to get pretty much anywhere else on the planet. Now that’s special.

9 NOT EXCITED - Options In The West

Whether it be from a financial point of view or purely the number of options available, the Americas and Central Europe tend to win the battle when it comes to people deciding where they want to go on holiday. There’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but it’s certainly worth pointing out.

From a financial perspective, in the eyes of many, it’s just much easier to commit to something that is going to be a little bit more local and, therefore, more practical. Heading East requires a much bigger and more substantial leap of faith.

8 EXCITED - Great Food

Whether it be all of the possible fusions and combinations or simply some noodles & sushi, there’s no denying the fact that there is an overwhelming appeal to the food over in Asia. Every single restaurant in every single country that you walk into will provide you with a different culinary experience, to the point where even the fussiest of eaters will have a great time.

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Allowing your taste buds to sample such fine foods is an activity which, in our mind, should always be viewed as a blessing more so than anything else.

7 NOT EXCITED - Language Barrier

In the majority of nations around Europe the English language is understood and spoken fairly regularly, but the further East you travel, the less accurate that statement becomes.

If you’re especially interested in going to more rural spots, then the language barrier could be a real problem. Of course, actually learning the primary language of the nation you’re in isn’t exactly taboo, but adding that onto your list of things to do could make this feel more like an exercise on a work retreat than a holiday, and nobody wants that.

6 EXCITED - Beautiful Scenery

From the Great Wall of China to the wonderful skyline in Singapore and beyond, you’re quite literally never going to run out of outstanding places to visit over in Asia – and the same goes for the depths of Russia, even though stereotypes would indicate that won’t be the case.

Seeing all of these places online is one thing, but you don’t really allow yourself to experience them when doing that. They say it’s a whole new world and while that sounds like a stereotype within itself, it really is the truth.

5 NOT EXCITED - Long Trip

If you want to head on over to the Eastern side of this planet from the West, then it’s going to take you at least half a day to do so. While that won’t be viewed as all too much of an issue for some, we simply cannot get to grips with the fact that some people make trips of this magnitude literally all the time.

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The jet lag is one thing, but the physical exhaustion from the flight itself just isn’t pleasant, and it’s about ten million times worse on the way back and that’s a fact.

4 EXCITED - Outside Of The Comfort Zone

We all have our own rituals and routines and like to stick to them no matter what, and we really don’t believe there’s anything massively wrong with that.

However, every now and then it’s important to step outside of that world and into something different. We’re all about being impulsive and throwing yourself into situations that may scare you just a little bit because that kind of sink or swim atmosphere is often enough to make us all feel a little bit more alive. The reward is worth the risk.

3 NOT EXCITED - Time Difference

Sometimes when you’re on the other side of the globe, it’s only natural that you might get a little bit homesick. If you want to pick up the phone and call home, though, it’s not exactly an easy process – not even close, in fact.

It’s morning time on one end and the middle of the night on the other, and for some, that just isn’t a natural sensation to have. It depends on how long you’re over there, in truth, but either way, the adaptation period isn’t necessarily always worth your time and energy.

2 EXCITED - The Reputation

Everyone has a friend that has made their way over to the East and had the time of their lives, and that much is just a fact. As such, the reputation that the area gains from word of mouth is often enough to turn the destination into a priority for most.

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Whether it be Thailand or Malaysia or somewhere else, it doesn’t matter: once that seed of adventure has been planted, very little can get you off the trail. That’s not a bad thing, either, but it all depends on how high your expectations go.

1 NOT EXCITED – Pollution

The reason why you see so many people with masks on in Asia is that the pollution truly is as bad as you’re imagining it to be in your head. Some days it’s so thick that you quite literally cannot see anything, and that isn’t an exaggeration.

They’re doing their very best to try and calm the issue down, but it isn’t exactly going to happen overnight. We aren’t suggesting you shouldn’t go outside when visiting, but always be wary of it as one of those threats we should take a bit more seriously.

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