Got $100 lying around? Happen to be in Las Vegas? Before you blow it all at the bar, use your hard-earned dough wisely and you’ll be winning without having to gamble a dime.

While it’s tempting to take a chance at the casino, hold onto your cash so you can do something you know will work out to your advantage.

These five fabulous Vegas attractions will only cost you $100, and you won’t feel an ounce of guilt when the money’s gone.

They say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but in this case, spread the word so your friends can have fun too! Everyone deserves a fun vacation, and finding the best things to do is always desirable.


Sure, you can go the usual route by hitting up the clubs and bars, plunking down your pennies on casino tables, and if you’re feeling frisky, doing some “X-rated” activities, but there’s far more to Vegas than the “dirty” side we often hear about.

$100 will show you that Vegas is filled with must-sees that you may not have known about. The excitement is never-ending, especially when you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a ton of fun. Check out these attractions and book your trip! You won’t be disappointed.

Michael Jackson One™ By Cirque Du Soleil – Tix Start At $89 Bucks…So Buy A Snack Too!

Do you miss the “King of Pop?” Plenty of people do, but there is simply no way to see the late performer work his magic onstage anymore. No more "moon walk," at least not by the man himself. That said, Michael Jackson One™ By Cirque Du Soleil is a cool way to get your MJ fix while in “Sin City” for less than $100 a ticket. The dancing and music is incredible! Audiences love it. With the money you have left over, you can grab a treat to keep you energized during the performance!

Breakfast Buffet For Four At The Wynn – About $20 A Person, Plus Tip…Tasty!

Get your body fueled (and plenty full) at the huge buffet at The Wynn hotel. The abundance is amazing, and no matter your food preferences, there’s tons to go ‘round. From fresh fruit to freshly-baked pastries to carving stations and more, the food is fantastic and the ambiance is impressive. Just $20 per person, so pile up your plate with three other “foodie” pals. You may be stuffed like Santa Claus, but that’s why they make elastic waistbands.

A Brazilian Wax At The Linq - $95 – You Can Never Be Too Prepared For The Pool

For those who want to chill out at the pool without worrying about unsightly hairs straying out of their French-cut swimsuit, a tidy Brazilian wax is just the hair-removal remedy. Head on over to the spa at the Linq for a fancy wax job that’ll leave you smooth and silky. It is far better than shaving (who wants stubble?), although the tug may be a tad uncomfortable (ouch!). At least once you are done with the waxing process you can relax and enjoy the less-painful aspects of the beautiful spa. With your fresh wax, you can slip into your swimsuit feeling fantastic. No "stragglers" to speak of!

Three Tix To 'Lost Vegas: Tim Burton' @ The Neon Museum - $30 Each For An Eye-Opening Exhibition

Get artsy in a super cool environment at The Neon Museum. The incredible Tim Burton’s exhibition is eye-opening and all-original. Tickets are just $30 a pop, so meet up with two “up-for-anything” friends for a fun day exploring this amazing artistic Vegas attraction. The whole museum is brightly buzzing with neon lights and fixtures, and this Burton exhibition is like icing on the cake. Be sure to take pics so your social media "friends" can see what they're missing.

Two VIP Interactive Bundle Tix To SeaQuest Las Vegas - $49.95 Each – The Ultimate Aquarium Experience

Go for the extra-special VIP experience at SeaQuest Las Vegas to make the most of your Vegas aquarium adventure. These VIP tix give you an all-access pass to anything and everything the interactive aquarium offers. Kids and adults alike will be in awe of the many amazing sea creatures on display, and they are all treated well in a safe interactive environment. Animals from five different continents all come together in Las Vegas to teach visitors about their unique habitats. According to their site, 395 animals have been rescued by SeaQuest USA thus far, something that is truly special. Perhaps your presence will allow the company to save more lives in the years to come.