As the temperature begins to change, the most fun and spooky holiday of the holiday season approaches. With the coming of Halloween, the famous Ohio State Reformatory, popularly known as the Mansfield Reformatory, transforms from a tame museum to a terrifyingly haunted event!

Escape From Blood Prison is the event that takes over the prison in the month leading up to Halloween. Here, travelers can venture into the haunted depths of the prison to flee from clown-clad psychopaths and whatever other terrors the prison's talented staff can come up with.


Mansfield Reformatory, Once An Actual Prison And Several Time Movie Set

The Mansfield Reformatory, officially known as the Ohio State Reformatory, is a historic prison-turned museum in Mansfield, Ohio. The prison was originally built between 1886 and 1910. It would remain a prison in the US criminal system for most of a century until it was shut down in 1990. It was ultimately closed due to a federal court ruling. After that time, Hollywood would move in to use the site for several movies (before it was even fully closed), including movies such as Shawshank Redemption in 1994. This movie's incredible popularity would lead to this prison’s fame growing, and eventually, it would become a museum.

Today, the Ohio State Reformatory operates as a tourist destination. Travelers come from all over to experience the sights of the preserved prison. And every Halloween, the prison embraces the holiday by transforming into Blood Prison! Here Travelers can come to experience the incredible show that the prison museum puts on for its guests.

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Shawshank Redemption, And The Shawshank Trail

The Shawshank Trail is a tour that travelers can undertake while visiting the Historic Ohio State Reformatory. This prison has been ranked a top five castle-resembling structure in the country. This prison is home to stunning and horrifying feats of architecture with the world's tallest freestanding steel cell block. It consists of six tires, 12 ranges, and 600 cells. The image of these cells packed has been caught in films like Tango and Cash, Harry and Walter Go To New York, Air Force One, Escape Plan: The Extractors, Judas and the Black Messiah, and The Shawshank Redemption, the most notable of them all. YouTubers have even made videos of the prison. Some of these viral videos include TrunkFest and Mr. Beast. Even Buzzfeed and the Science Channel have filmed here.

The haunting and grand architecture of the prison makes it clear why this prison is such a sought-after destination. Its architecture styles range from Victorian Gothic, and Richardsonian Romanesque, to Queen Anne. This blend makes it a perfectly haunting destination for a haunted house.

Escape From Blood Prison, At The Ohio State Reformatory

In the world of Blood Prison, the US prison system is in disarray, and numerous violent criminals have converged on The Ohio State Reformatory. In this fictional scenario, prisoners with a fondness for clown attire have taken control of the prison and have locked out the rest of the world, except for during Halloween. During the haunted days before this holiday, these terrifying clown-dressed criminals let those brave enough to venture through the halls of the prison to see if they can get out alive!

This fictional hellscape is a great way for some great spooky fun this Fall. They are welcome to see just how brave they are. As they say at Blood Prison, “violent men were kept here, and some never left — even after death.”

  • When To Go - September 24th to October 30th

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How To Get Tickets

Those wishing to enjoy the terrifying spectacle of Escape From Blood Prison will need to purchase a ticket. Tickets can be purchased online at their website or on-site at the event. There are a few ticket options, including an Ultra Lightning Pass, those that purchased a normal ticket will still be eligible to upgrade on-site. The Ultra Lighting Pass cuts down wait times by 75%.

  • General Admission - $35
  • Ultra Lightning Pass - $75
  • Ages - 10 and up
  • Can Tickets Sell Out - Yes

The Age Requirements

The ten and up age requirement exists because of the subject matter of Escape From Blood Prison. This is not an appropriate event for young children, and even children that pass the age requirement must be mature enough to handle the scares of this event. The staff at The Ohio State Reformatory has the right to refuse service or ask for a photo ID, birth certificate, or school ID for any child they suspect of being under the age of 10. This is quite a scary experience; it's a great time for those it's designed for and not so much for those it’s not.

  • Ages - 10 and up
  • ID - May be requested for children who look under 10

The Parking Situation

Parking is on-site and is included in the cost of a ticket. This allows travelers visiting The Mansfield Reformatory this Halloween convenient and easy access to the event.