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Vietnam's Ba Be National Park is one of Vietnam's spectacular national parks and is home to the breathtaking scenery of limestone mountains plunging down into valleys of dense tropical forests. These forests are peppered with caves, lakes, and spectacular waterfalls.

Vietnam is a land bursting with scores of natural attractions from north to south. In the south, spend a few days on the tranquil and picturesque resort island of Phu Quoc. In the far north, explore the islets and columns that form the mesmerizing Halong Bay. And there are far more adventures and things to see between those destinations than one can possibly see on one trip.


Ba Be National Park - Vietnam's Bio-Diverse & Tropical Park

Ba Be National Park's rainforests are home to over 550 named species of plants and 65 species of mammals. Additionally, there are some 233 bird species, including the honey buzzard and the eye-catching crested serpent eagle.

  • Location: Northern Vietnam - 200 km from Hanoi
  • Established: In 1992

Ba Be is one of the premier locations in Vietnam for ecotourism, where tourists flock from far and wide to see its blend of tropical rainforests, dramatic mountains, and native wildlife.

  • Tribal Villages: Of The Tay, Dzao, and Hmong Minorities

The park is also home to 13 tribal villages (mostly of the Tay minority as well as some Dzao and Hmong). Their rustic hamlets are built with wooden stilt houses.

The best time of year to visit Ba Be depends on what one would like to do. The dry season (winter to spring) is the best time for trekking along the trails and through the forests. Spring is also the time of the Long Tong festival. Go from August to October, and one will see the jade-colored waters of Ba Be Lake and see the golden rip rice fields. Note that parts of the park can become flooded in the rainy season.

There are plenty of guided tours of Ba Be National Park, these range from single-day trips to multi-day trips. Guided tours are one of the best ways to see and explore the national park, and there are tours tailored to suit a range of preferences and budgets.

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One-Day Kayaking Tour Of Ba Be Lake

If one doesn't have much time, then consider a one-day kayaking trip on the stunning Ba Be Lake. Their small boats allow visitors to get up close to the karst mountains and to slip into the small caves.

  • Duration: Full-Day
  • Tour Size: Up to 12 People
  • Price: $78 Per Person
  • Includes: Lunch

Along the tour, visitors will meet a local family of the Tay ethnic minority and enjoy lunch with traditional food prepared by the local people. The trip includes a hike in the jungle and a visit to An Ma temple and Widow Island.

The tour starts at Mr. Linh's Adventures at around 7.30 am. One will be paddling a kayak along the tropical lakes and rivers and traveling down the Nang River to see the Dau Dang Waterfall.

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Three-Day Hidden Trails Of Ba Be National Park

If one has more time, then get out and explore Ba Be National Park more intimately with a three-day and two-night trekking tour. On this tour, visitors will get to experience passes, alpine lakes, and see craggy summits. Go boating on the river and hiking through the tropical forests. Stay with two different ethnic families, kayak in the lake, trek in the mountains, and cook traditional food.

Activities On The Tour:

  • Kayaking & Boating
  • Traditional Cooking
  • Trekking
  • Staying With Ethnic Families

No one will be getting bored on this trip! Combine the stunning natural beauty of the part with the local people who call it home.

  • Duration: 3 Days and 2 Nights
  • Hiking: 18-20 Km Trek
  • Accommodation: Homestays
  • Meals: Breakfast At Homestays, Lunch & Dinner at Local Restaurants
  • Price: $609.00

The tour leaves every day and lasts three days and two nights.

There are also countless other tours to select from, with some tours lasting as long as six days and covering various parts of northern Vietnam. These tours are surprisingly affordable, with a six-day tour costing only around $359.00. If one would like to discover the best of the grand outdoors on a budget, then Vietnam is a great place to begin.