The one thing more spine-chilling than a grisly murder is an unsolved grisly murder. There are some crimes out there that are so mysterious and packed with so many confusing details that even after years and years, they’re still no closer to being solved.

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Each country has its own unsolved crime that still haunts the local population. In some places, there is an abundance of unsolved crimes, each more enigmatic than the last. Keep reading to find out what the 10 top unsolved crimes from around the world are.

10 Tokyo: The Setagaya Family Murders

In one of the most mysterious and horrific crimes to plague Japan, the Miyazawa family of four was murdered in Setagaya, Tokyo, in December 2000. A neighbor found the family dead after the parents and daughter had been stabbed and the son strangled, all by an unknown killer.

One theory is that an acquaintance murdered them to steal their money, as they had just received a large government payout. The case is still open nearly 20 years later, with a reward of around 20 million yen for any information.

9 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: The Men In The Lead Masks

Back in 1996, two deceased repairmen were discovered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wearing lead eye masks and dressed in suits, the men were soon dubbed the “Men in the Lead Masks”. There were a few clues to what might have happened left with the men, including a notebook containing messages such as “swallow capsules.”

Readers Digest reports that despite the clues left behind and the toxicology report, nobody has been able to work out what happened to the men in the masks, and why it happened. It remains one of Brazil’s strangest mysteries.

8 London, England: Jack The Ripper

The figure of Jack the Ripper has been haunting the streets of London for over a century. Following the gruesome deaths of several women in London’s Whitechapel area in the late 1800s, locals became paralyzed with fear. In a letter supposedly written from the killer himself, the assailant was named Jack the Ripper - a title that has stuck for more than 100 years.

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There have been numerous theories as to the identity of Jack the Ripper, including that he may have been a Polish immigrant, a doctor, or even related to the Royal Family. But as of 2019, there is no conclusive evidence that tells us exactly who the killer was.

7 Los Angeles, USA: The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia wasn’t always known by such a captivating title. She was born Elizabeth Short, and only became known as the Black Dahlia after she was found murdered in Los Angeles in 1947. The title likely refers to the dark hair of the aspiring actress.

The case of who murdered the young actress has never been solved, but police still theorize that it may have been someone with surgical knowledge, considering the way her body was mutilated. There were more than 150 suspects investigated by police, but the identity of the killer is still a mystery.

6 Adelaide, Australia: The Beaumont Children

The city of Adelaide is often thought of as Australia’s murder capital. Home to such horrendous crimes as the Family Murders and the Snowtown Murders, Adelaide is also the city where the three Beaumont Children were last seen alive.

In the most famous missing person’s case in Australian history, Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont took the bus to Glenelg Beach on Australia Day in 1966. They never returned home.

Over the years, there have been numerous suspects and clues, including the fact that the children were last seen near the beach with a blonde man. But police still don’t know what happened to them. Sadly, Nancy Beaumont, the children’s mother, passed away in 2019 at the age of 92, never knowing what became of Jane, Arnna, and Grant.

5 Nuremberg, Germany: Kaspar Hauser

The legend of Kaspar Hauser remains one of the most fascinating stories to grip Nuremberg. Kaspar arrived in Nuremberg holding a letter claiming that he had no parents, but had been raised by an unknown person. The author of the letter claimed that if he traveled with Kaspar to Nuremberg, it would have cost him his neck.

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At 16, Kaspar had the motor skills of a toddler, could hardly speak, and would only eat bread. He had never seen his reflection in a mirror and did not know what fire looked like. Eventually, Kaspar learned to talk and revealed that he was brought up in a prison cell.

He was fatally stabbed by a stranger who lured him to a park and the truth behind his life and death was never discovered.

4 Toronto, Canada: Ambrose Small

Ambrose Small was an entertainment tycoon who disappeared from Toronto, Canada back in 1919. He wasn’t a particularly loved member of the community, making it difficult for police to pinpoint exactly who was responsible for his disappearance. He was known as a gambler, and though he was married, he was also a womanizer. This led to his wife Theresa becoming a suspect.

Theresa did not report that Ambrose was missing, claiming she had feared a scandal. There were soon stories that he’d been kidnapped by a gang in New York, and that he’d run away to Boston, but none of these were proven true.

3 Rwanda: Dian Fossey

American primatologist Dian Fossey was carrying out her work in Rwanda when she was murdered in December of 1985. Her body was found in her cabin, having been bludgeoned and slashed with a machete. The cabin was completely ransacked, but valuables had not been taken, leading investigators to believe that the motive was not theft.

Fossey’s killers have not been caught, though many speculate that she was murdered by gorilla poachers. Her entire staff was arrested after her death, but all were eventually released, except for a tracker who had previously tried to murder Fossey.

2 Chevaline, France: The Al-Hilli Family Murders

The al-Hilli family murders took place in Chevaline, France on September 5, 2012. Saad al-Hilli, an Iraqi-born British citizen, was shot along with his wife, Iqbal, and her mother-in-law, Suhaila al-Allaf. French cyclist Sylvain Mollier was also found dead with the family near Lake Annecy.

Police suspected that Zaid al-Hilli, Saad’s brother, committed the murder as the two brothers were in dispute over a money issue. Other suspects were also named, including high-profile murderers and ex-soldiers, but the mystery remains unsolved.

1 Stockholm, Sweden: The Atlas Vampire

In one of the most notorious cases to ever take place in Stockholm, a 32-year-old working woman named Lilly Lindestrom was found dead in her apartment in 1932. What made this case particularly unusual was that, after killing her, the murderer drank Lilly’s blood.

At the time, there was a lack of forensic technology available, so investigators were not able to link the crime back to a definite suspect. Although they did interrogate a list of suspects, they never found enough evidence to charge anybody with Lily’s murder.

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