Galveston is a charming city in Texas that boasts a vast culture, art, historic architecture, and magnificent beaches. All these explain why it attracts tourists from all walks of life. This magnificent island on the Gulf of Mexico is rich in fantastic outdoor adventures and festivals, ideal for a family setting. From the breathtaking port of cruise ships to gracefully restored historic towns, here are ten must-try activities in Galveston.

10 Visit Seawall Urban Park

Being the country's longest continuous sidewalk, Seawall Urban Park is a top attraction for a family getaway. The park stretches more than 10 miles making it ideal for biking and running. Visiting families can take a relaxing walk along Seawall beach as they enjoy the cool ocean breeze. In addition, food lovers can stop at Gaido's Famous Seafood Restaurant and enjoy a perfectly prepared dish of Gulf Shrimps and Oysters. Families intending to spend a day or two are well catered for by state-of-the-art hotels, resorts, and condos. San Luis Resort, Spa, and Conference Centre are ideal for high-end travelers.

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9 Explore Bishop's Palace

Bishop's square is located in the far East of Galveston's Historic District and is considered one of the city's cherished treasures. Originally built for prominent city lawyer Nicholas Clayton in the 1980s, the palace has become one of America's most important architectural buildings. The house treats tourists to beautifully colored stones, bronze dragons, inimitable wood, uniquely carved decorations, and stained glass. Visitors touring the palace inside enjoy breathtaking views of sculptures, furniture, and alluring textile.

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8 Visit Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Galveston provides all-year-round entertainment for children and adults seeking to bond with their kids. The waterpark offers more than 30 innovative attractions for visiting families, such as four tube slides, heated pools, surfing waves, kids' activity areas, and an award-winning three river system called Transportainment. Moreover, families can have their picnics and parties at private cabanas in the park. Wasserfest area is transformed into an indoor park during the winter to ensure the waterpark operates all year round.

7 Visit Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is a series of three pyramids housing plenty of fun activities for traveling families and science enthusiasts. Rainforest pyramid offers tourists an attractive adventure of wild animals and plant species perfect for photography. On the other hand, the aquarium pyramid features a variety of aquatic creatures such as jellyfish and penguins, sea mammals, and invertebrates. Science lovers are well catered for in discovery pyramids, which host various rotating exhibits that unravel an amazing world of science.

6 Explore Galveston Naval Museum

Galveston Naval Museum is a perfect destination for history enthusiasts visiting Texas to learn about World War II. Whether led by a museum guide or self-guided, guests learn about the vessels used during the war, sacrifices made by comrades, and the mystery surrounding war events. Fighting ships provide a rich, firsthand history of the war.

5 Go Fishing At Galveston's 61st Street Fishing Pier

Galveston's 61st Street Fishing Pier offers a spectacular fishing experience for the entire family. The pier is well organized to offer visitors fishing equipment for a favorable fee. Surprisingly, families are allowed to fish all night and day, giving them an amazing chance to spend time in the sea. It's advisable to carry snacks and chilled beer to keep the fishing spirits high.

4 Enjoy A Sunny Day At Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach is a perfect destination for family holidays. Umbrella rentals are available to cater to visitors who wish to enjoy the breeze under the shade. Besides, the beach is well-furnished with numerous amenities such as showers, restrooms, and a pavilion. In addition, sports lovers can enjoy a beach volleyball game at one of the premises' courts. What's more? There is regular supervision by lifeguards to ensure the safety of the visitors.

3 Visit NOAA Fisheries Service Galveston Laboratory

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an ideal destination for traveling marine scientists. Visitors go there to witness the amazing work of conserving endangered sea turtles. On the other hand, marine biologists in the facility share essential knowledge on how to conserve endangered marine species. They also showcase the spectacular technology used to rehabilitate the animals.

2 Visit The Bryan Museum

If in Galveston for only 24 hours, Bryan Museum is a non-miss destination for art lovers and historians as it houses enormous collections of historical artifacts, artwork, and documents relating to the American West. Art lovers will be rewarded with a magnificent gallery containing crafted saddles, spurs, rare maps, books, fine arts, and religious art.

1 Visit The Strand Historic District

Strand Historic District is a historic landmark in downtown Galveston, Texas. It features state-of-the-art restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and antique stores. Visitors can embark on a self-guided tour of the Railroad Museum on the 25TH and strand corner and enjoy Texas's development history. Additionally, stores on the strand are worth visiting, considering their historical significance. Travelers love stopping by the famous restaurants on the waterfront and enjoying a variety of seafood. Furthermore, Texas Seaport Museum offers tourists a magnificent view of Ship Elissa.