From staggering sites to rich wild-west history, Deadwood offers an exhilarating escape to all thrill-seekers. The town is a historical landmark with plenty of treasured spots that make for an unforgettable getaway.While bigger cities than it faded away from the map, Deadwood continues to flourish in cultural diversity and fascinating museums throughout the years. These are the top ten things to do to make it a worthwhile destination.

10 Wander Through The Historic Main Street

Every community has a story to tell, and nothing reveals it in a fascinating way than this Historic Main Street. The Italianate-style brick buildings and other historical landmarks give guests an exceptional sampling of the past. Many find themselves gazing at a unique-looking signpost indicating how Jack McCall executed the famous and scandalous lawman Wild Bill Hickok.

Professional actors capture the hearts of thousands of travelers in a charming way through their live shows. Visitors can also buy souvenirs at local shops to save their unforgettable memories of the visit.

9 Explore The Black Hills National Forest

There are many magnificent natural places globally, but it’s hard to beat what exists in this gem. From beautiful geologic formations to stunning animal and plant species, this place is nothing short of amazing. The 1.2 million acres of unmatched beauty provide incredible recreation opportunities for nature lovers.

Some adrenaline-filled activities adventurers can take part in include hunting, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Spending the night surrounded by a star-filled sky and walking up to a dense forest leaves explorers with unforgettable stories to tell.

8 Traverse The George S. Mickelson Trail

For anyone craving to quench their thirst for hiking and biking, the George S. Mickelson Trail is a stunning place. It stretches its way through the breathtaking sites of Black Hills, offering a gratifying experience for explorers seeking a memorable thrill. The trail flows through rock tunnels, evergreen forests, and other mind-blowing scenic areas.

There are also innumerable chances for off-trail adventures like swimming, horse riding, and rock climbing.

7 Visit The Crazy Horse Memorial

Besides being the world’s largest carving, the Crazy Horse Memorial is an enchanting tourist attraction. Sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski is the genius behind this magnificent 563-feet-high monument, which locals take pride in. Though unfinished, this spectacular statue attracts over three million explorers each year, and the number increases with time.

Standing on the foundation of an outstretched arm exposes guests to flared nostrils. Undoubtedly, it’s a perfect blend of creativity and impeccable artwork.

6 Drive to Mount Moriah Cemetery

For history buffs who would love to connect with nature and the late western legends, the Mount Moriah Cemetery is the place to be. This must-visit historic spot houses tombstones of famous characters like Seth Bullock, Wild Bill Hickok, and Calamity Jane. It’s more than a graveyard as it offers exceptional views of nearby surroundings that leave visitors with unforgettable memories.

Walking along the path sections and tombstones makes guests feel like they’re part of the Deadwood’s history. There’s a picture and information-packed visitor center that provides a better understanding of Mount Moriah’s history.

5 Ride In The 1880 Train

Taking a two-hour and 15 minutes ride with the 1880 train offers an intriguing experience like no other. This classical steam ride immerses travelers in the astonishing beauty of the Black Hills and the neighboring natural landscape. There are delicious meals and fine wine offered to travelers.

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4 Stopover The Historic Adams House

Home to influential business leaders, this sophisticated Queen-Anne-style mansion deserves to be on every avid traveler’s bucket list. Soon after Wild Bill’s death, the house sat untouched for over 50 years before being restored as a museum in 2000. It gives guests a glimpse of what some notorious characters would experience every evening when discussing their current events.

3 Visit Tatanka: Story Of The Bison

This terrific place honors one of the most beloved creatures in Deadwood. Over 60 million bison meandered around the prairie, but there was a significant drop by 1900 due to hunting. The most stunning artwork is the bronze sculpture that resembles 14 bison being ridden by three Native American riders. Exploring the Interpretive Center also provides further insights into the society that relied heavily on the bison.

2 Go To Mount Rushmore National Monument

Deadwood is home to some of the most surreal sights, but nothing sticks to the minds of many travelers like the Mount Rushmore National Monument. This prominent tourist attraction pays homage to four United States presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Over two million tourists flock to this scene annually to see the awe-aspiring 60-foot-tall faces.

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1 Dig Into The Broken Boot Gold Mine

Deadwood offers fantastic adventures above the ground, and now it’s time to have a remarkable expedition underneath. This 100+ tourist attraction is where mineworkers went with great enthusiasm searching for gold until it diminished with time. The friendly and skilled guides tell captivating stories, making the underground excursion quite informative. Most importantly, it takes tourists back in time.

Visitors can also earn souvenir stock certificates for an extra price, which is something worth taking back home. In 30 minutes, guests experience gold panning, explore the magnificent mine, and create epic memories.