Are you a Six Flags fan? Everyone has their go-to amusement park, typically based on where they live. Six Flags has locations all over the place so it's not surprising that many people attend their parks every year looking for thrills on the best roller coasters.

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While almost all amusement parks have roller coasters, as they tend to be a huge draw, it can be hard to figure out which coasters will give you the high you're craving if you're a huge adrenaline junkie. Here are 10 of the best coasters at Six Flags parks for those of you who can't get enough thrill-seeking.

10 Raging Bull

Located in the Gurnee, Illinois Six Flags, Raging Bull is a steel hypercoaster that reaches up to 73 mph. It first opened in 1999 and opened not long after Busch Gardens' Apollo's Chariot. The coaster reaches heights of 200 feet with a drop just as long.

Given it is a hypercoaster, the ride does not go upside down, but the main drop is a steep one sure to leave thrill-seekers hungering for more. It was named after a beast that attacked people in the Southwest until they fled. Also, don't worry if you feel like the loading dock appears old and rundown, it was designed to look that way and there is no reason to worry about anything being wrong with the coaster.

9 Tatsu

At Valencia, California's Six Flags Magic Mountain park, you can ride one of the world's fastest, tallest, and longest flying coasters known as Tatsu. The ride is located in the Samurai Summit section of the park. The tagline is "fly at the speed of fear," if that doesn't entice you to give this ride a shot then maybe the fact it is the only-known flying coaster with a zero-gravity roll will do the trick.

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Tatsu also currently holds the record for featuring the highest pretzel loop. If you're unfamiliar with those terms, we'll fill you in! A zero-gravity roll is when the coaster does a complete 360 degree twist inversion. A pretzel loop is a double-inversion! Make sure you don't eat a big lunch before tackling this coaster.

8 Nitro

We couldn't possibly create a list about the best and most intense roller coasters at Six Flags without mentioning Nitro. It's located at the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey in the Adventure Seaport section.

The steel roller coaster that opened almost 20 years ago has ranked high on the list of Best Steel Roller Coaster every year since 2007. Nitro goes up to speeds of 80 mph and has a drop more than 200 feet in length.

7 Titan

At the Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, you'll find the behemoth ride known as Titan. It is a hypercoaster and combines elements of twister coasters and out and back coasters (it leaves the station up a steep hill and goes down back to the launch pad before beginning the real ride).

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It's easily the most intense coaster in Texas state. It's so intense that it has occasionally been known to cause blackouts.

6 The New Revolution

Originally known as just Revolution, The New Revolution received a makeover in 2016 in celebration of its 40th anniversary. As you might have guessed, the coaster got its name from the American Revolution. After its makeover, it introduced a virtual reality option for its riders, but unfortunately, the headsets caused too many technical issues and were eventually moved to another ride at the park.

Due to the age and notoriety of the coaster, it might surprise you to know it can be spotted in several movies like the 1977 thriller Rollercoaster and even the classic National Lampoon's Vacation where it doubled for the Whipper Snapper. It is located at the Valencia Six Flags park in Baja Ridge.

5 Goliath

TripSavvy reports that Goliath is one of those can't-miss roller coasters at Six Flags. It's a wooden roller coaster and one of the best in the world.

It has several inversions and a unique type of modified track that allows it to create a smooth ride unlike many other wooden roller coasters. Goliath is at the Valencia Six Flags in the similarly named Goliath Plaza. It appeared in an episode of Zoey 101 and Entourage.

4 Maxx Force

Not only is Maxx Force one of the newest roller coasters at Six Flags (opening this past July 4), but it is one of the best coasters for avid thrill-seekers. It currently holds the record for the fastest launch in the United States at 78 mph.

Additionally, Attractions Magazine reports that the ride has the tallest double inversion in the world! In total, the ride has 5 inversions. It is located at Six Flags Great America in Illinois in the Carousel Plaza section of the park.

3 El Toro

Not to be confused with Raging Bull (even though El Toro translates to bull), El Toro is a popular wooden roller coaster at the Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey. Upon its initial inception at the park, it had the steepest drop out of all wooden coasters in the world at a 76 degree angle.

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The roller coaster replaced Viper after it closed back in 2004. To maintain the theme of the bull, each cart is designed to look like one. If you visit the Plaza de Carnaval section of the theme park then you're bound to ride El Toro as it is the main attraction of the area.

2 X-Flight

X-Flight is another steel coaster located at the Six Flags Great America in Illionois. It is a wing coaster and opened in 2012 to the cost of $12 million. The ride is meant to look like you're going through a take-off zone in a jet, hence the name and the central hub appearing like an air traffic control tower.

The idea of the ride is to make it seem like you're genuinly riding through the air atop a plane. It's pretty intense with quite a few flips, dives, and inversions to keep in mind.

1 Superman El Último Escape

Not to be confused with the other Superman coaster at Six Flags, the Superman El Último Escape is an intense experience on a steel coaster that has been open since 2004.

It is located at Six Flags México in the Pueblo Mexicano section of the park. It holds the record for being the fastest, longest, and tallest coaster in Latin America per Coaster-Net. As the name suggests, it is based around the iconic superhero. While on the ride you'll notice many familiar heroes and villains from the Superman lexicon.

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