Due to this place’s colonial architecture, tropical climate, diversified landscapes, and traditional food, Puerto Rico has captivated the hearts of people from all over the world for years. The island has even been dubbed "The Island of Enchantment." The island is also considered to be on the list of top affordable Caribbean destinations to visit. However, this is only one of the many reasons why Puerto Rico should be at the top of your "must visit" list. So, here are more reasons for people to visit this beautiful island.

13 The Climate Here Is Always Pleasant

Due to the mild temperature in Puerto Rico, visitors may plan a trip anytime they would like. Visitors may expect an average temperature of 80 degrees along with plenty of sunshine, bright skies, and a refreshing ocean breeze thanks to its Caribbean climate.

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12 Safe To Wander Anywhere!

As there are no harmful creatures in the area, visitors have nothing to fear but slipping and falling as they explore the stones while visiting rivers or the forests here. Few places in the world would allow people to go free in the wilderness without being aware of and prepared for potentially deadly wildlife. However, visitors can safely wander here in Puerto Rico!

11 They Have Bioluminescent Beaches And Bays!

Blue-tinted microorganisms illuminate the bays for a surreal sight. This little archipelago is home to three of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico, known as Bioluminescent Bays, which attract tourists from across the world. Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo, or La Parguera are good places to start for first-timers.

10 Experience Their Vibrant Culture

When it comes to the people, visitors will likely find a strong sense of community, work ethic, pride in one's heritage, love of one's loved ones, admiration for the arts, and a penchant for the dramatic. Puerto Rican culture stands unique from the rest of the world as it’s a lovely mash-up of influences from several generations of family members who have become a part of the family's history.

9 There Are Fewer Tourists In Puerto Rico Than In Other Caribbean Destinations

If looking for an ideal vacation, visitors will surely not find it on a crowded beach. As this area has largely remained out of the public eye, it hasn't been overrun by tourists with cameras. Additionally, the island caters to both those who prefer a "never leave the resort" vacation and those who prefer a "do it yourself" vacation which makes it easier for guests to meet their needs.

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8 Almost Every Weekend There Is A Festival

Almost every weekend, the country hosts a variety of festivities, from street parades to community parties to city-wide festivals. As festivals are being held, Puerto Ricans gather in the streets to celebrate their heritage in vivid outfits and costumes.

7 Visitors Will Never Run Out Of Stuff To Do

There are a lot of outdoor activities that visitors can do while they are on the island such as waterfall climbing at Rocaliza, surfing in Isabela, golfing, and even wingsuit flying. So, visitors will surely be entertained during this stay in Puerto Rico!

6 Try The World’s Tallest Zipline

The world's tallest zip line can be found at Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park which is in Puerto Rico. It's 4,745 feet long and begins at an elevation of 853 feet! So tall that many visitors of this place call the zip line “a beast”!

5 The World's Coolest Kids' Museum Is In Here!

Museum del Nino in Puerto Rico is considered the best children's museum in the world which can be found just a short drive from San Juan. According to many visitors, this museum for youngsters was fantastic as they also have a petting zoo and a swamp ride for kids to enjoy, which is great for visitors looking for a family-friendly place.

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4 The only tropical rainforest in the United States is El Yunque

The jungle in Puerto Rico is a must-see when a visitor visits the island! In fact, the El Yunque National Rainforest is the only tropical rainforest in the United States but is located in Puerto Rico. According to many visitors, El Yunque is a paradise for environment lovers and outdoor adventurers alike.

3 They Serve The Best Cuisines!

As an American state, this lively nation has managed to retain its rich cultural heritage by preserving traditional dishes, which locals call "Cocina Criolla." When it comes to the region's culinary traditions, mofongo, lechón, and Arroz con Gandules are some of the most notable examples; these dishes are collective inspiration from Europe, Africa, and the indigenous Taíno people. Pique, the island's unique fiery sauce, is delicious on almost any dish!

2 Live Music And Salsa Dancing In The Streets

Nuyorican Café in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a great place to hear Latin music performed live. In fact, this is the main island's hottest spot for salsa and merengue as this place is always packed with locals. Besides poetry readings and little meals, there are also engaging performances that attract visitors.

1 There Are Many Beautiful Beaches In The Area

Beaches are nearly a given if a place is made up of islands. However, in Puerto Rico, all beaches are publicly-owned regardless of where they are or what enterprises have set up there. There are beaches for every type of sea lover on the island or explore beaches where the world's greatest surfers go to ride the waves. Aside from those, there are also beaches near reefs where visitors may go snorkeling and diving to see marine life.

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