Dubbed the epitome of luxury consumption, Dubai has in recent times cemented its place among the global tourism big wigs. From the huge desert dunes to Bhuj Khalifa, everything in Dubai stands out.

Shopping is a key part of a Dubai vacation. The Dubai Marina Mall sits on a waterfront, and it is more than a shopping place. Foodies as well have a chance to sample Dubai’s exotic dishes.

These are the 10 top-rated restaurants at the Dubai Marina Mall.

10 McDonald’s

Does this brand need any introduction? Absolutely not. It is a global brand that has made a name for itself in the fast-food industry. This restaurant is highly rated for one simple reason, its burgers. The delicacies offered here are exactly what other franchises in America serve. Side dishes such as fries are also served here. Burgers are served fresh and not even the scorching Emirates sun can disrupt the fun up there.

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9 Zafran Indian Bistro

Restaurants in Dubai Marina Mall are not only known for the glamorous designs but also for the cuisines they offer. The Zafran is an award-winning hotel popular for its authentic Indian cuisine. It offers customers a wide range of combo options to choose from. From the menu, the aloo tikka and butter chicken seem to be more pronounced. Tandoori kebabs are also a great deal here.

8 The Coffee Club

This restaurant goes against some myths existing about coffee. As the name suggests, the primary serving here is coffee though other meals have been introduced. Dubai is quite hot that’s why people don’t expect to find a coffee shop. However, times have changed and not even the area’s weather conditions can hinder people from enjoying their favorite cup of coffee. The hotel also serves a couple of other meals with the kids’ menu being the most decorated.

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7 YO! Sushi

The list of top-rated eateries in this mall would be incomplete without a Japanese-themed restaurant. The Japanese have a great taste for sushi and the delicacy is slowly spreading to the rest of the world. From sushi sashimi to the maki roll, there is a wide range of options for vacationers to explore. Those not willing to partake in the sushi fest can opt for some soup in the Chicken Udon. Popcorn Shrimp is a great way for visitors to snack as they enjoy Dubai’s serenity from the window.

6 Dabang Kathi & Curry

Indian-themed restaurants seem to be fairly represented in this mall. This time around, it is the Dabang Kathi & Curry restaurant. This cozy Dubai outlet is famous for its North Indian food. From perfectly grilled kebabs to Kathi rolls, tourists have a lot to explore. Best still, the hotel has deserts and vegan options, which shows their sensitivity awareness in the hospitality industry.

5 Bistro Des Arts

The Dubai Marina Mall is not all about Indian and Mediterranean-themed hotels alone. Their European counterparts, too, have a significant representation. Whether it is breakfast, brunch, or dinner, this hotel serves them all making. The brunch served here is a mixture of pastries and cheese for a full day’s meal.

4 Starbucks

Starbucks is the other popular American brand that has set base in the Dubai Marina Mall. Just like the franchise in the rest of the world does, this restaurant is popular for its signature coffee and tea drinks. Sweetened caramel macchiato is a good way to heighten one’s spirit and prepare them for a tough day of vacationing under the Emirates sun. For those willing to take things a notch higher, the signature hot chocolate will be a great consideration. Iced tea is best for neutralizing the effects of the region’s scorching sun.

3 Just Vegan Marina

Contrary to what the public has been made to believe, the Emirates doesn’t discriminate against any soul. It is for that reason that there is a vegan-only restaurant to cater to those who subscribe to vegan ideologies. This joint specializes in plant-based foods from both European and Middle Eastern cuisines. Their food is flavorful and prepared with authentic, raw plant ingredients.

2 Doner & Gyros

The last hotel to consider is largely for those who don’t have much time to spare and have a complete meal. Doner & Gyros is all about fast foods. This restaurant is frequented by the younger generation who have a taste for the finer things in life. From meaty sandwiches to falafel wraps, there seems to be something for every fast-food fan in this outlet. Rice bowls and salad are also offered just in case one wants to go off-script.

1 Best Shawarmas

As the name of the hotel suggests, vacationers frequent here to enjoy some shawarma. But what is shawarma to those who don’t know? Shawarma refers to meat sliced into small pieces and wrapped with pita bread. It is more of a sandwich but those who know more about the dish can easily tell the difference. The shawarmas served here are quite decent. Dinning here is a great way to connect with the Middle East culture.