Colorado is a land with postcard-worthy sceneries. From stunning waterfalls to spectacular canyons and caves, the state is littered with thrilling outdoor activities. Colorado is home to beautiful forests, bustling cities, and history-rich national parks.

Due to Colorado's growing population and popularity, finding a unique spot to have an authentic experience can be a daunting task. However, the thoroughly explored state still has some hidden gems that most travelers are yet to visit. Here are nine best-kept secrets in Colorado that are worth visiting.

9 Pitkin

Pitkin leads in four-wheeling adventures. Although not known by many, the place offers the best ATV riding trails that are a magnet to a host of speed enthusiasts every summer. The landscape tells a tale of Colorado's rich mining history, with awe-inspiring views of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Camping in Pitkin should be on every hiker's bucket list, thanks to Aspen's tranquil ambiance. During winter, fun activities like downhill skiing and snowshoeing are more popular.

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8 International Church Of Cannabis

The International Church of Cannabis is located in Denver, which is literally a mile high in altitude. From a dazzling strobe-lights interior to a rainbow-colored ceiling, The International Church of Cannabis has a special way of capturing the hearts of visitors. For visitors who want to get spiritual, guides offer guided meditations for $10, guaranteeing an elevating experience. The church is not discriminatory against any religion.

7 UFO Watchtower, Crestone

The UFO Watchtower is a quirky destination for travelers who want to quench their thirst for deep exploration. Located near the Great Sand Dunes National Park, the UFO Watchtower is not shy of intriguing activities, with some believed to be otherworldly. Discover the UFO-themed campground, which hosts a 10-foot UFO Watchtower with a 360-degree view of the sky, two self-built energy vortexes, and a dome-shaped gift shop displaying extraterrestrial merchandise. UFO-themed weddings are an excellent idea for couples looking for a romantic experience.

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6 Indiana Jones Home, Antonito

Indiana Jones Home is a cozy bed and breakfast to spend a night in Colorado. Famous for its home to Indiana Jones in the shooting of the third movie, the adventure-themed destination boasts four different cabins, namely, The Crusaders, The Holy Grail, The Coronado, and The Cortez. Inside, the bright white walls and a picture of Sean Connery appear as they look in the movie. Starting from $150 a night, movie lovers can enjoy a trip down memory lane at this destination.

5 Rainbow Falls

One of the best places worth visiting in Colorado is the Rainbow Falls. The incredible waterfalls are located in Manitou Springs. They are popular for the unbelievable rainbow-colored rocks. Hidden under a bridge, the robust graffiti artwork that dominates the bridge's walls earns it the name "Graffiti Waterfall." Rainbow Falls offers a great place for a day trip where visitors can hone their photography skills while having a dip in the pools.

4 Colorado Gators Reptile Park

Believe it or not, Colorado Gators Reptile Park is the only park in the world that hosts alligator wrestling events and classes, much to the delight of the tourists. The park is also an animal orphanage for reptiles like tortoises, crocodiles, rattlesnakes, and pythons. The tourist destination is a perfect spot for a weekend visit where kids can have fun while learning more about animals. Admission fees are $10 for kids and $15 per adult.

3 Penitente Canyon

Discovered in the 1980s, the Penitente Canyon results from the largest volcanic eruption ever recorded in the world. Every year, the canyon attracts history buffs and rock climbers eager to unravel the mysteries of its 100-foot-tall walls. Penitente Canyon offers manageable hike trails that still keep the fun going for travelers who prefer a more conservative hike. Single-track trails are also available for bike and horse riding enthusiasts. Visitors planning for an extended stay will enjoy the stunning sunset at the campgrounds.

2 Linger Eatuary

For tourists looking to have a foodie adventure in a special restaurant, the Linger Eatuary is the go-to spot as far as hidden gems in Colorado are concerned. The site has a rich history, as the restaurant is built on the Olinger Family's Funeral Empire. Even with its eerie appearance, this funeral-themed restaurant is always teeming with food lovers every day. The food is mouth-watering. Unique attractions in Linger Eatuary include a dining table designed as an old conveyor belt and water served from formaldehyde bottles.

1 Rifle Falls State Park

Graced with deciduous forests and mysterious limestone caves, Rifle Falls State Park is worth a trip. The park also hosts an enchanting triple waterfall that is a sight to behold. The destination is a paradise for camp-lovers, as it offers 13 drive-in campsites that are accessible throughout the year. Rifle Falls State Park is also home to wildlife like mule deer, elk, coyote, and the golden-mantled ground squirrel. Soak up the beautiful views of the lush greenery during a hike along the well-groomed trails.