Oregon is home to the most captivating sceneries and tourist destinations on West Coast, not to mention life-filled top-rated cities. Beaches that run for miles, awe-inspiring waterfalls, mountains, fun-filled nightlife, and delicious food options are just some of Oregon's Top-Rated Cities' offers. Tourists are assured of a lifetime experience in Oregon. The cities give visitors a diverse taste of everything good life can offer - from pristine coastal shores to a trendy youthful vibe to a whole new feel to enjoy. Here are some of the top-rated cities to visit in Oregon.

10 Corvallis

Located in the middle of Willamette valley, surrounded by a fertile agricultural landscape, which the people here take advantage of, Corvallis is a preferred destination. The menus in restaurants are filled with fresh ingredients from farms for tourists and all to enjoy. The over 150 years old Oregon State University dramatically contributed to the attraction of this city. Tourists enjoy historical tours and beaver athletic events in the university. Weekends in the city are filled with youthful vibes and spry spirit due to the university.

9 Springfield

Springfield is located South of the famous Willamette valley in Oregon. The city boasts of art and culture right from the first place one sets their feet in the city's center with unique attractions. It has pedestrian-friendly streets filled with art and glittering with history. The bookstores and coffee shops' principal, second, and eighth streets paint larger-than-life murals. One of the murals is of a famous American TV cartoon icon called the Simpson family, not to mention the sculpture at Emerald Art Centre.

8 Portland

Portland is the largest city in Oregon and home to a boundless culture, not to mention infinite enjoyment opportunities for visitors. Tourists behold numerous natural attractions like Washington Park, 500 acres Forest Park in the heart of the city, Mighty Hood Mountain, and uniquely attractive public spaces like the International Test Rose Garden and Portland Japanese Garden. Visitors enjoy the community's creativity here, driven by the motto "keep Portland weird." Such creativity powers enterprises of national recognition like Voodoo Donuts and Powell’s Books.

7 Astoria

Astoria is home to many attractions and is the oldest city in Oregon and the state at large, founded in 1811. It houses ancient tourist sites like the famous and recognizable Cherry House, built-in 1877. Its location on the vast scenic estuary bay of the Columbia River makes it a picturesque destination. Numerous outdoor activities and enjoyment opportunities, from hikes, bike trails, water surfing, boats, and tubes, put it among the Top-Rated Cities to Visit in Oregon regardless of its age.

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6 Eugene

Located South of Willamette valley, Eugene offers travelers a vast mixture of uniquely incredible culture and outdoor attractions as the second-largest city outside Portland. Apart from being home to Nike, it is known as TructTown USA due to its field legacy and collegiate track. Visitors maximize this enthusiasm with miles of hiking and bike trails surrounding the city. Mount Pisgah Arboretum, Museum of Natural and Cultural History, and Eugene science center are among the many sites that tourists can visit in Eugene.

5 Bend

Bend borders Oregon's high desert and the Cascade Mountains on the East. It is a mecca of outdoor and cultural attractions that tourists marvel at. It offers limitless opportunities for outdoor enjoyment at Bend Whitewater Park, where tubes, boats, and surfers enjoy the water. Hiking and bike trailing also lines Deschutes River that runs through Bend. Deschutes National Forest is a tourist resource with Newberry National Volcanic Area, Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, and Oregon's best Waterfalls called Tumalo falls. Art galleries and a tone of culture and art line up the streets.

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4 Lincoln

Lincoln is a cheerful city with motels, fast food joints, and numerous souvenir shops located on the coastline. It is pretty cheap for tourists compared to other beach towns. It hosts countless outdoor opportunities for vacation, including hikes and expansive pristine sand beaches. The beaches offer optimal conditions for surfing and kite flying. The city's Finders-Keepers program allows tourists to keep glass floats found hidden at the beach. Other things include whale catching, stand-up boat paddling, and savoring fresh seafood at downtown eateries.

3 Salem

Salem stands almost halfway between Portland and Eugene on the Willamette River. The city is a unique destination for tourists with its incredible natural attraction and cultural blend. The Oregon State Capitol is a significant attraction, with Oregon pioneer iconic gilded and perched on top of the scenic state building. Murals and beautiful landscapes paint the national history on the ground of the capital. Minto-Brown Island Park, Elsinore theatre, and Willamette University offer every way to enjoy culture, art, and outdoor activities for tourists in all weathers.

2 Florence

Anything needed for a memorable vacation is what Florence offers to tourists regardless of age, taste, or interest. With numerous outdoor sceneries from pristine beaches miles long, a beautiful green landscape for hiking, and a fresh, friendly sub-tropical climate, the city offers visitors more than they need to enjoy a vacation and remains a top destination. The Siuslaw River bridge, museums, and a lighthouse are just a few iconic structures to behold. To crown, the art and cultural attractions are the famous Rhododendron Festival, celebrated annually since 1906.

1 Newport

Newport is not just one of the Top-Rated Cities to Visit in Oregon but one of the most photographed places in the United States. Its scenic location on the shores of the eye-catching shores of Yaquina Bay makes it quite attractive and a good choice for tourists. Weekends spent on its enormous golden beaches with its mild climate is a desirable experience for many visitors. The 3223 feet Yaquina Bay Bridge – completed in 1936, is another iconic attraction for tourists, not forgetting the Large Yacht Marina.