If you're looking to make a trip over the pond to visit the complex history and sites of Europe, then you're in luck. We're taking a look at some of Europe's most beautiful destinations.

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For most of us, the entire concept of visiting European countries sounds foreign; but with so many chic cities, small towns, and seaside escapes to keep in mind, where do we start when it comes to planning a trip? Whether you're dreaming about the rolling hills of Ireland or the chilly mountains fo Switzerland, we have 10 European spots that simply can't be missed. Pack for a day trip or spend a week but whatever you do, don't forget your camera and those walking shoes.

10 Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Sure, going to Dublin should be on everyone's list when making the trip to Ireland. Who wouldn't want to visit the Guinness factory where you can learn how to pour a beer properly?

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However, across the country (about a three-hour drive) are the Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs themselves are about 700-feet-high and eight miles long. Facing the Atlantic, these cliffs have been around for millions of years and share some of Ireland's most stunning views.

9 Kirkjufell, Iceland

The Nordic island of Iceland is home to some of the most unique landscapes on Earth. While traveling here, you'll be able to see volcanoes, lava pools, geysers, and—more importantly—Kirkjufell. A mountain on the coast, Kirkjufell is 1,519 feet above sea level and is surrounded by an iconic waterfall. There are also beaches surrounded the area, so there's more to see and do after you've seen Kirkjufell.

Ps. If this mountain looks familiar to you it's because it was known as Arrow Head Mountain on Game of Thrones.

8 Amalfi Coast, Italy

With so many stunning parts of Italy, you may want to extend your trip by a few days to be able to see all the beauty. Over in the Sorrentine Peninsula, you'll find miles and miles of gorgeous coastline with homes and shops built into the mountainside.

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Once in Amalfi, you can visit shops and restaurants in Positano and Sorento — you're also a bus ride away from Pompei! But the real beauty is walking along the beach and looking at all the different-color buildings that Italians like to call home.

7 Hallstatt, Austria

Austria has some of the best views in the world. No matter if it's the winter or summer months, Austria's mountains and rivers fail to disappoint. Hallstatt, however, is home to only 800 people. The town is small and quaint and has breathtaking views of Hoher Dachstein (a mountain) and Lake Hallstatt.

Considering that the town is so small, you can come here in the winter months to ski the slopes and warm up with a hot cocoa in town afterward.

6 The Faroe Islands, Denmark

The Faroe Islands are a beautiful curve of 18 islands off the coast of Demark, right in between Iceland and Norway. Once you make it to the Faroe Islands, you can soak in the views of rolling green hills, sea cliffs, and homes with grassy roofs.

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It's also worth noting that there are more sheep and puffins wandering the islands than actual people! Some farmers even place reflective gear on their sheep so drivers and bikers can see them at night. Be sure to pack carefully, though. The Faroe Islands' weather can be unpredictable.

5 Biarritz, France

Biarritz can be found in the South of France but on the opposite side than where most tourists attend. While most vacation-goers gear up fro Cannes or Monaco, Biarritz is just as stunning as a location (with fewer people).

With a population around 25,000, it's only 22 miles away from Spain's border and is known for their incredible surf. If surfing isn't your thing, be sure to check out the Rock of the Virgin, a statue that stands about the Eiffel Bridge. It was named after the same man who built the Eiffel Tower.

4 Venice, Italy

Again, it doesn't quite get better than Italy! One of Italy's most unique spots, of course, is Venice. Known as "The City of Water," Venice is a city built on small islands, using bridges, alleyways, and boats to get around.

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You can take a romantic gondola ride around the lagoon, stroll through the small Italian markets for fresh produce, or wander around St. Mark's Basilica to be inspired by architecture. Whatever you do, you'll realize there's no other city quite like Venice.

3 Swiss Alps, Switzerland

If there's one thing Switzerland is known for besides chocolate, it's the Swiss Alps. With the mountainous terrain covering 65% of the country, the Alps are a prominent tourist attraction for Switzerland.

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Many like to head over in the winter months to ski or snowboard, while others would prefer going in the warmer months to hike Alpine regions to see some of Switzerland's lakes.

2 Lofoten Islands, Norway

Norway may be the most prominent country in Europe when it comes to the Vikings, making it a great tourist destination for some Scandanavian history. With a larger population than others on this list (5.2 million), be sure to find the Lofoten Islands

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Overlooking the Norwegian Sea, the Lofoten Islands allows you to see the Northern Lights in the winter months, the Midnight Sun, and you can kayak between mountains! It's the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts while also getting some awesome face-to-face with locals in the small villages.

1 Soča River, Slovenia

Mostly visited in the winter months for its awesome ski and snowboarding opportunities, Slovenia has a stunning river that simply can't be missed. The Soča River is emerald green and crystal clear. It's just under 100 miles long and can be found in the Julian Alps. Come here to hike, fish, kayak, raft — you name it.

The Soča River is waiting for you no matter the time of year and has plenty of activities surrounding it, so soak up as much as you can.

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