There are many hidden gems in Oregon that nature lovers would want to explore. Sure, the state only has one national park, but it should not be overlooked because it has the deepest lake in the United States. Beyond this caldera, many other natural wonders await those curious enough to explore The Beaver State’s attractions.

Along the Oregon Coastline lies some of the most alluring spots of the state, with the salty air of the Pacific Ocean enticing tourists. The city of Portland is home to family-friendly attractions, while down south, heritage sites await travelers. Beer lovers would also love to visit the state because it’s home to many breweries. What takes the cake, however, is Oregon’s natural spots, from the coast to the mountains.

10 Mount Hood

Mt. Hood is among Oregon’s most famous attractions because it welcomes travelers all season. This mountain is teeming with wonders, as it should be, because it’s the highest in the state. Hikers will enjoy conquering its trails that will lead them along lush forests and then to majestic waterfalls. When snow falls, the area turns into a back office of snowshoers and skiers. It also meets the Columbia River Gorge, a place where more adventures can be had. Mt. Hood is indeed a place of amazement.

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9 Crater Lake National Park

Families, friends, or solo travelers are in for a treat when they visit Oregon, thanks to its variety of activities. Primarily, it has Crater Lake, the state’s lone national park but filled to the brim with surprises. Hikers and bikers can take the challenge of its scenic trails, while fishers can throw a line into the welcoming lake. Those who want a mellow journey can either relax in a boat or have a scenic drive. Tourists who want to get the most out of Crater Lake National Park can camp overnight. The activities are endless in this inviting destination.

8 Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is a picturesque Oregon landmark that’s proud of its alluring spots. Hikers will have the chance to busy themselves by reaching vistas where they can enjoy the expansive view of the river and the Cascade Range. It has stunning landmarks like Horsethief Butte, Multnomah Falls, Dog Mountain, Triple Falls, Oneonta Creek, and Crown Point, among others. It has many viewing points, as it should be, because everywhere tourists look, beauty abounds. From the gorge to the mountains, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area knows how to impress.

7 Painted Hills

Oregon is home to one of Mother Nature’s stunning geological formations, Painted Hills. Its streak of colors was made millions of years ago, an exciting sight for lovers of geology. The area, best seen in the late afternoon, is part of the state’s “Seven Wonders.” It's popular among hikers who want to check out its mineral layers, hills, and charming landscape. Its colors vary depending on the weather, light, and moisture, but whenever guests visit, they’ll be afforded stunning views of this artwork.

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6 Oregon Coast

The western part of Oregon is enveloped by the Pacific breeze, the salty air tempting tourists to explore its picturesque shore. Many towns dot the Oregon Coast, all offering unique attractions for beachcombers. Fort Stevens State Park has a shipwreck, while Seaside’s Promenade is teeming with life. A journey along Three Capes Scenic Loop will let tourists enjoy the sights of Meares, Kiwanda, and Lookout, while the heritage route of Tillamook Bay is perfect for history buffs. The 363 miles of Oregon Coast have endless surprises for everyone.

5 Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor is part of the Oregon Coast, a 12-mile destination of sun and sand. It boasts of secluded beaches, perfect for those who want a satisfying “alone time.” Though its bluffs are craggy in some areas, they add to the unique beauty of the place. Aside from enjoying the scenery in its viewpoints, tourists should not miss checking out the Natural Bridge and Arch Rock. Whether tourists want to stroll or enjoy a picnic, Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor got them covered.

4 Powell Butte Nature Park

Breaking a sweat in Powell Butte Nature Park is always worthwhile as it comes with the best landscape views. This humble attraction has nine miles of scenic trails that await hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Wildlife watchers can also enjoy checking out its wildlife, especially its butterflies and birds. Five mountains can be seen from this extinct volcano, with the open meadows serving as the best seat to enjoy them. Powell Butte Nature Park might be small, but it’s big on wonders.

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3 Haystack Rock

The Haystack Rock is an imposing feature in the waters off Cannon Beach. This sea stack is not just famous in Oregon but beyond. When the tide permits, beachgoers can reach this monolith as they explore the waters near it. While its tidal pools are filled with starfish, sea anemones, crabs, and more critters, the rock itself is frequented by sea birds. This recognizable Oregon attraction is the perfect landmark as tourists enjoy the pristine beach. Haystack Rock rocks, literally and figuratively.

2 Washington Park

Portland is home to Washington Park, an oasis for weary travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of this Oregon city. This urban recreational spot has many attractions like a museum, an arboretum, gardens, memorials, an archery range, picnic spots, and trails, among others. The park has something for everyone, so visitors will have a fun time resting or being active. Washington Park is more than just an attraction but a community. Who would’ve thought that there’s wilderness in Portland?

1 Silver Falls State Park

The roaring waters of the falls are relaxing, and combined with the majestic scenery; tourists will have nothing but pure bliss. Silver Falls State Park has over 35 miles of trails for hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. Whatever falls adventurers want to reach, they’ll have unmatched views that will wash away their worries. As they enjoy a picnic with loved ones, they’ll realize that a repeat visit to this Oregon destination is a must. Silver Falls State Park is indeed gold.