South Africa's Cape Town, also known as The Mother City is one of the three capital cities in the country and home to over 3.7 million people. Beautiful, stylish, sociable, full of life – Cape Town has everything for every traveler. The many cultures and backgrounds contribute to the city's wide-ranging music, festival scenes, and food, making it the most cosmopolitan city. With the most spectacular natural landscapes on earth, Cape Town is the most stunning safari destination in Africa. Here are the top 10 natural attractions in South Africa's Cape Town. Related: 10 Nature Attractions That We Will Lose Completely In Our Lifetime (Thanks To Global Warming)

10 Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park boasts spectacular valleys, beaches, ancient forests, and bays, making it a unique natural destination for nature lovers. It is the most remarkable tourist attraction on earth attracting millions of travelers every year. Its enchantress is not only found in the diverse plant species – birdlife and wildlife thrive here as well. The most popular activities in this beautiful destination include mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, birdwatching, and going on safari drives.

9 Lion’s Head, Cape Town

A trip to Cape Town cannot be complete without exploring the magnificent Lion Head. Hiking up the top of the mountain can be challenging to travelers, but the beautiful views of the Mother City and the surrounding from the mountain top are worth the hustle! One doesn't have to climb up to the very top – fantastic views are still guaranteed. The most popular hiking route of the Lion’s Head starts from the Signal Hill Road at the parking spot giving travelers the most spectacular view of the Mother City surroundings, including the Table Mountain, Camps Bay, and Twelve Apostles. Related: Here’s What You Need To Know Before Hiking Lion’s Head In South Africa

8 Signal Hill

For a fantastic Cape Town safari experience, Signal Hill will never disappoint! It is among the outstanding peaks of South Africa's Mother City. Located near the Lion's Head and the Table Mountain, visitors can have incredible views of these iconic peaks. To reach this beautiful Cape Town's nature, visitors can start hiking near the Bo-Kaap neighborhood and enjoy the most epic views from the top. The sight of the Atlantic Ocean is perfect from Signal Hill. Visiting the Hill during sunsets allows travelers to experience the best of this amazing landscape while taking some epic photos for Instagram!

7 Hout Bay

Hout Bay, the stunning seaside neighborhood, has something for every traveler – whether one is visiting for days or weeks. It is a famous weekend getaway in South Africa – thanks to the surrounding mountains and a beautiful sandy beach offering visitors opportunities to take incredible photos. The Hout Bay is known for its delicious meals and drinks. Other than the food, this spot is perfect for surfing, fishing, and vacationing in the many beautiful hotels found here. One can enjoy experiencing the colorful array of boats, chat with the local fishermen, and spot various seabirds flying over the waters. Head to the Bay Harbor Market and enjoy the local culture – the food, live music performances, arts, and crafts. The weather here is pleasant year-round and visitors can always have a great African safari experience.

6 Cape Point

Cape Point's breathtaking scenery is a good reason to visit this beautiful safari destination. Having the most stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Point is fascinating for a vacation. It is a portion of the Table Mountain National Park, housing over 250 bird species and wildlife, including baboons and zebra. The diverse plants thriving in this beautiful environment make it a paradise for photographers.

5 Clifton Beach

Cape Town is home to the most incredible beaches one can find anywhere on earth. Clifton is a series of four beaches segregated by granite boulders, each offering white sand and stunning views of the surrounding. The white sands, as well as the blue waters, have been captured by many visitors over the years.

4 Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

There is a reason why this Waterfront is considered the most famous tourist attraction in South Africa – The incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Mountain, and Table Bay from the spot explain it all. Over 80 restaurants, museums, 450 shops, and enjoyable ocean activities, just to mention a few, offer travelers an amazing experience of South Africa safari. Here, travelers from every corner of the earth can visit and enjoy the vibrant spirit of Cape Town.

3 Robben Island

Robben Island is a top tourist attraction in South Africa and is situated just off Cape Town's coast. The Island was once used as a hospital to treat political prisoners with lepers and other unacceptable illnesses. Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s First President, stayed over 18 years here as a political prisoner. Over the years, Robben Island has become an iconic tourist attraction site in the Mother City. To reach the Island, visitors can board a ferry from the V&A Waterfront.

2 Cederberg Region

Just a three-hour drive north of the Mother City is a beautifully scenic wilderness parked with ochre mountains, some rugged sandstone formations, diverse wildlife, and plenty of water to keep travelers busy exploring the historically significant destination. Diverse species of flowering plants, most of which are native to South Africa, thrive in this stunning region. Traveling here would be an experience to remember.

1 Fynbos

Of the floral kingdoms on earth, Fynbos is the smallest, yet the most diverse, having over 9000 plant species. Almost 70% of these plants are only found here (nowhere else in the world). The spot features a series of beautiful national parks, forests, nature reserves, and beautiful mountains worth exploring. NEXT: The Highlights That Cape Town, South Africa Is Known For, As Seen In These Tourist Pics