Popularly known as the Red City, Marrakech is a town in Western Morocco famed for its vigorous tourism activity. Vacationing around Marrakech can be fun, thanks to the multiple attraction spots found within. Only one unticked box is remaining for such a vacation to be perfect; a good hotel to stay in.

While touring the Marrakech area is wildly satisfying, nothing beats the convenience of finding a good place to rest while on vacation. Here are the top 8 hotels to book in Marrakech.

8 La Mamounia

Number one on the list of top 8 hotels to book in Marrakech is La Mamounia. Since its construction in 1929, this hotel has set the bar so high on what luxury hotels should look like. With 135 rooms, La Mamounia can hold quite a good number of vacationers. The presence of riads and suites within the hotel gives vacationers a wide range of options to choose from.

  • Location: Avenue Bab Jdid، Marrakesh 40040, Morocco
  • Price: $550+/room/night

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7 Hotel Imperial Plaza

Marrakech’s scorching sun is usually the highlight of many adventurers’ stay in the Northern part of Africa. The situation could easily escalate depending on the choice of the hotel made. With Hotel Imperial Plaza, vacationers have found the perfect place to cool their bodies and relax their muscles after a day of intense activity. With a pool by the side and functioning air conditioning, vacationers have nothing else to worry them. All the focus and energies 100% are shifted to the vacationing experience itself.

  • Location: Avenue Abdelkrime El Khatabi, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco
  • Cost: $34/room/night

6 Savoy Le Grand Hotel Marrakech

Vacationers looking for top hotels to book in Marrakech find a good choice in Savoy Le Grand Hotel. Seated in a prime location, this hotel is famed for the convenience it offers to high-end vacationers. With the Menara Gardens being less than 500 meters away, adventures can be sure of a beautiful view of the larger Marrakech area. The hotel is fitted with a barbecue area allowing visitors to enjoy their favorite grills from the comfort of their rooms.

  • Location: Av. Prince Moulay Rachid, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • Cost: $170/room/night

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5 Hotel Marrakech Le Tichka

With Hotel Marrakech Le Tichka, adventurers get what exactly they ask for. From modern rooms and good customer service to a quiet environment, this hotel offers the best conditions for vacationers to rest and enjoy the beautiful Marrakech scenery. The quiet location of this hotel makes it a good choice for a family vacation.

  • Location: JXWJ+P93, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • Cost: $69/room/night

4 Hotel Marrakech Le Semiramis

Boasting state-of-the-art amenities, Hotel Marrakech Le Semiramis is one of the most ultramodern restaurants on the list of top hotels to book in Marrakech. This hotel is the perfect definition of luxury at its best. With the airport being a 15-minute drive away, adventurers have an easy time accessing the hotel from whichever location. This hotel is known mainly because of its landscaping. While the entire premise sits on a four-hectare park, the largest part of this area is inhabited by palm trees. The buzzing sound of palm leaves combined with the cool waters of the vast pool in the middle of the park makes it look like a coastal vacation spot. Also, visitors enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity from all corners of the park.

Location: N9, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Cost: $69/room/night

3 Dar Housnia

From its strategic location to its elegant design, the Dar Housnia is the best place to be for vacationers seeking to connect with the Arabic culture. While it is a fairly modern hotel, most of the renovations are done based on the traditional Arabic culture. The best-selling point for this hotel is its proximity to the legendary Jemaa el Fna square. Being a tourist attraction site, visitors want to spend more time there without getting to their hotel rooms late. The large size of the rooms also means it can be best suited for large families who want to have a good time in the North of Africa.

  • Location: 2 Derb lalla Azouna, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco
  • Cost: $195/room/night

2 Wazo Hotel

A vacation hotel doesn’t have to be basic. Instead, they should be a step above what people experience every other day. Finding a good hotel is a crucial component of an exciting holidaying experience. Armed with a 24-hour help desk, free Wi-Fi, a shared lodge, and a pool, the Wazo Hotel is a worthy consideration for Marrakech vacationers. The hotel provides car hire services just in case a vacationer wants a semi-road trip to have a better view of the epic Marrakech terrain.

  • Location: 9, Bd Abdelkarim Al Khattabi, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • Cost: $60/room/night

1 Four Seasons Resort Marrakech

Approximately 1.2 miles from the Marrakech township is an elegant hotel known for its family-friendly environment. That hotel is Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. Couples and families have a great time here because of the closeness the resort enjoys with some major attractions. The hotel is an authentic taste of luxury at its best. With high-speed internet, table tennis, a tennis court, and a pool, adventurers have all the resources in the world to relax and have a wonderful vacation. Also, the hotel has a designated fireplace where adventurers rush to catch up some warmth whenever temperatures drop so low.

  • Location: 1 Boulevard De La Menara, Marrakech, 40000, Morocco
  • Cost: $450/room/night