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Vienna is one of the top destinations for backpackers in all of Europe. It is one of the most historical imperial capitals of Europe and one that everyone should have on their bucket list. It is well-connected to other must-see cities in Europe (like Prague and Budapest) by excellent trains and to the rest of Europe by unbelievably cheap flights. The city offers a full range of hostel accommodations suitable for every type of backpacker.

Vienna has every type of hostel from homely and bouquet to hotel-hostel hybrids (that are little more than cheap accommodation). The hostels listed here are well-connected by Vienna's tram and subway system and are similar distances from the historic center. If one is heading to Poland's Kraków after Vienna, then these are the best hostels to stay in that romantic and historic city.


Vienna Boutique Hostel

Vienna Boutique Hostel is a small hostel situated a short walk from the historic center of Vienna. As the name suggests, it is a boutique hostel with a focus on comfort and relative luxury. The hostel is small and homelike. Here one can have the advantage of bonding with other travelers in a small and intimate group.

The common area is like a lounge. Coffee and tea are complimentary, and the atmosphere is great for a chill evening of leisurely chatting with other travelers without the loud music and noisy patronage of larger hostels.

The whole hostel is carpeted and kept immaculately clean. This is a hostel where everyone must remove their shoes on entering and guests are made to feel at home.

The hostel has a selection of dormitory accommodations and private rooms. Their largest dorm is six beds while their others are four beds and even three beds. These are not dorms like one may be used to in the run-of-the-mill hostels, the beds have their artistically designed compartments with curtains for privacy.

The private rooms are spacious with a private on-suite.

  • Private Room: From $100.00
  • Dorm Bed: From $40.00
  • Best Talking Point: Boutique and Home-like Hostel
  • Rating: 9.8 "Superb" On Hostelworld.com
  • Breakfast: No Breakfast

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Hostel Ruthensteiner

Hostel Ruthensteiner has been running since the 1960s and is one of the oldest operating hostels in Vienna. It is also only a short tram ride from the historic city center and offers a full range of accommodation. They offer dorms, private rooms, and apartments.

Their dorms and private rooms are much what one would expect from a hostel and certainly not boutique but still very much respectable. Their apartments on the other hand are much more luxurious. The apartments are spacious and some have private balconies. They are also very well furnished.

The best thing about Hostel Ruthensteiner is that it has a true hostel vibe. It is a larger hostel (with a couple of hundred beds) and has several common areas, courtyards, and even an in-house bar (with happy hours).

Here one will see a younger and energetic crowd with the hostel offering a number of activities and events throughout the week. They even have a pay-what-you-want volunteer dinner. They offer superb breakfasts for an extra fee. They also have laundry and kitchen facilities for their guests.

  • Single Private Room: From $80.00
  • Double Private Room: From $115.00
  • Dorm Bed: From $32.00 (10 Bed Dorm)
  • Best Talking Point: A Great Hostel Vibe With A Bar
  • Rating: 9.5 "Superb" On Hostelworld.com
  • Breakfast: Great Breakfast (Extra Fee)
  • Note: Minimum Two Night's Stay

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Meininger Vienna Downtown Franz Hotel/Hostel

If one is looking for just cheaper accommodation but is not so interested in the hostel vibe, then consider Meininger Vienna Downtown Franz. The atmosphere here is much more like a hotel and largely lacks any hostel vibe. This is a good option for families or groups traveling who would like a more chill and quiet place to stay.

It is also ok for backpackers just looking for a cheaper place to sleep without having to bother with the socializing of more vibing hostels.

The hostel has a laundry (for an extra fee) and a kitchen that one can use. There is also a common kitchen for those wanting to prepare their own meals. One catch is that this hostel requires a minimum of two nights' stay.

There is also a buffet-style breakfast for an extra fee.

  • Single Private Room: From $125.00
  • Double Private Room: From $135.00
  • Dorm Bed: From $29.00
  • Best Talking Point: Cheap And Calm (I.e. Without A Hostel Vibe)
  • Rating: 9.0 "Superb" On Hostelworld.com
  • Breakfast: Buffet Breakfast (Extra Fee)
  • Note: Minimum Two Night's Stay

If one is looking for a private room, one can certainly get much better value for money staying at Vienna Boutique Hostel. Really, compared to both Hostel Ruthensteiner and Vienna Boutique Hostel, Meininger Vienna Downtown Franz seems overpriced for what it offers.