Ciao! Care to wine and dine in the wonder that is Milan and learn the local's secrets to Italy's delectable dishes? Taking a food tour through Milan is one of the best ways to discover new recipes and, of course, experience this beautiful city. Whether visitors are looking to try their hand at making tiramisù or want to learn how to toss a pizza high in the air from an acclaimed Italian chef, experiencing a city through the varieties of food is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the culture. We have put together a list of the top foodie experiences worthy of any adventurer's itinerary in Milan.

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10 See The Sights And Try The Delights Of Milan

Why not start things off right while visiting Milan by signing up for this delightfully decadent street food walking tour, where guests can experience the wonders of Italian cuisine. This 3-hour tour will take guests through a culinary journey, where folks can taste gelato, Sicilian desserts, ham and salami from Bologna, and, of course, a glass of wine. Here are the details of this experience:

  • Tour: The Best Street Food Walking Tour is a 3-hour foodie experience through Milan
  • Price: $94 per person
  • What's included: All food is included as well as a glass of wine.

9 Wander Through A Market With A Chef

No trip to Italy would be complete without paying a visit to one of their many markets where fresh produce, fish, fruits, and cheese are available. Taking this guided tour with a knowledgeable local chef will illuminate the culture and history of these markets and give participants insight into the way chefs shop for the best produce. After purchasing food for a group cooking class, the chef will teach a cooking class on four recipes from different areas of Italy. And, of course, there will be plenty of time to sit down and enjoy the meal with a wonderful glass of wine.

  • Tour: A 5-hour tour of a market complete with a cooking class
  • Price: The Market Tour and Cooking Class is $139 per person
  • What's included: A chef will provide guidance, and guests will enjoy lunch and wine

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8 Make--And Eat--Your Very Own Italian Pizza

Get into an argument with your friends back home--who has the best pizza? New York? Chicago? After you are guided by a chef to make an authentic Italian pizza, you are bound to tell them to come to Milan for the best slice. This popular activity is a great way to experience the joy and simplicity of immersing yourself in the local culture.

  • Tour: A 2-hour pizza-making activity
  • Price: Make Your Own Italian Pizza costs $75 per person
  • What's included: Your very own chef guides you on how to make an Italian pizza. Fresh ingredients and wine are included, of course!

7 Become An Expert At Making Fresh Pasta

For a truly authentic experience, learn how to make two different pasta dishes from a local expert. This engaging cooking class will teach visitors how to roll fresh pasta by hand like a pro and, once that is mastered, how to prepare filled pasta from scratch. As if that isn't enough, participants will also learn how to make the classic Italian dessert tiramisu. This activity, hosted by locals, is a fantastic way to appreciate the warmth of Italian culture.

  • Tour: A 3-hour culinary adventure in pasta making, including tiramisu too
  • Price: The Small Group Pasta and Tiramisu Class $99 per person
  • What's included: All fresh ingredients, and locals opening up their homes to share their expertise

6 Enjoy Dinner With A Local Family--And Make Friends For Life

The challenge for adventurous travelers is always trying to get the most authentic experience possible. That is why this activity is such a delightful option for visitors. Feel the warm welcome as a local family opens their doors and cooks a sumptuous dish for you. Enjoy wine and stories about Milan, and sit down and enjoy a memorable meal together. This is a must for anyone hoping to create lasting memories in Milan.

  • Tour: A 2-hour dinner with locals
  • Price: Food and Wine in a Milanese Hom e is $75 per person
  • What's included: A freshly prepared dinner, wine, warm conversation, and friendship

5 Experience The Wonders Of Milan

There is so much to see and do while in Milan. From the stylish, fashionable shops to the many museums, visitors can enjoy a wide array of activities. One popular tour involves guests strolling through the Navigli district with a knowledgeable guide, sipping Franciacorta wine, and trying a sampling of pasta and cheese dishes. Guests will enjoy a 5-course meal with matching wines and will top it all off with dessert.

  • Tour: A 3-hour food and dining experience
  • Price: The Navigli District tour and dinner is $118 per person
  • What's included: See the local sights, sip delicious wine, and enjoy a 5-course meal

4 An Amazing Host Teaches The Secrets Of Italian Cooking

Learn the recipes and cooking secrets from Chef Aurora in this popular Milan cooking class. Guests will learn how to make four different recipes of their choice, will fresh ingredients and instructions provided. Visitors will enjoy their cuisine paired with excellent wine and leave the experience with the ability to prepare these dishes when they return back home.

  • Tour: A 5-hour cooking class with renowned Chef Aurora
  • Price: The Cooking Class is $120 per person
  • What's included: A 4-course meal, lots of wine, and excellent company

3 An Immersive Experience At A Cesarina's Home

Le Cesarine, the name for Italy's oldest network of home cooks, offers some of the most delightful and authentic experiences in Italian cooking that one could get. Participants in this class will learn how to prepare two different pasta recipes, as well as a dessert. Suitable for all ages, this is a wonderful way to meet locals and enjoy a fantastic meal.

  • Tour: A 3-hour cooking class with a local
  • Price: The cooking class with a cesarina is $145 per person
  • What's included: Recipes, cooking lessons, and of course, meals and wine

2 Italian Cocktails With A Professional Chef

This popular experience with a professional Italian chef in a fully equipped kitchen offers travelers and small groups the chance to have a privately booked cooking class complete with delightfully unique cocktails. The chef will make several modern Italian cocktails, and guests will learn how to make several different kinds of pasta and sauces. An absolute must-experience while in Milan!

  • Tour: A 2-3 hour cocktail making and cooking class
  • Price: This professional chef experience will cost $109 per person
  • What's included: Tasty cocktails, dinner, dessert, and a knowledgeable and witty chef

1 Discover The Secrets Of Milan

For a truly unique experience, this outstanding tour throughout Milan should not be missed. A tour guide will take guests through Milan, offering insight into the history and culture of the city while making several stops at the Cathedral, then San Bernardino alle Ossa, and the church of St. Anthony. Guests will then head to a private room at a restaurant to enjoy an Italian aperitif, as well as wines and local cuisines.

  • Tour: A 3-hour tour of Milan
  • Price: The Milan Secrets and Food tour is $154 per person
  • What's included: An excellent guide, several historical stops, cocktails, wine, and yummy local cuisine.