London is a top destination for history buffs, adventurous tourists, and backpacking travelers. This international city has everything, from its array of international cuisines to museums, that should not be missed. There are too many things to explore and enjoy in this bustling city, so booking an interactive experience or tour is a great option. From experiencing the Crown Jewels to exploring Old London, check out these top-rated experiences that are a must-try for all travelers.

10 Tower Of London Beefeater Welcome And Crown Jewels

  • Experience Length: 3 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $106
  • What’s Included: Entry ticket (timed access), tour guide

Explore the Tower of London and learn about the city’s royal history, which spans nine centuries and countless generations. This guided tour also includes a local tour guide that can only be encountered in London. For part of the tour, guests will be led by a Beefeater, also known as a Yeoman Warder! These royal guardians will walk tourists through the centuries-long history of the Tower of London while they get to beat the long lineups and crowds.

9 Climb The Dare Skywalk

  • Experience Length: 1 to 2 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $53
  • What’s Included: Climbing equipment (i.e., harnesses, shoes, suits)

Climb the Dare Skywalk experience are for adrenaline-seeking travelers heading to London. This nerve-wracking yet exhilarating experience involves climbing the Dare Skywalk, also known as the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Get a thrill while soaking in unparalleled sites of London’s top-rated attractions!

8 Charles Dickens Old London Walking Tour

  • Experience Length: 2 to 3 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $127
  • What’s Included: Hotel pickup/drop-off, guided tour

Without Charles Dickens, the world wouldn’t have classics like A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist, or A Tale of Two Cities. To appreciate one of the world’s most celebrated authors, take a walking tour of Old London. This private tour will guide visitors through Old London while retelling the story of A Christmas Carol. The tour also includes stops at London’s oldest pub!

7 The London Abseil

  • Experience Length: 1 to 2 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $125
  • What’s Included: Entry to ArcelorMittal Orbit, equipment, guided instructions

Step away from the buildings and travel in free space by abseiling down the ArcelorMittal Orbit. Situated in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, this observation tower and public art installation provide a platform for visitors to take off from, allowing them to experience the thrill of being 80 feet off the ground!

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6 Secret Food Tour

  • Experience Length: 3 to 4 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $105
  • What’s Included: Guided food tastings

Craving good-quality and traditional British fare? This foodie-centric Secret Food Tour tour will take visitors on a culinary journey by visiting local eateries, shops, and hidden gems. Explore places like Borough Market while learning traditional British cuisine's storied past and history. Sample local delights like cheeses, pastries, and fresh produce!

5 Cloak And Dagger Tour

  • Experience Length: 2 to 3 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $22
  • What’s Included: Guided tour

They say history is written by the victorious, so it’s common to hear positive stories of triumph and good times. However, many parts of history are not-so-great (and some are downright negative). Thus, those interested in learning about London’s dark and dreary past will love the Cloak and Dagger Tour. This 2 to 3-hour tour will start at The George Inn Yard, where guests will meet their local guide, dress their best, and fit for the occasion!

4 High-Speed Boat Experience

  • Experience Length: 45 minutes
  • Cost (Per Person): $52
  • What’s Included: Life jackets, host

Thrillingly explore the iconic River Thames by riding on a high-speed boat! Operated by River Thames, this 45-minute experience will take guests down the river, passing by Canary Wharf and the British ship Cutty Sark. As a bonus, environmentally-friendly tourists will love this experience: Thames Tigers offset their carbon emissions!

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3 Climb The Roof At The O2 Arena

  • Experience Length: 90 minutes
  • Cost (Per Person): $42
  • What’s Included: Safety equipment (i.e., harness, climbing suit, shoes), lockers

Climbing on the roof of London’s O2 Arena will guarantee unparalleled views of London while offering a thrilling experience. Those unphased by heights will enjoy this activity, enabling visitors to feel on top of the world as they find themselves 52 feet off the ground! Plus, from the top, guests can spot iconic attractions of the city, from London’s Trafalgar Square to Big Ben.

2 The London Underground Tour

  • Experience Length: 2 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $25
  • What’s Included: Guided tour

There are many things to explore in London, from the iconic Big Ben to the quirkiness of the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The Big Smoke is a busy city that it’s easy to forget its extensive underground network, including the iconic Tube. Explore the London Underground’s transit system that serves up to five million commuters daily through the London Underground Tour! This centuries-long rapid transit system has a history of its worth exploring.

1 Black Cab Tour Of London’s Christmas Lights

  • Experience Length: 3 hours
  • Cost (Per Person): $387
  • What’s Included: Hotel pickup, private taxi transportation

During Christmas, London is decorated in a rainbow of festive lights, which are worth a tour! Witness the beauty of London’s Christmas Lights in this relaxed tour and ride inside a hackney carriage, otherwise known as a London taxi. Discover London’s alleyways and streets decorated for Christmas, transforming the city into a magical wonderland.