It’s unimaginable not to go head over heels with the Amalfi Coast, the glamorous coastline in Italy. With gorgeous-painted towns hugging the mountains, beautiful coastlines, and flavorsome foods, this place isn’t just a typical travel destination.

While it’s home to popular attractions seen on social media, it also houses some lesser-known gems. Let’s see why these eight attractions make the Amalfi Coast an ideal destination for every traveler.

8 Positano

Oh, Positano! No wonder it’s the most Instagrammable place on the Amalfi Coast. This city offers spectacular views that will make tourists wish to extend their vacation.

Positano’s main beach has gained unimaginable popularity as it has many amenities for relaxation. Guests can rent beds and enjoy delicious food in the Italian restaurants while enjoying breathtaking views.

The town itself isn’t short of mesmerizing views, especially when looking at the colorful houses from down the beach.

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7 Ravello

Defining this city as beautiful is an understatement. At 1197 feet above sea level, this place is home to the jaw-dropping gardens of Villa Cimbrone. While this villa is now a luxurious five-star hotel, visitors can access the gardens adorned with spectacular views of statuary and temples.

Another thing that attracts guests to this tremendous town is its profound musical heritage. In fact, it’s known as the ‘City of Music.’ Every year, artists and music fans flock to the Belvedere of Villa Rufolo and other evocative locations to enjoy classical music.

There are several relaxing places with benches where guests can escape from the hullabaloos of daily life.

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6 Vallone Delle Ferriere

A tour to the Amalfi Coast isn’t fully unturned without visiting this precious gem. The journey takes about three hours, where adventurers wind through small waterfalls, beautiful forests, and terraces.

The trail leading to Vallone delle Ferriere only requires comfortable clothing. There’s also a need to have a camera to capture the stunning shots of towns that appear at an unusual angle.

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5 Island Of Capri

It’s hard for tourists not to be seduced by the enchanting island of Capri. From the whitewashed houses to the exhilarating natural beauty, this gem deserves to be on every adventurer’s bucket list. Exploring Marina Piccola should be a top activity. The small harbor allows guests to soak in the warm water while exposing them to incredible views.

Besides offering one of the most eye-catching coastal views, this place offers a plethora of activities to engage in. It’s fair to mention that many are suited for newlyweds or couples yearning to rekindle their love. Lovers can take romantic boat excursions or chairlift the breathtaking Monte Solaro.

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4 Vietri Sul Mare

For travelers looking for a quiet and less crowded attraction, the Vietri Sul Mare is one of Amalfi Coast’s best-kept secrets. Its curvaceous coastline and ancient Ceramics are some of the unique things that make this place special.

The decorative storefronts scream creativity. They easily lure tourists to shop for serving platters, decorative pieces, vases, and other ceramic masterpieces.

There’s also a stunning quiet beach that offers the relaxation every traveler craves in a getaway.

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3 Sal De Riso Pastry Shop

Forget about the awe-inspiring views for a minute and appreciate confectionery specialties in this world-renowned pastry shop. Despite the mouth-watering meals in various restaurants around Amalfi Coast, there’s a magical taste in what Salvatore De Riso prepares. From limoncello babà to Dolce d’Amalfi, this place has something delicious for everyone.

There’s an irresistible smell that guests enjoy while bringing the spoon close to their lips. Oh, one that will have them closing their eyes to feel and enjoy the heavenly taste.

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2 Grotta Dello Smeraldo

Discovered by a fisher (Luigi Buoncore) in 1932, Grotta Dello Smeraldo is a natural attraction that makes the Amalfi Coast worth the visit. Back in the day, this masterpiece was only accessible through diving under the cliffs. But now, travelers can use the ladder or elevator.

The natural ‘chandeliers’ shine through the water, giving an impression that there’s light coming from within. The crystal clear water offers visitors an easy time viewing the bottom of this captivating landmark.

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1 Punta Campanella

The charming nature of Punta Campanella remains unchanged over the years, making it a quintessential spot to visit. It births numerous intriguing water sports activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and cruising. Below Punta Campanella are several species of Anthias and Gorgonians to complement the entire underwater experience.

There are two ways to reach Punta Campanella. Visitors can trek three kilometers from Termini or climb to Monte San Costanzo and then take a steep trail. The second option offers more captivating views.

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