Destin’s Crab Island is a popular travel destination, receiving over 1000 visitors ever day in the Summer, and has a lot of outdoor opportunities for travelers. The Island is perfect for a vacation during summer and is also one of Destin, Florida's most photographed attractions. The Island has appeared in most travel magazines and national networks. Crab Island is spacious enough to accommodate people of all skills and ages. Getting increasingly popular, Crab Island is always full of people engaging in different activities – catching rays, paddling, and others simply come to enjoy the social scene. While this Island has a lot to offer, these are the top activities to try in Crab Island, Destin.

8 Snorkeling

With emerald green waters and beautiful coral reefs, Crab Island is a perfect spot for snorkeling. The underwater life is beautiful and travelers stand a chance of meeting occasional dolphins, numerous crabs species, thousands of fish, sea turtles, seahorses, and manatees. Whether new to snorkeling or a pro, the activity enthusiasts an opportunity to view the marine life from closer to the water's surface. It won't be difficult for someone who is already perfect at swimming. Crab Island has plenty of seagrass along its shoreline as well as shallow waters and sandy bottoms, making it an ideal snorkeling spot for beginners.

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7 Wake Surfing

Wake surfing is a popular a fun activity travelers engage in on a Crab Island tour. While surfing means rising on an ocean wave, wake surfing is simply riding on a wave created by the boat, and it is much easier to control. Wake surfing gives visitors an incredible opportunity of learning something completely new. Pros in Wake surfing also get to show off their beautiful "wild" talent. Riding with an expert enables travelers to ride and experience the joy that comes with surfing on a continuous wave. Exciting? It is always a thrill to have a wake surfing experience at Crab Island.

6 Sightseeing Cruise

Crab Island offers a unique sightseeing tour experience, which is, especially perfect for visitors looking for a marine life experience of a lifetime. The best way to achieve this is to get a nicer cabin – one having a stunning glass bottom to offer incredible views of underwater life. The cabin one picks should have a snack bar and a climate control system for a more fascinating experience. Taking the beautifully scenic views of the Destine Florida Harbor and learning about its history while enjoying the fresh ocean-atmosphere is something to hold on to.

  • Duration: Roughly 1 hour

5 Play Water Volleyball

A crab Island tour isn’t complete without engaging in a water volleyball, an enjoyable activity for friends and families. This is not a professional sport; it is just something to bring more excitement to those on a vacation. With water volleyball nets built all over the island, travelers can simply paddle up and request to be a part of a game. Renting a water volleyball net is another alternative and is a perfect deal for families and friends who want to have fun on their own. Travelers can also throw a football into the water, and they can dive in to grab it together with friends or family. It brings more fun to the team, especially, when groups compete to see who grabs the ball first.

4 Enjoy Dolphin Tour And Fishing Adventure

While Crab Island is an ideal spot for excursions, going on a tour to experience dolphins and engage in fishing might just spice up a tour experience. This is the perfect activity for travelers who enjoy boat rides and incredible views of the stunning blue waters, flourishing vegetation, and spectacular sightings. Watching schools of dolphins jump out of the waters and play is a must-see attraction, and every traveler should have that tied in a neat package, while they wait for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

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3 Socialize, While Having A Cold Drink

Being socially active is quintessential to one’s mental health, and a cold drink in the company of friends and families would help travelers to spend more time socializing. Those fun stories with loved ones keep everyone happy and always smiling. Also, Crab Island is family-friendly; welcoming tourists of all ages – kids, adolescents, seniors, middle-aged, and teenagers. Grab a cold drink and enjoy some moments with families or friends along the beach.

2 Go On A Picnic

A picnic can add an exciting diversion to an adventure if travelers prepare well for the activity and can fit well between other vacation activities planned in the morning and afternoon. Crab Island has beautiful spots where travelers can enjoy picnics after spending a busy day having fun on the beach. The designated picnic sites have picnic tables and seats – so travelers can find a calm spot and enjoy incredible picnic views of the surrounding. Remember to pack everything one would need on a picnic, including cooler and cold drinks for the day.

1 Watching Sunrise And Sunsets

Witnessing sunrise and sunsets from Crab Island is something not to be missed. The views are nothing less than incredible. Taking a walk on the quiet sands at sunrise or watching as the day comes to an end is fascinating – no wonder Crab Island has been one of the most Instagrammed spots in Destin. Travelers should, however, get there early before sunrise and sunset as people flock to also take in the incredible views. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful ending of the day, maybe take a boardwalk for more splendid views.