Long-haul flights are, without a doubt, quite stressful and mentally exhausting, especially when you're not a regular traveler. But while everybody talks about the things you should do on an airplane to earn some good points with the flight attendants and get treated like a VIP passenger, TheTravel has collected the top 20 worst things you can ever do on a plane. Chatting up the staff at the airport and on the airplane is an excellent example of that.

Well, it's not like such folks are utterly sinful - after all, they must be so bored while waiting to board the plane - but it's slightly inappropriate to chat up the check-in staff. Similarly, we've all heard many bizarre stories about strangers who got tipsy while flying the friendly skies. But while such experiences can make you smile, there are still many other things that can either ruin your flying journey or get you in big trouble with the person sitting next to you.

So, unless you want to be frowned upon or scrutinized for rambling on for hours, we can only suggest that you take a look at our list of top 20 things you should avoid doing while airborne. Follow these quick tips, and we're sure that you'll enjoy every minute of your flight.

20 Please, Do Not Take Your Shoes Off

Alright, we totally get it: you want to feel as comfortable as possible while traveling from place A to place B, but guess what - so do the other passengers! Now try to imagine the look on everybody's face when they see you head for the lavatory without wearing any shoes! It won't be a pretty image, will it? Well, it's not like all these low-cost airplanes are poorly maintained and rarely cleaned, but the carpeted floors are quite famous for being bacteria-friendly. So yes, going barefoot is the perfect way to contract diseases and pick up bacteria through your feet.

19 Do Not Put Your Feet On The Armrests

Here's a riddle for everyone who loves brain-teasers. Can you tell us what's worse than going barefoot on an airplane? Well, intruding on somebody else's space with your bare foot sure sounds like a great start. Seriously, that's not only super annoying, but it may absolutely make your fellow travelers feel sick - and no, do not put the blame on the turbulence. Sadly, though, many travelers seem to believe that the armrests are the perfect place to stretch out their feet without even feeling guilty or ashamed.

Even though flying for hours is no fun at all, it's rude and quite unsightly to put your legs on the armrests in front of the others. So next time you're feeling a bit cramped because of the lack of any legroom, just try to massage your body & feet.

18 Changing Your Baby’s Diaper On The Plane Is A Bad Idea

Traveling with kids is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging things in life. So, it goes without saying that flying isn't really such a brilliant idea when it comes to babies. But if you're a single parent, and there's nobody else who can take care of your kid while you're away, then make sure to follow this simple travel hack. If you must change your baby's diaper while airborne, please do it in such a way that won't be affecting any other passenger's ability to enjoy a pleasant, quiet and odorless flight.

17 Keep The Volume Down

No, it's certainly not okay to leave the sound on, let alone turn the volume up. Well, we know that many low-cost airlines try to keep such entertainment options to the bare minimum, but this cannot justify your poor behavior and judgment of the situation. Furthermore, you're hardly the only passenger on board who's already sick of this super long and tiresome flight. Besides, your fellow passengers also deserve a few hours of good sleep, so we'd advise you to stick to your headphones and keep the volume down. Believe us, that’s what you should do when feeling bored as hell.

16 Try Not To Knee/Kick The Back Of Somebody's Seat

We can't even begin to imagine how terrible and nerve-racking this is for all those long-legged passengers. It's true that planes are cramped for all of us, but it's twice as bad when you're tall. Just put yourself in their shoes and try to imagine how you'd feel if the passenger behind you started digging their knees into the back of your seat.

Sadly, though, there are too many people who just don't even think about the displeasure they might be causing to somebody else. Worse still, such folks actually kick the seats in front of them without even realizing it. So unless you want to engage in a similar behavior - which would be super bizarre to us - try to find a single seat on the plane that's still unoccupied.

15 Letting Your Kids Go Crazy

Alright, you're feeling exhausted, and you've got no energy left to play the bad cop in the family. But guess what - letting your kids run amok while the plane has just begun its descending can make you look like an irresponsible parent who doesn't know how to raise their kids. Of course, kids want to play and jump around the plane since they've got nothing else to do, right? That's okay though. But if you're going to let them out of their seats while airborne, you should also get up and stretch your legs too. In a nutshell, the best way to spare yourself the trouble and wrath of the other passengers on board is to monitor your children's behavior every step of the way.

14 Avoid Flossing Your Teeth On The Plane

The idea of maintaining excellent oral hygiene is undeniably quite crucial for one's health. But are you sure that the plane is the perfect place to play dentist? Flossing right there in your seat is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant things that can happen on an airplane. It's not only super unsanitary, but it will surely make the others skip that in-flight meal they've just ordered. What's more, there's no need for the others to witness the ways you clean your teeth. Just excuse yourself to the lavatory and do your thing there. Otherwise, you may even come across as a poorly-educated and ill-mannered person.

13 You Can't Find Your Stuff And It's So Annoying...

What's with the overhead bins? Why do you keep opening the overhead bins? What's that treasure that you cannot find? Seriously, just sit back, grab an in-flight drink and try to enjoy the rest of the flight like a normal person. There's absolutely no need to irritate the others by doing the same silly thing over and over again. Well, it's true that the storage space is usually super limited, and it's specifically true for the smaller airplanes. However, this constant opening of the overhead bins is not only dangerous for you and the other passengers, but you also block the aisles while holding up the in-flight service as well.

12 Why Did You Leave The Door Ajar?

If there is anything certain in life, it is this - the airplane bathrooms can give you claustrophobia.  Frankly, the last thing that we can ever associate them with is spaciousness and perfect hygiene. Surprisingly, though, many travelers just leave the door open after they've used the lavatory. Are they trying to compensate for the lack of room by leaving it open? Well, we can only make random guesses...

“I’ve witnessed passengers who use the lavatory, open the door then flush the toilet (for everyone to see) and back out of the lav without washing their hands,” says another flight attendant, named Rivers."

11 Sneaking Your Own Drinks Into The Plane

Somehow you found a way to sneak your beverages and meals into the plane, and we should probably give you a round of applause for doing so. But what you don't realize is that bringing your drinks inside is actually against the rules on almost every plane. While many passengers order in-flight meals, carbonated drinks, and alcoholic beverages, others try to get around the rules by sneaking their drinks into the plane and thus avoiding the high prices of such in-flight items. So, unless you're flying on your own jet, it would be best if you can refrain from cracking open your stash.

10 Please, Just Let The Air Vent On

The last thing you want to happen on the plane is to get scrutinized by the other passengers for turning off the air vent. Alright, we get it: you're a mere human, and you do get chilly at times, but it'd undoubtedly be a lot smarter to throw on a sweatshirt rather than switch off that vent. Besides, it's highly advisable that you set the adjustable air to medium or high while airborne so that the bacteria and germs could be blown away by the vent before they could enter your personal space. So next time you're getting cold feet during a long flight, please do not be that selfish and just leave the air vent on.

9 Did You Really Eat That Although It Landed On The Floor?!

It may sound pretty crazy, but there are, in fact, such people who don't really care much about serious things, like personal hygiene. Eating food after it touched the tray table or dropped to the ground is not only super weird and sickening, but it's quite unhealthy as well. By the time you realize it, your in-flight meal would be infested with invisible bacteria and germs. Indeed, these things are serious, and you should absolutely pay more attention to the tray table - it's certainly not as clean as we wish it were.

8 Do You Really Want Those Pillows And Blankets? Think Again!

Another typical airplane item that isn't at all bacteria-free is the pillow and blanket. Are they cleaned in between flights? No, they aren't. Apparently, those lovely blankets and pillows, which are usually offered in your seat back, are rarely replaced with new ones. Instead, they are recycled and reused, so do not even think that these two items are adequately washed and cleaned after each flight. Typically, such an environment is perfect for lice to camp out and spread from one passenger to another. Well, you can now see how crucial it is to put on warm clothes before boarding the plane.

7 Consider Opting Out of Coffee Or Tea

There’s a reason why most people don’t order in-flight coffee or tea, and you’re about to find out why.  First of all, do not think that the high price of the in-flight meals, drinks, and items is the main reason for people to choose not to have them. There’s certainly more to it than meets the eyes. For the most part, beverages like coffee or tea are made with tap water from the plane. But even though the water gets boiled, it doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll be drinking the best and cleanest coffee during the flight.  Also, caffeinated drinks aren’t at all your best bet on an airplane since they’re slightly dehydrating. There you go – now you know the reason why the staff is staring at you like that. Tap water isn’t at all perfectly clean, so opt out of it.

6 Avoid Touching The Seat Belt After You Buckled Up

There's no way that you can stay away from the seat belt, but instead of fussing with it, fasten it and try not to touch the strap until you get off the plane. According to investigators from the Today show, the seatbelt is another potential airplane item that's usually covered with harmful germs. By this, we don't mean that you should put the seat belt away, but you can at least use your hand sanitizer every once in a while. Indeed, that's the perfect way to keep the germs at bay while making a good impression on the other passengers.

5 Do Not Sit In The Back If You’ve Got Motion Sickness

Taking the rear seat is a huge mistake, especially when you know that you may not be able to make it without throwing up your lunch.

Besides, there's a widely-known rule about people who suffer from motion sickness and it goes like this: if you often experience motion sickness, you should never sit in the back. For the record, this unwritten rule works wonders especially when traveling by plane.

Avoid fried and fatty foods before the flight since they often trigger motion sickness.

But to avoid such awkward situations, we'd recommend that you choose the front seat rather than the rear ones.

4 Take Care Of Your Stuffy Nose Before Traveling

Taking a flight with a stuffy nose is a pretty bad idea, and we can only suggest that you avoid it at all costs. A stuffy nose adds huge pressure to your ears, so it can easily lead to trauma. Well, we realize that you didn't plan to travel with a congested nose. However, you should use special vasoconstrictive drops before boarding the plane and just before landing. But again, do not forget that such things should be done privately. After all, nobody will love the idea of being a witness to your personal drama with that stuffed nose.

3 Have A Bad Blood Circulation?

It's true, blood circulation gets a bit slower during flights, and it may even increase the risk of thrombosis when sitting without moving at all. To avoid such a bad scenario, we'd suggest that you wear compression socks during the flight.

Also, the lack of any movement while in a seated position is equally dangerous for your health and blood circulation. So instead of counting down the minutes until landing, you can take short walks around the cabin, and stretch out to get the blood going. After all, it’s better than doing nothing at all, right?

2 Do Not Take Flights With Clogged Ears

The pressure difference often causes clogged ears, especially during take-offs. Swallowing movements or even chewing gum can be good accomplices when dealing with this less-than-fantastic experience. Interestingly, though, this method doesn't always work wonders for all of us. So, if you still can't solve the problem, then try out this lesser-known trick, called "blowing off the ears." To perform it like a real professional, take a deep breath, pinch your nose with your fingers, and breathe out. This method usually works as it can help you push that air through the ears. But if it fails to relieve your clogged ears, then you should seek medical care asap.

1 Don't Be A Gate Lurker

Guess what - nobody likes gate lurkers, so do not even try to play this trick on your fellow travelers. Same goes for jumping the queue when you perfectly realize how tired all passengers must be after that long flight. Delays and unscheduled toilet trips happen all the time; however, it's not okay to lose your manners and try to push through the queue to get there. Surely, you're going to be frowned upon for being such a "smart guy." Also, we'd recommend that you remain courteous without making audible sighs while trying to get off the plane.

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