Africa is a continent that provides many amazing destinations for tourists. Once one learns the best places to visit in Africa, then they will realize how great it is to tour the continent. The most attractive places in African countries feature wildlife, culture, historical features, landscape, and great weather. With the continent having many countries, it can be difficult for a person to identify the country to visit.

Senegal is one of those countries worth visiting. It is an African country with many places to visit for tourists. Senegal is a country with great transport, communication, and security systems making it good for tourists. It is also peaceful. Here are places to visit.

10 Dakar

Dakar is the capital of Senegal and the largest city in the country. Dakar is the first attraction one should consider when visiting the country. It is a city that has grown from being a coastal town. The city is located in a strategic place where one can enjoy the arid plains on its east and the other side of coastal life.

The city has many African art museums and monuments to enjoy. One can also shop on its coast and tour some islands among other things.

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9 Popenguine

Popenguine is found on the southern side of Dakar, Senegal. It is a small town that is known for its beautiful natural attractions. The most attractive place to visit in this town is its Natural Reserve which has been protected for a long time by the government hence providing natural features. The reserve has great beaches, an arid environment, cliffs, and clean landscapes.

The area is also popular for rugged rock walls, at the Cap de Naz, and a popular lagoon towards the Atlantic. There are many bird species to spot in the area all year round.

8 Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis is another unique place for tourists to visit and enjoy in Senegal. This town is located next to the Senegal river which is quite iconic. Tourists have enjoyed visiting and using the Faidherbe Bridge here.

By visiting the Old Saint-Louis city, a visitor will discover so much about the old city, French influence on its history, whitewashed frontispieces, French-styled ancient buildings, and much more. By staying around this ancient town, tourists can also enjoy various festivals such as the jazz fests.

7 Joal-Fadiouth

It is a fishing town with a very unique culture and lifestyle that will attract many visitors. One will be happy to spot its bobbing jetties and salt-stained timber pirogues. The town is from the old days and has remained the same with the history displayed all over.

It is a peaceful town for a person to learn more about the country, its people, and the culture. The town offers special and amazing eateries for seafood as it is a coastal town. One can also choose to cross the bay to Fadiouth island for more attractions and collect seashells.

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6 Touba

The attractions at Touba are unique from the rest of the country. It is more of a religious town with a lot of history relating to religion. It is home to the colossal Great Mosque. It is here where there are pilgrimage shrines, looming minarets, and many other attractions. The tomb of Shaikh Aamadu Bamba Mbakke is in this town.

The town receives many tourists yearly who enjoy learning about the history of the country and more about Islam and social life. In the area. The mosque is magnificent and a must-visit feature for any visitor to Touba.

5 Goree Island

For those who would like to move away from the countryside and visit an island then Goree Island in Senegal is the perfect place. This is an island that holds a lot of history about the slave trade. It is used as a holding and trading center for slaves. Many African Americans like to visit the place for the history it holds.

The island still has many ancient buildings that were used during the slave trade. These buildings show where slaves were locked and the systems that were used. It is also an interesting island to visit as it is very peaceful and calm.

4 Pink Lake

Just like the name suggests, the Lake is pink-purple. It is also known as Lake Retba and it has high amounts of single species bacteria and salt which are behind its characteristic color. Visiting the lake offers visitors a unique experience like no other for its nature. One can visit the lake and see the surrounding area which is rich in green plants and birds.

Experiencing the sunset at this place is also a very unique treat for a visitor. The lake is not far from the capital Dakar.

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3 Saloum Delta National Park

A tourist in Dakar should visit the Saloum Delta National Park. It is a park that covers over 190,000 acres of land and was founded in 1976. The park is found one the Saloum Delta between the North Atlantic and Saloum River.

This is a park that is well known to host several species of birds which are a great attraction, mangrove forests, and savanna. It has interesting areas that are also considered UNESCO heritage sites. Taking an African-style boat ride is also worth doing in the area.

2 Senegal River

It is a river that stretches 1,086 km into West Africa and forms the border of Senegal and Mauritania. Senegal River is a special and attractive feature in the region that is well known to offer incredible views, marine life, and great history.

The river has been used by the Senegalese communities for a long time hence becoming an icon in the area. It forms the basis of the livelihood of many communities and one can learn more about this history.

1 Mboro

It is a unique and interesting area to visit just an hour outside the capital Dakar. It is the most fertile region in the country and a lot of activities take place there. There is fishing, beaches, markets and so much more from the community for visitors interested in learning more about the people.

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