Traveling does not involve getting to a place and leaving within a few days or weeks. Even when touring a new country, one may opt to do it for several months. Digital nomads, for example, live in foreign countries for several months and shift from one country to another. In such cases, where one wants to stay for a long time, the cost of living is crucial.

Affordable living in an area will determine how someone will enjoy their stay since it affects those costs significantly. When staying in England, it is no different. Remember that England is a developed country, and the cost of living can be very high. For affordable living, check out this.

10 Use Public Transport

Transport is a fact that significantly affects the cost of living in any area. As a result, managing transport costs can enable a person to have an affordable living in England. This means that the luxury of using uber or taxis all the time has to go. Instead, one should consider alternative means depending on their location. Using buses, trains, and even cycling is a good alternative for those living in cities. For those living outside the cities, trains are the best mode of transport.

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9 Local Food Markets

The use of a local food market is an excellent way for a person to give themselves an affordable life in England. The main reason is that popular stores will always have expensive products compared to the local markets. Another advantage of local markets is a chance to always come across very fresh produce, especially for groceries. Some reputable markets include Maltby street market and Lower marsh market.

8 Stay Away From Cities

Staying in England does not mean that one must stay and live in cities. Cities are the most expensive places in terms of cost of living. Everything is more expensive in the rural areas or small towns. As a result, it is recommended that one stays away from the cities where products such as food are affordable. It does not mean staying in the rural areas, but also small towns can do well in such situations.

7 Cost Sharing

Cost-sharing is an effective way to achieve affordable living. When staying in England, this is one of the easiest ways to lower the cost of living, especially for those staying in big cities. Cost-sharing may mean living with another person; this can be a friend or family. Cost-sharing does not have to be about housing and other necessities and services. One example is transport. For a family or friends with cars, using one car can be a perfect way of lowering costs and still getting the services needed.

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6 Grow Own Food

Not everyone in England lives in cities. As a result, those living outside cities have a chance to grow their food and cut the cost of buying groceries and other products. For people living in rural areas or small towns, this is the best way to live an affordable life. There are so many people in rural areas can do, including keeping cows and serious agriculture. However, for people living in towns, the best thing to do is utilize their gardens effectively. One can plant a variety of vegetables and fruits in their gardens to cut the cost of buying groceries.

5 Rentals Instead Of Hotels

This is for people planning to visit England and would like to stay there for a few months. In such situations, hotels are the worst option if one wants to cut the cost of living. The cost of staying in a hotel will add up quickly to thousands of dollars per month which is not affordable. However, renting a place is better. The rental cost is very low. Additionally, the cost of food is not high as a visitor has a chance to buy and cook their food instead of hotels where they have to buy expensive ready food.

4 Airbnb For Short Period Stays

Affordable living in England is not only for people staying for a long time. Even for people visiting the country for a short time, this is crucial. Staying in a hotel for 2-3 weeks can be very expensive. However, renting an Airbnb will reduce the cost by more than 30%. By using Airbnb, a visitor has a lot of privacy. There is also the freedom to cook your food. One can also share the place with friends hence cutting the cost further.

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3 Pick Affordable Cities

There are those people that would still like to live in the cities. This does not mean there is no way of living affordably. The secret here is finding the most affordable cities in England, and the cost of living will be low. Cities with a monthly living cost of not more than $1,100 are a good deal. Such cities with affordable living, good amenities, availability of technology, institutions, and many necessities include; Chester, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich, and Cardiff.

2 Rent Out Your Space

Affordable living in England doesn't always have to do with cutting the cost of living; it can also mean increasing the income one has to reduce cost pressure. For someone with a home in England, renting out space can be a way of earning extra money and living better.

1 Plan In Advance

Lack of planning leads to unplanned spending or overspending. As a result of this, one ends up living an expensive life. However, it is easy to spend on necessary items only and appropriately with proper planning.

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