London is one of the world's largest cities. As a hub for people of all cultures and backgrounds, many tourists travel to London to see a list of mainly three things: Big Ben, the London Eye, and the famous Beatles crosswalk Abbey Road - all picture-perfect places.

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However, what many tourists who visit England might not know is that there are countless gorgeous corners and pockets of London town that make for some of the best-looking spots in the city. From pubs with gardens to some of the most beautiful historical and cherished churches in the world, here are London's top 10 prettiest destinations.

10 Churchill Arms

At 119 Kensington Church Street on the corner of Campden Street, Notting Hill, you'll find a pub called The Churchill Arms. It's a prized local possession for the little town and was previously knowns as "Church-on-the-Hill." Famous for its extravagant flower displays, all year round, many tourists and locals love coming here for a pint.

The pub was named after Winston Churchill and his grandparents were loyal patrons of the pub while they lived in London. If you're in search for some great Thai food, this is the place to go, as The Churchill Arms was one of the first pubs to open a Thai restaurant inside.

Visit the pub during Christmas time for that perfect holiday photo to see how they decorate their flowers for the winter!

9 Kensington Palace Gardens

The town of Kensington in west-central London houses some of the most expensive properties in the world and its pubs are a top destination for A-list English celebrities. However, the Kensington Palace Gardens is a place that's free and open to all and is so gorgeous that you won't want to miss it.

History shows that when Princess Diana of Wales grew up around these gardens, her own little place of seclusion from the wild city life. People come to read under the sun, have picnics on the grass, and play sports across the fields. If you're a springtime lover, this is a perfect place to go to watch plant life bloom without going too far outside the city.

8 Shad Thames

Shad Thames is a historic riverside street located next to Tower Bridge in Bermondsey, London, and is one of London's most historic-looking pathways. It runs along the south side of the River Thames, also allowing for a Londonist's gorgeous view of the water.

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Many locals and tourists both agree that walking along the Shad Thames is one of the city's most beautiful walking experiences. Close proximity to the river allows for people to appreciate London's history as a once industrial water city. Follow the cobblestone streets all the way down, and you'll end up surrounded by coffee shops - a perfect way to end your walk.

7 Peggy Porschen Parlour

Founded in 2003, Peggy Porschen is London's prettiest-in-pink bakery and a super popular spot for Instagram photo lovers. Managed by Peggy Porschen and her husband, Bryn Morrow, this bakery's team of pastry chefs is one of the most beloved in the city.

With flowers at the door's entrance and all the shades of pink you could imagine, Peggy Porschen is a picture-perfect spot. However, if you've got a sweet tooth, you'll have to go inside. From top of the line cookies to amazing cakes, Peggy Porschen has catered for huge events for Elton John and Stella McCartney all over London. Don't skip out on this treat!

6 St. Pancras Station

St. Pancras International is no ordinary London train station. While its a huge hub for tourists and travelers, its also a gigantic shopping center and houses many places for eating and entertainment.

St. Pancras International is the place to leave from or come home to if you're looking to travel outside of London. It provides continental services all across England and travels to and from the train stations in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

St. Pancras has been through major construction over the years, but today it looks like a grand mall - the perfect place for travelers to sit while waiting for their train to arrive.

5 Leadenhall Market, Gracechurch St.

In the heart of London's financial district, you'll find one of the cities oldest market places - the covered and coveted Leadenhall Market. The central interior of the market place has been designed with paint and tile and lights that will make you feel at home, no matter what the weather that day.

Leadenhall isn't your basic outdoor market. It features high dining and classy shops that make it a perfect destination for a special night out. From being one of Instagram's favorite spots in London to inspiring tons of scenes in the beloved Harry Potter series, Leadenhall is a place you won't want to pass up.

4 Portabello Road

In the Notting Hill district of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, you'll find Portobello Road where a street of houses painted in nearly every shade of the rainbow attracts visitors from all over the world. More than ready for a picture-perfect photograph, Portabello Road is so pretty that even movie makers love using it in their films.

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On Saturdays, Portabello Road hosts one of London's most notable street markets where you'll find second-hand clothes and antique items for low prices. If you're the kind of traveler who loves to see super unique landmarks, spend a Saturday at Portobello and you won't regret it.

3 Fortnum and Mason

If you're looking to do a little shopping during your stay in London, Fortnum & Mason is a great place to go. What was once founded as a grocery store is now the destination for high tea, chocolates, and fine dining. Fruits, flowers, and wine bottles line the insides of many stores inside the building. Dimly lit lamps also set the mood for a perfect time for tea.

Many of the Fortnum & Mason's restaurants come built with classy, sophisticated furniture that will make you feel as if you're royalty yourself. It's a gorgeous place for photos, too.

2 Inside St. Paul's Cathedral

On Ludgate Hill - the highest point in the city of London - sits the historical St. Paul's Cathedral. Founded in AD 604, the building has gone through so much renovation over the centuries, however, today it is one of the most beautiful churches in London - both a local and tourist favorite.

Home to both daily and weekly masses, St. Paul's Cathedral is open to all as a place of worship and even extends its organization to religious education programs. If you're a traveler who loves learning about a city's background, St. Paul's Cathedral is filled with years and years of ancient history.

1 Sunset Over Waterloo Bridge

Something that not many tourists - and not many locals - know off the top of their heads is that there are only a handful of amazing spots in London where you'll be able to watch a beautiful sunset. You can watch a sunset from anywhere, but at Waterloo Bridge, the view is so pretty that it'll look like a painting.

Waterloo Bridge is both a road and foot traffic bridge that crosses straight over The River Thames. If you're in this location during sunset, be sure to bring a camera. The view is going to be amazing.

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