The coast is one of the most refreshing places, especially during a vacation. Visitors enjoy spending their holidays in coastal regions to enjoy the fantastic weather, play around with sand, enjoy marine life such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, eating seafood, and interacting with people. For this reason, finding the right beach to visit in a country is a crucial factor to consider before traveling.

When visiting Brazil, finding the proper beaches to spend time in is a vital thing to do. Brazil has some of the most beautiful beaches globally, although many people do not know about that. Here are the top 10.

10 Copacabana Beach

Copacabana beach is the best-rated and most popular beach in Brazil. It is found in Rio de Janeiro and is well-known across the world. The beach has several attractive features that make it the best in Brazil, and one of them is its sheer length of 2.5 miles. As a result, many people, both locals, and foreigners, visit it. The government works hard to keep the beach clean due to the high volume of visitors.

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9 Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach is also found in Rio de Janeiro and is very popular. The beach has been known for many years as it has featured in many popular songs. Ipanema beach is loved by many due to its incredible sand and wide area, which means people can have a good time even with family. However, sometimes the beach can get crowded due to the local population visiting. Additionally, it is a beach close to affluent neighborhoods, great restaurants, boutique shops, bars, and more facilities that add to the fun of being on the beach.

8 Baia do Sancho

Clean blue waters characterize The Baia do Sancho beach. It is one of the best beaches globally, as listed by TripAdvisor. The beach offers the best weather, which is an attraction to tourists. Baia do Sancho's location also makes it ideal for visitors. It is found around the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, a remote area with few people. The beauty of this place is unmatched. It offers the best romantic environment and is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

7 Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara beach is found on the northern end of Brazil. The beach is also called "Jeri." Irrespective of the beach being on the country's northern side, it is highly ranked and loved by many people. One attractive feature about the beach is being close to sea dunes which gives it a unique feeling compared to others. When visiting Jericoacoara, people experience the sand tracks and great views. Life at the beach is interesting as there are restaurants, ample lodgings, nightlife, and great sunset on the dunes.

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6 Praia do Espelho, Trancoso

For someone looking for the best, clean, adventurers beach in a remote area but well-rated in Brazil, then Praia do Espelho is the place to be. It is found in Espelho, and the environment there is peaceful and full of nature. This beach is found 15 miles from Trancoso, Bahia. Unique features are the clear blue waters, lovely pools, and stunning views of the sandy beach. The beach is popular for offering a perfect environment for diving into its coral reefs and is surrounded by cliffs and coconut palms, giving it a peaceful feeling.

5 Lopes Mendes Beach

Found in the Ilha Grande region, Lopes Mendes is another top-rated beach in Brazil. The location of this beach is unique from others. It is located below two mountains and stretches for 2 miles. It is a beach that serves very well swimmers, surfers, and even children. The only challenge about the beach is that the location is so remote that there are no bars or restaurants. Visitors have to carry their supplies. The leafy surroundings and clean waters make it worthwhile.

4 Praia de Campeche

Prais de Campeche is found in Florianopolis city. The city is a true tourist destination and receives many visitors. The main attraction here is the beaches. Half of the city is on Brazil's mainland and the other on Santa Catarina. There is an exciting mixture of activities, culture, and attractions. The beach is trendy among surfers, beachgoers, and kitesurfers. It is also surrounded by archeological sites and rainforests, giving it very fresh air and a conducive environment.

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3 Santos Beach

Santos Beach resides an hour from Sao Paulo. It is a lovely beach that is known to have a garden inland. Additionally, Santos has the largest harbor in the whole of Latin America. It is a beach loved by both tourists and locals. One interesting fact about Santos Beach is the ability to attract people of all ages, including kids and couples. It has the Brazilian Coffee Museum close by.

2 Praia de Pipa

It is a beach that was discovered around the 1970s by surfers. It was just a fishing town before that. The area and the beach have become great attractions for surfers and other tourists. The site has clean waters that give people an easy time swimming and surfing. The beach also has a high population of turtles and dolphins.

1 Ilha de Tinhare, Bahia

Tinhare Island in Bahia is home to many amazing beaches that rank highly in Brazil. Getting to the island is worth it. The beaches are of varying sizes, and they attract many visitors. With clear waters, rock pools, restaurants, and bars, it is a great place to visit.

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