There are many instances where a traveler would like to travel with their pet. In such cases, it may become a problem since one does not know which places allow pets and those that do not. Identifying a place to do trips with a dog can be a challenge.

There are several places one can visit and tour in Australia with a dog. However, there are several factors to consider and understand. First, one must make sure they handle any littering from their dog effectively to avoid polluting the environment at all times. Here are 10 dog-friendly trips to take in Australia.

10 South Coast, New South Wales

This is a very popular destination in Australia and many people visit it from all over the world. South Coast is an amazing beach area where there is accommodation, pet-friendly holiday parks, and many cottages to enjoy. Here, one will find a place like Batemans Bay Pet Holidays. In this coastal region, there are other places such as Shoalhaven that are popular for providing off-leash spaces for all dog owners. Dogs are also allowed to roam friendly on the beach sand.

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9 South Coast Retreat

For someone in need of an excellent and luxurious place for a retreat with their dog, then the South Coast retreat center in NSW is the best place. It is a retreat center popular for having amazing safari-style type of tents. The place offers amazing accommodation that brings in the feeling of camping. The trip to this retreat center offers several attractions including cabins, waterfront houses, outdoor areas for BBQ and so much more. It is also dog friendly.

8 Mt. Coot-tha

Mt. Coot-tha is found in Queensland, Australia. It is one of those amazing places to visit with a dog as both the visitor and dog can hike and explore nature. The place has many bushwalk tracks and scenic city views down below. Since it is in the mountains and there are few people, it is easy to take the trip with a dog without having to disturb anyone.

7 River Torrens Linear park

This is a park that is found in the South Australia region. It is a great park that is found along Torrens River that is worth visiting as it is peaceful and has many scenic views for visitors. It is also nearby Adelaide CBD if one wants to eat, shop or see events. However, one must make sure they are prepared to take care of any litter from their dog as they have a strict litter policy to ensure cleanliness.

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6 Visiting Darwin Waterfront

Darwin Waterfront is one of the most interesting and attractive waterfronts one will find in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is found at the Smith Street footbridge. This is yet another trip or tourist attraction destination ideal for someone with a dog. The waterfront offers amazing scenic areas to take a walk. Additionally, Darwin Waterfront has many cozy cafes and attractive restaurants that make the stay there great. The views of the sea are incredible and one can spend a lot of time there without getting bored.

5 Nelson Beach, NSW

Nelson Beach in NSW, Australia is one of those few beaches that a person can tour with their dog. Nelson Beach is located within Mimosa Rocks National Park which attracts pet owners because of their dog-friendliness. Mimosa Rocks national park is a top-ranked park for someone to visit while in New South Wales. The beach is also very clean and attractive. There are many things to do at the beach including a variety of interesting water sports such as water boating, diving, and snorkeling.

4 Port Noarlunga Beach In South Australia

Port Noarlunga beach is another trip to take with a dog in Australia. The beach is located in the Fleurieu Peninsula and it is just 30 kilometers from Adelaide. The beach is known as the first one to form Australia’s mid-coast regional surfing reserve with a rich offshore reef containing more than 200 different marine plant species. The beach is also part of Encounter marine park. There are many places to explore with a dog. A visitor is required to always keep an eye on their dog while on the beach.

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3 McLaren Vale Vineyard

Here is a peaceful and amazing place to visit in South Australia. The McLaren Vale Vineyard is a stylish vineyard worth visiting for someone with a dog as the environment is calm and beautiful. The place is also easy to access and offers an amazing environment to relax.

2 Ballarat Botanical Garden

Ballarat Botanical Garden is a popular and simple place in Victoria to visit located next to Lake Wendouree. The main reason this place is so popular in Victoria is the ease of access, how simple it is, and the nice and fresh environment it provides to visitors. The lush garden allows dogs to enter and explore its serene bushes.

1 The Wattle Lodge

The Wattle Lodge is found in Glendon Brook is a lodge that will make a dog feel right at home. It is within the Hunter Valley and between Barrington Tops National park and Pokolbin. The strategic property location makes it ideal for weekend getaways. Since the lodge has a lot of lands, dogs are allowed to roam freely and play, making it a good place for dog owners.

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