Traveling the world is an interesting thing to do and there are many ways one can use to accomplish that. Traveling on a cruise ship is a unique way of traveling the world. For those who have done it, they will agree that a journey on a cruise ship is very thrilling and unique compared to other ways of traveling the world.

Cruise ships offer an unmatched all-in-one traveling experience. This is because during the months tourists are on a cruise ship, they get all they need and want ranging from food, high-quality accommodation, entertainment, sports, and even classes such as yoga or music. Below are the top cruise journeys for 2022.

10 Canary Islands Journey

This is an epic cruise journey that takes visitors around the Canaries. For this type of cruise journey in 2022, one enjoys a trip to Lanzarote and experiences its lunar landscapes. In the process, it is a chance to witness Las Palmas while enjoying its natural wonders and the magic of Garajonay National Park. This journey is a good choice for early 2022 as it takes place in either March or April. It focuses on the Canaries which are eight main islands to enjoy! Visitors can explore desert dunes, beaches, and volcanoes.

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9 Vancouver And Alaska

Vancouver and Alaska are some other places that provide an interesting cruise journey for 2022 as tourists can gaze over landscapes, notably Misty Fjords National Monument. During this journey, people also pass through the Inside Passage enjoying marine life like bears, salmon, and sea eagles. As the cruise gets its way through Vancouver, it is a chance to enjoy what the city offers such as restaurants, markets like Granville Island, bars alongside its coastal region.

8 Bordeaux

A Bordeaux cruise journey for 2022 will be filled with gastronomy and wines. The place is well-known for dessert wines, fruits, ripe cheeses, and bread. This region is unique due to its history and a visitor looking for interesting restaurants will find some of the best. It is a good place for people who love food. During this journey, one sail on Super-Ship Bon Voyage which offers French styling, amazing finishes, delicious food, and excellent facilities.

7 Amsterdam

For a cruise to Amsterdam, it is a chance to enjoy what Amsterdam has to offer like the beautiful flowers and flower fields. Many find it special to cruise along its canals in the spring. Since this Amsterdam cruise is on flower beauty, guests get the chance to meet with BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Adam Frost for exclusive talks along the way.

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6 Miami To Barcelona

Here is yet another great cruise for 2022 that starts in Miami and ends in Barcelona. This cruise covers a large area of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Travelers get a chance to enjoy Central America, move through the Panama Canal, and explore Peru. In addition, the journey takes to other interesting areas along the route such as the Cook Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea. It is an interesting journey that even explores Australia, the Seychelles, the coast of Africa such as Mombasa, and then up to the Cape of Good Hope and Barcelona.

5 Miami To Rome

It starts in Miami and ends in Rome with a total of 105 nights on average. This journey entails a cruise through Australia and New Zealand which are some of the best places to visit. It is worth taking the journey for 2022 due to its highlights and things to discover along this route. The best moments for this route include Sri Lanka, New Zealand, French Polynesia, the Red Sea, South East Asia, and India.

4 Fort Lauderdale To London Greenwich

On average, this type of cruise will take 137 nights. It will let guests experience Colombia in a very special manner. The cruise also moves through the Pacific and explores several regions including 28 countries. It is a chance for tourists to explore many interesting places such as the French Polynesia Islands. Other areas to explore on this type of journey include Australia, Suez Canal, and the surrounding areas.

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3 Miami Round To Los Angeles

A cruise journey that starts from Miami and ends back in Los Angeles, gives tourists a chance to explore many places outside the United States and come back. On average, it will take 132 nights to complete this cruise journey. It is a chance to explore the attractions of the Caribbean area as there are many interesting things to explore and see. The journey takes to the Mediterranean as well as the Black Sea.

2 Japan Cruises

Yes, Japan is another place where cruise journeys offer unbeatable experiences. Visitors can cherish seeing a pink cherry blossom in the park which symbolizes vitality, beauty, and renewal. Spring is the best time for a cruise to Japan for many people. It offers a chance to enjoy Landscapes through Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Okinawa, and sometimes as far as Jeju Island.

1 Veneto Cruises

Veneto Cruises offers visitors a chance to witness things they have never seen before. It offers a chance to enjoy a holiday by experiencing the Venetian Lagoon through the beautiful islands of Mazzorbo, Burano, and Torcello. The port of Chioggia is also charming enough. Other areas to visit are the Italian city of Bologna and medieval Padua.

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