Victoria Falls is the world's largest waterfall attracting tourists from all corners of the world. It is twice the height of Niagara Falls of North America, 108m tall and 1708m wide. The World's Natural Wonder was referred to as Mosi-oa-Tunya, which translates to 'the Smoke that Thunders.' David Livingstone, while exploring the falls to have a beautiful experience, renamed Victoria Falls to honor the then British monarch, Queen Victoria. Visiting Victoria Falls, while exploring its beautiful adventures is something every traveler should experience. Here are the top 10 attractions in Victoria Falls.

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10 Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya)

Located along Zambia’s and Zimbabwe’s borders, Victoria Falls is the main attraction. It is not only a natural wonder but also a World Heritage site. The site has been an iconic travel destination for years – thanks to its ‘unspoiled' beauty. One can choose to explore the Victoria Falls safari either from Zambia (the eastern viewpoints) or Zimbabwe. The Zambezi River feeds the falls, and one can have the best experience when the falls are at their strongest and loudest (between February and May). Other visitors chose to explore Victoria Falls during Christmas and winter months to view wildlife.

9 Livingstone Island

Visitors can have the best view of one of the Falls from Livingstone Island. One can see and follow the footsteps of Dr. Livingstone, as they tour around the place, learning the history of how it all came to being. Take a boat trip through River Zambezi to this tiny land that sits on Vitoria Falls’ brink. Go swimming in the Devil’s Pool located at the edge of the Natural Wonder.

8 Zambezi National Park

With over 56000 hectares of landmass, two or more days camping at the park will give visitors an incredible chance of having an amazing game viewing. The park houses various wildlife species, including elephants, giraffes, buffalos, antelopes, zebra, among others. There are so many camping sites, along River Zambezi or somewhere in the bush. There is a beautiful accommodation space for everyone.

7 Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest and most famous National Park, which is the perfect Victoria Falls safari destination for elephant viewing. Other than elephants, the park is home to hunting dogs, lions, leopards, and buffalos. Being a larger habitat of over 100 mammals species and 400 types of birds, Hwange tops the list of the world's most diverse game parks. Visitors won't experience struggles finding perfect accommodation here. The features exclusive lodges as well as tented camps for travelers looking to stay on a tight budget. One can choose to explore the beautiful park on a guided game drive, horse riding, or walking tours.

6 Victoria Falls Bridge

Standing on the Victoria Falls Bridge, visitors can have the best experience of the World’s largest falling water. It was constructed in 1904 to span the Zambezi gorge and is now the 2nd most visited landmark at the 7th Natural Wonder of the World. The bridge Zambia and Zimbabwe across the Zambezi River. A Victoria Falls Bridge safari gives a wonderful history of the bridge as enjoy the scenic natural wonder from the bridge.

5 Victoria Falls National Park

Surrounding the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls is Victoria Falls National Park, named after the thundering falls of the World’s Natural Wonder. One can have the perfect view of the largest waterfall from this spot as the Falls in located within the park. The Park features a rainforest growing in the falls' spray and includes liana vines, palms, ferns, and various trees, such as the mahogany (not notable anywhere else in the region). The Park houses a variety of wildlife species, including the southern white rhinoceros, antelope, Cape buffalo, elephant, hippopotamus, eland, and giraffe. One can also spot some crocodiles in the river. Not further from the Victoria Falls National Park, there is a Crocodile Ranch, where visitors can explore and have a safer view of these animals.

4 Batoka Gorge

Just below the mighty Victoria Falls is the Batoka Gorge, featuring rocky cliffs and forests worth exploring. Other than hiking and engaging in wild rides, visitors can also spot wild birds of differing species, and experience baboons as they wander along the pathways. At Batoka Gorge, travelers can encounter some of the rarest species of plants on earth and make their safari experience epic.

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3 Victoria Falls Hotel

Located in Victoria Falls town, Victoria Falls hotel is worth visiting. It is one of the Classic five-star hotels in the world and is a perfect attraction site to explore on a Victoria Falls safari. The hotel was built in 1904 and underwent moderation in 2013 to bring out the best of traditional and modern styles. The Victoria Falls Hotel has remained one of Africa's scenic icons for 110 years. From here, visitors can enjoy beautiful views of Victoria Falls' gorges. It is one special safari spot in the world that every traveler should explore.

2 Victoria Falls Crocodile Park

Crocodiles are dangerous animals, and visitors struggle as they paddle the Zambezi River to avoid encounters with them. For a safer and more beautiful view of the crocodiles, the Victoria Falls Crocodile Park is every traveler’s best shot. On a Victoria Falls Crocodile Park safari, one can even get closer to these animals on a guided tour. To spot crocodiles’ newborns and get an incredible chance to hold them, one should travel during their hatching season (December and January).

1 Chobe National Park

Stretching above 1100 square kilometers Chobe National Park features floodplains, swamps, rivers, and forests worth visiting on the Victoria Falls safari. The park is among those with the largest wildlife concentration in Africa, with elephants - the most populous creatures in the park. Being close to the World’s Natural Wonder, Victoria Falls, Chobe National Park falls on the list of the most famous National Parks in Southern Africa.

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