There are multiple Disney theme parks around the world that are all so much fun for fans of Disney to visit. They have unique rides and snacks themed after Disney properties and characters and countless Disney-themed souvenirs that visitors can buy and take home so they never forget their trip.

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Each of these parks has some unique features, but none are quite as unique as Tokyo DisneySea. This park has characters, rides, and foods that simply can't be found in other Disney parks, meaning that this park is one that Disney fans have to put on their bucket list.

To see 10 things that are unique to Tokyo DisneySea, keep reading!

10 Duffy And Friends

Meeting characters at the Disney parks is definitely one of the most fun parts of visiting for many Disney fans. There are different princesses and characters that are always out walking around and interacting with visitors. Some characters are a lot more common at some parks but there's a group of characters that can only be found at Tokyo DisneySea.

Duffy the Disney Bear is one of the characters that can only be found at Tokyo DisneySea along with his friends like ShellieMay, Gelatoni, Cookie, and 'Olu.  According to Duffy's story, Minnie Mouse sewed him together by hand for Mickey before he went on a long journey out to sea. How cute!

9 Mermaid Lagoon

The Disney parks have a ton of different themed lands and rides that are based on our favorite Disney movies. This is one that is based on The Little Mermaid and is completely unique to Tokyo DisneySea. Mermaid Lagoon is designed to look like King Triton's Palace and is the home to the characters from The Little Mermaid.

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Mermaid Lagoon features different shops, rides, and live entertainment. Most of the rides are geared more toward children but there is one roller coaster inside Mermaid Lagoon. All the rides and the shops inside this themed area are modeled after all things under the sea, just how Ariel would like it.

8 Prince Eric

Ariel is one of the many Disney Princesses that visitors can meet at multiple different Disney parks around the world. And although her prince, Prince Eric, is definitely not exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea because he meets visitors at other parks as well, the fact that he's so common at this park is something that is very unique.

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The princes aren't particularly easy to find at the Disney parks in the US and mostly only come out for special occasions. But at Tokyo DisneySea, the fact that Mermaid Lagoon exists gives Prince Eric a reason to be out almost all the time. He's often spotted there with Ariel!

7 Sinbad's Storybook Voyage

Whether or not you like the ride-through dark rides at the Disney parks is definitely something that many Disney fans have a strong opinion on. Many people love rides like Pirates of the Caribbean and It's A Small World while other people would prefer to be outside on a roller coaster or other thrill ride.

Sinbad's Storybook Voyage is a dark ride that is totally unique to Tokyo DisneySea. This ride follows the main character, Sinbad, and his pet tiger, Chandu, as they go on an epic voyage across the sea.

6 Chandu Curry Bun

What good would a unique ride at a Disney park be if it didn't also have a super unique snack to go along with it? The Chandu Curry Bun is a snack that can only be found at Tokyo DisneySea. Chandu, who appears in Sinbad's Storybook Voyage in Arabian Coast, has become hugely popular around Tokyo DisneySea.

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This snack costs ¥500 or a little under $5 and is a steamed orange bun with black tiger stripes. Inside, the bun is filled with chicken and curry for a deliciously savory snack.

5 Potato "Churros"

Churros are definitely a staple of the Disney parks. Much like the Dole Whip and Mickey beignets, a churro is just something that a Disney fan can't leave the parks without eating. Churros come in different flavors and variations at different times of the year or during different celebrations, but Tokyo DisneySea has a very special variation on this classic Disney snack.

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Unlike the cinnamon and sugar-coated churros we're all familiar with, these potato "churros" at Tokyo DisneySea are salty and savory. The outside is crispy while the inside is filled with warm, soft potato.

4 Journey To The Center Of The Earth

Journey To The Center Of The Earth is a ride that is exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea. The ride is based on the 19th century science fiction novel by the same name, written by Jules Verne, and opened at Toyko DisneySea in 2001.

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This ride is one that was originally planned for Disneyland Paris but instead, it was taken to Tokyo DisneySea and it was built there. It's a ride in the same style as Test Track at Epcot or Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land.

3 So Much Popcorn

Popcorn is a huge deal at Tokyo DisneySea. Of course, popcorn isn't exactly exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea because a lot of the other parks have popcorn as well, but some of the flavors that they have and just how popular popcorn is at Tokyo DisneySea is something unique to this park.

There are several different flavors of popcorn that can only be found at Tokyo DisneySea like garlic shrimp and strawberry. Yum! A lot of the souvenirs at Tokyo DisneySea also incorporate popcorn because this snack is so popular there!

2 Pineapple Smoothie

It seems like the Disney parks are constantly debuting new, totally delicious snacks and treats. A lot of them are based on different movies, Disney characters, or rides and Disney fans just can't get enough of them.

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This Pineapple Smoothie is one treat that's only available at Tokyo DisneySea and was released to celebrate the opening of Nemo & Friends SeaRider. It's sweet and delicious and has little boba beads at the bottom as a chewy surprise to this super tropical drink.

1 Aquatopia

The Disney parks have a lot of really fun thrill rides and it seems like they're constantly building new rides or revamping old ones. Although Aquatopia isn't exactly the heart-pounding thrill ride that we're used to experiencing at other Disney parks, this Tokyo DisneySea exclusive ride is still a unique and fun one!

Aquatopia is a ride located in Port Discovery that opened in 2001. This ride is somewhat similar to Disneyland's Motor Boat Cruise and the Autopia rides. It has riders sit on hovercraft-esque vehicles in the water as they float and cruise around. The ride has no visible tracks and the constant flowing and splashing of the water really makes riders feel like they're truly floating at random out in the sea.

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