South Korea is known as the “Land of the Morning Calm.” It is one of the most attractive and interesting countries and civilizations in the world. South Korea is where popular Korean idols and celebrities are living. It is a safe and beautiful country but there are still a lot of things to be considered. Here are the different tips that travelers must remember when they visit Korea.

10 Learn The Basic Korean Words

South Korea’s language is known as Hangul. Upon visiting the country, it is a must for travelers to study some basic Korean words. A simple ‘thank you,’ ‘hello,’ and other basic Hangul from the travelers will be fully appreciated by the locals. For them, if tourists talk using the local language, it is as if tourists are talking directly in their hearts. It's also a good idea to carry a phone or even a translator app because most of the signage is printed in Korean.

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9 Respect Must Be practiced

South Koreans are quiet and respectful individuals. They have a rigorous traditional order and manners are essential. One aspect of Korean culture that is both respected and condemned is their reverence for seniority. When seniority is there, regardless of age, status, or expertise, everyone must show respect. Having said that, being courteous has always been the preferable option. Keep in mind to show respect to anyone and everyone, not just the elders but also the people who came from different age brackets, by thanking, apologizing or bowing when appropriate.

8 Giving Tips Isn’t Practiced

Unlike other countries, Koreans are not fond of tipping. For them, tipping can be shown as quite rude and disrespectful. The price customers see in every restaurant’s menu and store is already fixed and that is exactly the amount they need to pay. Even the taxi drivers do not expect to be compensated for their work, as well as the employees at local restaurants and hostels.

7 Be Cautious Of A Black Taxi

Black taxis in Korea are more expensive compared to deluxe. Tourists will be faced with a hefty fee at the end of the trip if they book one by mistake. There are also some instances where cab drivers may refuse to utilize the taximeter and charge the passengers additional money when transporting them to their destination. It is also very important to ask the driver to print the receipt for it will be helpful if there are problems that may occur.

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6 Chopsticks Check!

Koreans aren't concerned about one’s chopstick level of skill, but they may criticize based on chopstick manners. Unlike other countries that use chopsticks, Korean chopsticks are composed of steel and so feel differently and are slipperier than wooden chopsticks, which might take some time for the foreigners to get accustomed to. Therefore if there is extra time before the flight to Korea, better practice how to properly use a chopstick!

5 Soju Is Inexpensive

Soju is one of the go-to and ultimate drinks of locals in Korea. Soju tastes similar to vodka but lacks the unpleasant alcohol burn caused by having roughly half the proportion of alcohol. It is generally eaten with meals. The drink can also be enjoyed in cocktails, blended with beer and yogurt, as well as having flavored fruit juice. Another thing is that it has sweet tastes that can vary from its different flavors.

4 Street Food Can Be Seen Everywhere

Street food in Korea is numerous and diverse. Spiraling kebabs of potato or corn dogs enclosed in French fries are two examples. Koreans know that these street foods will be prepared for them at all hours every day, filling Seoul's streets. Like every time people walk in the streets, there are mouth-watering street foods that are waiting for them. Additionally, Gwangjang Market, one of Seoul's largest and most influential traditional marketplaces, is a very well-known destination to experience different kinds of Korean cuisines.

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3 Having A Meal In Public

When eating in public, travelers must know that chatting over dinner in Korea is rude and should be mindful of the subjects of discussion. When guests say inappropriate things, Koreans find it disrespectful. Make sure to keep the dinnerware on the table when eating, as it is considered disrespectful to raise it up to the lips. Also, tourists must know that it is unethical to pour their own drinks at a club or social gathering because it is the host's obligation to ensure the guests are served.

2 Public Display Of Affection Is Offensive

Public display of affection in Korea is considered to be taboo. In Korea, older folks find it disrespectful when others demonstrate outward gestures of affection, such as kissing in public. Younger individuals are inclined to cuddle close to one another at pubs and nightclubs, however, the habit is frowned upon by the broader public. Additionally, warning statements have been broadcast throughout train travels. There was also a notice for couples who display excessive intimacy in the subway.

1 Blowing Of The Nose Is Not Okay

South Korean norms, traditions, and etiquette standards have evolved over time, and several of them vary from what is observed in most other nations. It is an unsaid rule in Korea that blowing the nose is impolite. As a result, if someone is eating spicy Korean meals and their nose is dripping, they need to wipe - not blow - their nose with a handkerchief.

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