The beauty of Greece is legendary. It has been the destination of all time because of its warm weather, long beaches, and picturesque views. Here’s a list of tips to enjoy these best places in Greece.

10 Plan Ahead Of Time

Greece is a country with so much to offer. From stunning beaches to ancient ruins, it is important to plan ahead of time to ensure a smooth trip. Creating a list of things to do would help any tourist get on track during the stay. Planning ahead of time is helpful especially for those who will travel on a budget. An important tip is to note the details of the rides from the airport to the island of stay because catching rides on ferries is sometimes a hassle. Some popular islands in Greece are Santorini, Corfu, Crete, Hydra, and Kefalonia.

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9 What To Pack

Traveling prepared is always ideal. Depending on the season tourists choose to visit, it is always a good idea to bring necessary clothing. During summertime, it is recommended to bring lighter clothes. Remember towels and swimwear because the beaches are just irresistible. Do not worry about forgetting something, there is always a shop in Greece that has it.

8 Beware Of Dress Codes

Greeks are known for being orthodox, thus, women dress conservatively even to this modern day. Although in most cities, Greeks generally accept any fashion sense. But in some cases, tourists might need to follow some dress codes, especially when attending the church or sacred monuments. On some beaches, wearing bikinis and topless sunbathing is allowed. Since some areas require arm and leg covers before entering, they offer garments for covering. These are some sites where dress codes are observed:

  • St. Peter Basilica of Vatican City,
  • St. Alexander Cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria,
  • Meteora, Greece

7 Bring Your Sunscreen

In a sunny country like Greece, sunscreen is a must. No one wants to tour around with an uncomfortable and painful sunburn. Moreover, this country is home to many of the best beaches around the world where sunscreen could help result in an even tan. The top beaches in Greece are Plaka Beach, Mylopotas Beach, Mythos Beach, and Paleokastritsa.

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6 Bring Some Cash

Credit cards are not popular in Greece. Many shops and establishments still prefer to accept cash than any other payment method. Although cards are acceptable in big cities, this is an issue in islands and small areas in the country. ATMs are limited as well, so make sure to bring enough cash before heading out island hopping.

5 Stay For More Than 2 Nights In Cities

Greece might be a small country, but the must-see places in a city like Athens could take more than a day. Each city in Greece offers spectacular sites from museums, water canals, ancient monuments, and more. Hence, it is reasonable to stay for more than two nights in each one. The most popular cities to explore in Greece are Athens, Peloponnese, Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Monemvasia.

4 Driving Is A Hassle

Greeks are known for aggressive driving especially in big cities like Athens. Although it’s pretty normal, it could hassle tourists or anyone who visits. Additionally, the terrains in Greece are pretty rough which can be exhausting for first-time drivers in the country. However, taxis are always an option. Commuting in the country is rather cheap like taking taxis. Virtual booking has been practiced in Greece which makes everything convenient. Take note that some taxis may pick up passengers along the way, but passengers do not share the fare.

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3 Wear Stretchy Pants

Food in Greece is served plate after plate. So, wearing a pair of stretchy bottoms is advised. A proper meal in this country consists of meze, meze is food served on small plates along with other food. It could be served as an appetizer or as the main meal. Must-try meze food is tzatziki, feta, grilled vegetables, calamari, saganaki, and fruits cut in cubes. Lamb meat is also popular in Greece that every tourist should not miss. Popular restaurants include Tudor Hall, Lithos Restaurant, Funki Gourmet, Ambrosia Restaurant, and La Maison Restaurant.

2 Tipping Culture

Tipping is not necessary for Greece. Although some services expect tourists to tip like taxi drivers and other dining establishments. Many Greeks are perfectly comfortable with praise for service well rendered. However, if tourists insist on tips, it is better to round up the bill for restaurants or practice the “keep the change” culture.

1 Get The Most Out Of It

Heading to a destination to get the most out of a trip is ideal. There are many things to do in Greece and many of these should be on the bucket list. On top of the list should be watching the sunset in Santorini overlooking the craters. It is popularly witnessed by many tourists because it is just romantic and every bit of the golden hour is Instagram-worthy. Do not miss the most popular site of Shipwreck Bay in Zakynthos which was featured in the popular Korean Drama, Descendants of the Sun. Other diverse activities to try include visiting monasteries and cliff jumping.

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