Many people like to spend months-long vacations to escape the routine in their life. This will feel like a life-changing experience, particularly for people who have an 8-hour behind-the-desk schedule every day. Spending more than four weeks at their dream destination will make them feel like they’re living in a real-life miracle. Taking an adventure to Indonesia, spending a romantic trip in France, or visiting ancient Greece are all examples of months-long vacations that people can take.


However, they require travelers to plan for their trips ahead of time. Here’s a guide listing various months-long vacation ideas and destinations, along with many helpful planning tips for such unique experiences. Readers will learn how to plan for months-long vacations and the many vital things to do in advance before taking such trips.

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How To Plan For Months-Long Vacations

Many people dream of unique long vacations. However, they feel lost and don’t know how to prepare for such long trips. For instance, they don’t know when to start planning, where to spend most of their time, and if they or they should not take such a long break. Indeed, if they love visiting various cities around the globe, then months-long vacations will pass by in a blink. Moreover, those months will help one unwind and recharge for their life ahead. Still, such a vacation costs a lot of money, planning, and several months.

This is why people, for tension-free traveling, people must plan things in advance. Planning is essential because leaving the house or the pets for months cannot be done without arranging things in advance. Moreover, many people will have several duties which they should get done at work before leaving for an extended vacation.

  • Tip: People willing to take an extended vacation must start managing their work and house at least six months in advance. Designing a schedule for several months, talking to superiors at work, and finding pet/house care takes time, and it’s better to do all that work as early as possible.

People must also decide how far they want to travel and which direction. After that, they should be deciding where they would like to be, in the mountains or on the waters? Moreover, they should expect to be bothered by messages and calls from work, at least for the first week of the trip.

Another thing people traveling for months-long vacations should keep in mind is that they will be losing money. After all, they would have to deal with this, not so fun fact. Still, they can plan out their budget in advance and mold their trip according to their finances. People focusing all the time on money might cancel their vacation plans and will find it easier to stay home. This is why it is advised to swallow this bitter pill for those who want to experience a real vacation.

Many people who take an extended vacation love to write down their experiences, take breathtaking shots of every location they visit and read a few books. However, many times things don’t go as planned. People might find themselves on some days too tired to read or write. And that’s normal. Even if they didn’t accomplish all their goals, what matters is what they feel, see, and experience during their trip.

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Here’s How To Pack For Months-Long Vacations

Traveling is accompanied by a limited packing space. Thus, it would feel hard for travelers on months-long vacations to decide what to pack and what to leave behind. People must have some trusty bags before deciding what to bring on their vacation. These include lightweight suitcases, travel totes, crossbody bags, and travel cord rolls. Moreover, people must ensure to have the proper clothing. And they should leave behind any clothing they won’t wear at least three times a month while sparing those related to special occasions. Clothing that should be packed for months-long vacations includes essential wear, outerwear, mix-and-match sets, pajama sets, slip-on sneakers, and long scarves. Some valuable accessories, beauty and skincare basics, and tech essentials must also be packed. These include universal adapters, first aid kits, and portable chargers.

Many people think that months-long vacations are too long. However, if they see the big picture, they will find that they’re spending more time with their coworkers than with their closest relations. Having less energy will make them lose sight of their long-term goals. This is why months-long vacations are actual life-savers.

Here Are The Best Destinations That Would Make For A Perfect Long Vacation

Various destinations around the world are perfect for months-long vacations. Paris in France, the most romantic city globally, is an example. Another place is Florence in Italy, known for art and a feel of a small warm town.

Other extraordinary and unique destinations include Munich in Germany, Bali in Indonesia, and Athens in Greece.

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