Some popular things at Disneyland aren't that great but it's still a top spot for families who want to go on a day trip. Kids of all ages go nuts for the junk food, Mickey Mouse merch, and general feeling of excitement in the air. But how do you make sure that everyone has a good time?

Sure, you can take many trips with your kids that don't involve Disney, but what if your little ones are begging for a trip to this magical place? You want to show them the best time ever... but you want to enjoy yourself, too. Keep reading to find out how parents can make the most out of their day at Disneyland with the kids.


Order Food Using The Disney Experience App

You'll have to do some research on what food to eat at Disneyland, but when you're taking your children there, you definitely don't want to just wander around and find random places to grab a bite.

Order food using the Disney Experience App and you won't have to stand in a line for a really long time. According to Scary Mommy, you can see where you can get take-out in the area of the park where you currently are. You can order through the app, get a time to go grab it, and then there's a window that is for people who have ordered through their phones. This will be perfect since you'll be able to get some food for your family without having to wait for hours.

Make Waiting In Line More Fun With Activities

Toys and books will make waiting in line at Disney more fun. After all, you're going to be spending a good majority of the day standing in line to buy merchandise if you've chosen to do that, go on the rides, and enjoy some other attractions.

It's not really possible to avoid waiting in line at Disney as this is just part of the deal. But it is possible to create a more magical experience. Your kiddos will definitely thank you for this and you'll all have a better time. There's nothing worse than planning a trip to Disney, getting really excited, and then fighting because everyone is bored and irritated while waiting in line.

Give Your Kids Disney Gift Cards

This amazing idea comes from a parent who shared their Disney hack with The Huffington Post: give your kids Disney gift cards. A mom named Stephanie Yakubovsky Shackelford told the publication, "Each month I purchased a $25 Disney gift card, saving them for the trip - $25 a month didn’t break the bank. When we got to Disney, each child had $25 a day of ‘Disney money’ to use on souvenirs." This will definitely help you all make the most out of your day, and your kids will be thrilled.

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Definitely Do This So Your Kid Can Find You If They Get Lost

Sure, you want to make the most out of your day at Disneyland... but mishaps do happen. What if one of your kids wanders off and you can't find them? Or, even worse, they can't locate you?

This Disney hack will help if your kid gets lost: Buzzfeed suggests that you jot down your phone number on your kid's arm. This makes it easy for other adults to help them find you again if they do get lost. And this will help you feel calm and confident about spending the day at Disneyland without worrying about someone getting lost.

When you're bringing your little ones to Disneyland for the day, have the best time ever with these easy hacks and tips. Everyone will be able to feel the magical vibes.

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