Traveling is all about experiences, discovery, and creating lasting memories. There are many ways of doing this to keep the journey enjoyable. One of these ways is by interacting with people. When traveling, one will always meet new people. Interacting with new people makes a traveler feel safe, learn things, and enjoy the journey.

What is more interesting is making friends when touring a place. The benefits of this are many. New friends help someone learn about a place, they share experiences, in some cases travel together and so much more. However, making friends while traveling can be a challenge for some people. Here are the top 10 tips one should follow when traveling.

10 Be Approachable

This is the first and simplest tip on making friends while traveling. However, many people do not understand exactly what should be done. Many people take it lightly and see it as an obvious thing, but it is not. To be approachable, there are several body language gestures and actions one should master.

Things to follow are to make sure one does not use closed body language, should not always be using electronics like mobile phones as no one wants to approach such a person, a smile is essential, and one's head should be up.

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9 Take Walks

Staying in one place does not help in meeting new people. Even when traveling using a tour guide, a walk is always a smart way to meet and interact with people. Always move out of the normal schedule and take a walk outside the comfort zone.

The best thing about this is that one meets other people strolling, and the chances are high to make friends. It is a good method whether on the streets or in a park.

8 Join Social Media Group Of Travelers

With the modern world and modern means of communication, social media groups have made friends making the process even easier. When traveling to a destination, one can join a Facebook group of people traveling to the same destination.

This is a great way to meet and talk to people with the same goal. All one has to do is search online to see various groups and identify one that matches their destination. A conversation can start there and end up making friends.

7 Attend Events

There will always be local events where many people from different backgrounds meet when touring a place. This is an excellent way to make friends. Such events may include a concert, festival, bus tour, excursion, and others.

Going out to these events provides an excellent opportunity to meet a new person and interact. However, one should always remain approachable, positive, and willing to converse. One should also make sure they are participating to get close to people.

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6 Using Social Hostels

Making use of social hostels can be a great way to come across so many people. Social hostels provide an environment where people are close to each other, have common areas, and easily interact.

However, one should look for the best hostel and get the best rooms. In addition to having a pool of people and many travelers, social hostels are also affordable. As a result, one can save a lot of money compared to living in expensive hotels where people do not interact much.

5 Learn Their Language

Although this may take some time to do, it is a great way to increase the chances of making friends. When traveling to a new place where the language is different, learning the basics of the new language is an excellent idea for a visitor.

This applies especially when someone is traveling for a long time. For example, for someone who does not know English and travels to English-speaking countries, learning the language will enable them to converse with people easily. It speeds up the process of making friends.

4 Eat together

There is nothing that brings people quickly together like food. Getting to a restaurant and taking a seat next to a stranger is a good start when looking for friends. When in a new place, one should identify food and drink joints. It may take some time before one can make a good friend, but this is the way to go when in a new place.

Always be friendly and start a casual conversation that does not scare the other person. One should make sure the next person feels comfortable.

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3 Engage In Activities

Activities are a good way to meet people when traveling. In most cases, travelers will participate in various activities such as hiking, walking, swimming, boat riding, bicycle riding, and many others. These are engaging activities that bring people together easily.

The best way to start this is by identifying a group of people who are interested in such activities. A traveler can easily influence others to take part in such activities or join a group. Either way, conversations will occur, interests will make, and people will make friends.

2 Group Travel

Group traveling is where one joins a group of travelers either with their own means of travel or common means. This means one can travel with a group using a tour company or join a group on the road. Whether flying, driving, or any other means, moving as a group offers an easy opportunity to make friends when traveling to a similar destination.

1 Interact With Locals

Making friends when traveling does not have to be fellow travelers. Locals also make great friends. They also help travelers understand a place, things to do, and the best attractions. One should be free to visit locals and interact with them as much as possible to make friends.

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