Let's be frank: who can't use a vacation right about now? Just think: a week away from the stresses of life, relaxing on a sandy beach or skiing in the mountains, sleeping in, eating out, and exploring exciting parts of the world at your leisure. Sounds pretty fantastic right?

Unfortunately, not everyone can make their travel dreams come true because of budget constraints. Adulting is hard, and bills are the pits. Sneaking off for a week's worth of retreating isn't going to be any fun if you have to come home with ten dollars in your bank account. If you want to keep your apartment and afford to eat, then you have to get frugal with your getaways.


Check out these tips that every vacationer will find useful when trying to get away and save a buck or two.

Book A Sunday Stay

When it comes to booking your ultimate getaway, not all days of the week are going to be equal in terms of rate. If you decide to travel over a weekend, booking on a Friday or a Saturday is going to cost you. If you can wiggle your work schedule around and head out of town on a Sunday instead, then you might find yourself putting dollars in your pocket! Sunday is the cheapest day to book a stay, followed by Monday and Tuesday. In fact, a Sunday booking is going to be roughly thirty percent less expensive than a popular Friday or Saturday booking. An added bonus to traveling on off-days? You get to avoid the crowds. Imagine getting that infinity pool all to yourself all because you booked a Sunday-Tuesday vacation!

Go Incognito When Browing Airlines Tickets Online

Many people are unaware that airlines use browser cookies to up their ticket prices, depending on how many times you searched for your perfect flight. It's actually a genius psychological move on their part because the more vacation-seekers see their flight prices increasing, the more likely they are to do a quick book before they go any higher.

We have probably all fallen victim to this tactic considering the vast majority of us put a little time and research into finding that perfect flight. Air travel is expensive, and anything that costs hundreds of dollars should make you consider all possible options. So how do frugal wanderlusters avoid this expensive airline tactic?

They go incognito!

In your computer's browser is an option to turn incognito mode on. Once you click it, browse away. Just make sure you open a new window every time you perform a new flight search. Once you find what you are looking for, head back to your normal screen and book with a single click.

Go With An Accommodation That Has A Kitchen

One of the greatest parts of vacation is getting to eat out and not have to shop, cook, and do the dishes. Eating out is fun and easy, but when vacationing, the price can add up. Frugal travelers will tell you that the trick to keeping the food budget at bay is to balance dining out and eating in. Many hotels offer in-room kitchenettes, where guests can prepare their own meals. Consider making breakfast and lunch in your hotel room and dining on the patio, or better yet...in bed! By just eating out once a day, vacationers could save forty to fifty dollars a day (especially if adult beverages are going to be enjoyed.) Over the course of several days, those savings will really add up.

Watch Drinks That Are Not Water

You can't go on a trip without having at least a few fruity cocktails on the beach, but indulging in boozing all day every day will drain your bank account fast. Many destinations are well aware of what vacationers are looking for, and they can charge what they want for their beverages. Try to drink water instead of sodas or adult beverages throughout the day and save your glass of vino for the end of the night. This way, you will save money and several hundred calories each day. Your wallet and your bikini will thank you.

Research Destination Activities That Won't Cost A Cent

When traveling, there is so much to see and do, but some special vacation activities will cost a pretty penny. Travel is a lucrative business, and some destinations have economies that rely on vacationers spending their hard-earned cash on food, lodging, and of course, expensive activities.

Instead of spending the day renting a boat, parasailing, or lounging under private cabanas, take advantage of the free activities your travel destination has to offer. Find a nature preserve to wander through or hang out at lesser-known, more low key beaches.