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Many people may believe that traveling with kids is a challenging experience. While this may be true under some circumstances, several experts proved that flying with kids and babies can turn out to be a fun and comfortable experience. This applies even to recent years when new precautions and requirements were introduced to the travel industry following the covid-19 pandemic. However, it is worth noting that while people can follow several tips for flying with kids comfortably, this does not mean that flights will be picture-perfect. This is because, even when adults fly alone, random things can happen, and their flying trips might not turn out to be ideal. This particularly applies to long-haul flights. This is when kids can become confused and overturned because they’re flying internationally. Here are the best tips for flying with kids on long flights.


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This Is How To Choose Food And Seating When Flying With Kids On Long Flights

People flying with kids for more than 8 hours will be even more concerned about where to sit on the airplane. For instance, people must consider the proximity to the gallery and the restroom when choosing the airplane seat. They must also determine whether the seat has a proper configuration for their family size. Another thing to consider for the seat is its type, whether it is an extended legroom, bulkhead, or regular legroom seat. Thus, it is essential to choose the right seat, especially when flying with kids on long-haul flights.

  • Recommended: Parents are advised to choose a comfortable seat for themselves and another equally comfortable one for their children on long-haul flights. They should never make the mistake of not choosing a proper seat for their kids because this will turn out to be a significant issue. Moreover, it would be a great idea to invest in the CARES harness, which features an FAA-approved belt and 4-point harness for kids.

Another thing to carefully consider when flying with kids on long flights is the meal options on the airplane. It is recommended that parents fly with airlines that offer toddler or child meals that can be ordered online, which allows the kids to be occupied with the food while the service is still in progress. Generally, child meals on airplanes consist of small sandwiches, cookies, fruits, and some kid-friendly drinks.

However, ordering a meal for the children on a long-haul flight is not enough. Parents must also pack plenty of food and snacks for their children so that they stay comfortable throughout the whole trip.

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Here’s What To Know About Pillows And Electronics On Long-Haul Flights

When flying with kids on long flights, it is vital to keep them comfortable as much and as long as possible. This is why an inflatable foot pillow is a must. The latter allows children to lay down flat or extend their legs out throughout the flight. However, parents must make sure to check the airline rules before booking their flight because some airlines do not allow these foot pillows on board.

Another issue to consider is what electronics to bring on a long-haul flight when flying with kids. This is because children should enjoy their time when traveling for a long time. Due to the various problems with airline WiFi, parents should consider pre-downloading some educational apps, games, and movies to keep their kids occupied. For instance, many streaming services, such as Apple, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and others, provide the possibility of pre-downloading movies and watching them without the internet. People who don’t like the idea of traveling with screens can still bring some toys for their toddlers to keep them entertained on long flights.

Should You Move Or Sleep While Flying With Kids On Long Flights?

Sitting in one spot for more than eight hours in a row is an annoying and difficult thing to do. This is why parents and their children are encouraged to take short walks on long-haul flights. This will make the time pass. They can do some leg stretches or trunk twists in the open areas or walk along the aisles. In the gallery, they can do some stretches, lunges, or squats. However, it is better to check with the flight attendants if these activities are allowed.

As much as moving is essential when flying with kids on long flights, having some rest and sleeping is crucial for toddlers as well as for their parents. For babies, people must do their best to keep the same nap time or nighttime routine even when they’re traveling. While this is not an easy task, the most important thing is that the babies have their own seats on the plane, which allows to lay them down all the way during the flight. For toddlers, parents must ensure they take them to the restroom before continuing with the same sleeping routine adopted at home.

People must be aware that there’s a high possibility that children may not want to sleep during a long-haul flight. If this happens, it would not be a big problem, and parents must stay calm in such a situation because there are various effective methods for beating jet lag.