We all love to travel, whether it be to the town or village over from our own or halfway across the world. Of course, different forms of transport are taken for every different (and unique) situation or scenario, and in this instance, we're talking about flying.

In order to engage in the activity of flying high through the sky you must, more often than not, head on over to an airport.

This seems like a pretty terrifying prospect for a lot of people, but to be blunt, we don't really understand what all the worry is about. We understand that there are certain elements of making your way through the airport that can cause a bit of stress, but there are many simple ways in which you could deal with that.


It could be anything from getting a fast pass through security to doing the same thing for boarding - it really is all about just how many issues lead to increased anxiety.

Today, we want to run through a handful of tips that should ease the strain significantly.

Arrive Early

We say arrive early but in reality, the official translation of this is 'leave early'. While you may not feel like you need to get up quite as early as you probably should, especially for a morning flight, you just never know what kind of chaos could be caused by delays on the train or, worse yet, traffic accidents on the road.

Getting your bearings is a vital part of any trip and that's true for the airport, too. If you aim to arrive with at least three hours to spare then you could probably afford to be an hour or so late. Alas, most of the time it won't be an issue, but it's better to be safe than sorry as the saying goes.

Figure Out The Layout Beforehand

Go on Google, the airport website or potentially even a travel forum in order to get an idea of what the airport you're flying out of is like (if you've never been or have completely forgotten, that is). There are multiple reasons why you'd book to jet off from an unknown destination, and we understand that, so just try and be as prepared as possible.

Alternatively, just pick an airport that you're familiar with. If you don't want the stress of having to navigate your way through the unknown when you're supposed to be relaxing, then why not just opt on the side of caution and pay a little bit more money to fly from an airport that makes things a whole lot more comfortable?

Exchange Your Money Online

If you leave it until the airport to exchange your money then you'll discover that they will be giving you some of the poorest available rates to be found, well, anywhere. They don't care about giving people value for money - they just care about making a profit, and they will punish you for waiting to reach the airport in order to use them.

New pre-paid cards such as Revolut and Monzo offer the exact exchange rate that is being used at the moment you decide to finally press that button and click "exchange". It's incredibly useful and it can all be done over your phone, so really, everyone is a winner.

Check Bags In Before Arriving

There are certain things that have to be done beforehand for our own peace of mind, but for whatever reason, we always seem to forget. Case in point: checking bags in online as opposed to doing so at the airport which winds up leading to such an insanely astonishing amount of hassle that it's not even funny.

Instead of having to queue up with everyone else you can go straight to security. Sure, it doesn't sound like much of a commodity, but you'd be surprised.

Have A Meal & A Drink

Look, this isn't going to be a particularly complicated entry but we do feel like it's an important one to help you relax. Every airport has a series of bars and restaurants that you can use in order to, well, you know, order food and drinks.

Making time to do so, ensuring that you aren't hungry or too thirsty upon your plane taking off, is essential to calming the process down and getting your holiday (or work trip) started in the sort of manner that was intended when you first booked.