10 Tips When Searching For An Airbnb To Book

Airbnb is arguably one of the best ways to find accommodations during your vacation. You can choose based on reviews and your own personal interests, and many are much more accommodating than any hotel room. It can be tough trying to find the perfect Airbnb from the list, and luckily there are some tips to help you make this big decision.

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These tips will make your search feel like a breeze and it takes the stress out of the process. No one wants to stay in a place that they are unsure of or think they will come to regret. Keep reading to learn about 10 tips when searching for an Airbnb!

10 Always Contact The Host Before You Book

Your host can make or break an Airbnb in a few seconds after you meet them, which is why it's important to contact a host before booking any location. You should confirm that the availability on the site is correct, even with instant booking, as sometimes they don't always keep it updated.

You also should get a feel for who your host is as a person because clashing on personality differences or amenities is not how you imagined your trip panning out. It also opens the door to ask your host any questions you might have about the area, distance to places you want to go, and other things about the residence itself.

9 Know What Type Of Housing You Want

You basically have three options when choosing an Airbnb and they include shared spaces, a private room, hotel room, or the entire house. The shared space means that you share a common living space with other travelers, similar to a hostel in someone else's home. A private room indicates that you have your own room, but you might share things like a bathroom and kitchen with other travelers.

A hotel room could be either one of these depending upon the type of establishment and deal they are currently offering. Basically, you want to be aware of what you are signing up for and if you hate other humans, then you should consider booking an entire house.

8 Utilize The Filters

When you search for a place on Airbnb, it's similar to looking for homes to rent online. There are filters that give you a price range, number of bedrooms and guests, and amenities.

You can even make your stay as normal or crazy as possible with housing options like huts, planes, windmills, and so much more. You can make your trip great just by utilizing this simplistic design feature that helps you pinpoint the perfect place to stay.

7 Research the Local Neighborhood

When you are headed out on vacation to a new place that you are unfamiliar with, you want to make sure you are not putting yourself in a dangerous situation. There are probably places near your hometown that you avoid after dark or certain neighborhoods where lots of crime occurs.

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The same thinking applies to any Airbnb which is why you should always research the local neighborhood yourself before booking any location. Never take your host's word for it that the area is sunshine and roses because at the end of the day it is still a business for them.

6 Check The Box For Superhosts

Airbnb has something called a Superhost, which is a program that awards top-rated hosts for their continued excellence. They do attract more guests when they earn this rating, which is what entices people to have this as their goal.

This rating can be earned by having an overall 4.8-star rating, more than ten stays, a 90% response rate within 24 hours, and less than 1% of their guests cancel. When you click that you only want to see super hosts, you are basically guaranteed a fantastic stay because they are working to keep you happy, as well as keep their rating as a Superhost.

5 Read The List Of Amenities

You should always read the list of amenities offered by these establishments before booking your stay because otherwise, you might end up disappointed. The basics you should look for are things like bathrooms and showers, as some only have outhouses for you to use.

If you require special accessibility accomodations this is something that is also generally listed. Some other establishments let you bring pets, but many do charge extra fees and you should always contact the host before assuming this is alright.

4 Look Into Local Regulations

Some cities don't permit people to shell out their home as an Airbnb. Oftentimes, there are rental restrictions or permits the host is required to have, and you should always check beforehand that they have these things in place.

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It would put quite a damper on your vacation if you were forced to vacate due to legal reasons. This information is relatively easy to look up, or you can contact the city directly if you are still unsure about their local policies.

3 Do You Plan On Using Public Transportation?

Some places like New York City or Washington D.C. almost require guests to utilize public transportation due to their lack of parking spots. If you decide that you are going to use this type of transportation as your way to move around the city, then you should make sure that there are stops near your Airbnb.

You don't want to have to walk 2 miles every day just to catch a bus or jump on the subway, as it will tire you out and take time out of your trip that could be better spent doing something else.

2 Pet Allergies Can Be A Problem

If you suffer from pet allergies, then you should ensure that your accommodations are not housing a furry critter. Some stays have their own in-house dog or cat that lives on the premises, which could be great news for some, and detrimental to others.

It is your responsibility to look after your own health, and it never hurts to double-check with the host about the pet situation. This might even bar you from staying at some shared spaces, as some of them allow visitors to bring their pets along with them.

1 Reviews Are There For A Reason

The most telling feature about a stay at a particular Airbnb is the list of reviews that were left on their page. You should always look at both the good and bad ones, as they can really give you the full picture of how you think your stay will pan out.

There are probably a few from family and friends, but the rest of the public isn't as forgiving and will let you know exactly what went wrong or right during their stay.

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