It's no secret that athletes are hard workers. They put themselves through some of the most physically grueling tasks that make the rest of us feel exhausted just thinking about it. However, the off-season is a whole different story. As the saying goes: "work hard, play harder", and athletes take some of the most lavish vacations in existence.

Whether it’s renting million dollar homes for tens of thousands of dollars a week, buying your own beach house just because you can, visiting some of the most remote and breathtaking locations in the world or wasting away the hours sunbathing on a beachfront resort, athletes sure do know how to vacation right.

These luxury holidays are some of the most sought after experiences that most of us can only dream of. Whether your idea of a vacation is lounging poolside or visiting exotic places, these vacations are bound to make you more than a little jealous. So without further ado, here are 25 athletes vacations that we are sure to make you green with envy.

25 Usain Bolt's Mexican Holiday

Olympic athlete and sprinter Usain Bolt is yet another athlete who loves to take amazing tropical vacations, making the rest of us green with envy. Bolt’s recent vacation in January 2019 with his girlfriend is one to die for. The sprinter and his other half are enjoying all that Mexico has to offer including fishing in the ocean, feeding the seals and of course suntanning on their own private beach. It is obvious that Usain Bolt is making the most of his retirement, leaving the rest of us a wee bit jealous!

24 Kirk Muller's Luxury Baraka Point Estates Retreat

When big-name athletes go on vacation they tend to rent some stellar vacation homes. This is especially true for Kirk Muller who enjoyed a holiday in the stunning Baraka Point Estates in Virgin Gorda, Caribbean. According to Luxury Retreats, this 12,000 square-foot house has five bedrooms and sleeps up to 14 adults. An interesting thing about this stunning home is that each bedroom is in a private area of the home, away from the other rooms. Aside from being ocean front with a stunning pool, another amazing feature is that when you rent this house you also rent all the stuff that comes with it - a stellar beach house with you’re own staff- amazing.

23 James Hinchcliffe's Quiet Six Mile Lake Getaway

Indy race car driver James Hinchcliffe spends much of his time in the off-season vacationing on the beautiful Six Mile Lake in Port Severn, Ontario. This beautiful lake, only two hours north of the city of Toronto, holds stunning views as natural forests kiss clean blue water. While technically in the south part of the District of Muskoka, Six Mile Lake is special because it is still relatively untouched and less commercialized than the other bigger Muskoka Lakes. For those looking for a quiet peaceful retreat, Hinchcliffe’s relaxing cottage environment is sure to be a source of envy.

22 Taylor Hall's California Beach Vacation

Taylor Hall of the New Jersey Devils knows how to do a vacation right. One holiday that we can all be envious of is his trip to Redondo Beach Luxury Estates in Los Angeles California. One of the most amazing things about this vacation is that there was a happy medium between activity and relaxation. For the times he can’t sit still, the house is a private estate that can host up to 16 guests featuring its own private basketball court and is just a 20-minute drive from LA. When he was in the mood to unwind, there is (of course) a stunning grotto-style pool, Luxury Retreats reports. With opportunities that provide the perfect marriage between the energetic and the peaceful, what better what to spend a vacation than to have the best of both worlds.

21 Doug Gilmour's Luxury Muskoka Cottage Experience

The district of Muskoka in southern Ontario is known as the “Malibu of the North”. Many celebrities and athletes own vacation properties in this breathtaking region. Former Leafs captain Doug Gilmour owns one of the most beautiful summer vacation homes in the area. According to Narcity, Gilmore often summers at his gigantic waterfront mansion where he has access to all the Muskoka amenities such as boating, waterskiing, suntanning on the dock surrounded by nature and enjoying a cocktail in the outdoor hot tub at sunset.

20 LeBron James' Lavish Anguilla Holiday

Basketball player LeBron James is famous for spending lavish amounts of money on incredible vacations. One such vacation that we can be envious of is his trip to Anguilla Beach House, which has all the bells and whistles, including a personal chef, a 44-foot infinity pool, home theatre, food and beverage staff, and direct beach access. This beautiful house is truly off the beaten path, on the most northern of islands on the Leeward island chain, less than 10 miles north of Saint Martin. According to, this beautiful vacation can be yours for the (not so low) price of $75,000 USD per week. Not too shabby LeBron, not too shabby.

19 Tom Brady's Costa Rican Adventure

One of Tom Brady‘s favourite vacation destinations is the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Brady has been there several times, including right after his team lost the Super Bowl last year, CBS Sports reports. The day after the upset, Brady posted a photo on Instagram enjoying the beautiful Costa Rican sunset. Along with breathtaking sunset come stunning views, unique volcanic landscapes, and a temperate climate. With statistics showing that the Costa Rican people are some of the happiest in the world, it is no surprise that Brady spends much of the off-season taking in the sun and the sea in this gorgeous Central American country.

18 Serena Williams' Bahamian Honeymoon

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian had one amazing honeymoon that would make any bride and groom steam with jealousy. According to EOnline, in 2017, Williams and Ohanian celebrated their nuptials in Kamalame Cay, Bahamas, located just off Andros Great Barrier Reef. The couple rented a four-bedroom oceanfront villa with lush greenery, beachfront terrace, and a water spa. This Villa can all be yours for the price of $35,000 per week. What a fortunate duo indeed!

17 Tiger Wood's Swiss Alps Vacation

The world-renowned golfer that we all love to hate, Tiger Woods, went on a family vacation that was to die for. Last summer, Woods, along with his girlfriend and his children, took a break from the golf scene after he lost the British Open and visited Switzerland for an adventure of hiking up in the mountains and relaxing in a chalet. Woods told Golf Week that it was a wonderful combination of outdoor activities and spending time with family.

16 Sidney Crosby's European Escapade

When Sidney Crosby isn’t scoring goals or winning hockey games, you can usually find him travelling the world. One of his most notable trips was his European vacation last year where he visited Spain, Austria, Germany and even stopped in to see Wimbledon in London, the Post Gazette reports.

Since one of the perks of being an athlete is a high salary, it is no wonder that Crosby is spending his hard-earned money on a trip of a lifetime during the off-season that we can all be envious of.

15 Bryce Harper's Honeymoon In Cabo San Lucas

According to the New York Post, Bryce Harper is yet another athlete to be jealous of when it comes to lavish travel experiences. Harper had an amazing honeymoon with his wife Kayla Varner in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. With the couple's original plans to go to Turks and Caicos having to be canceled at the last minute, Harper and Varner definitely made up for it with their beautiful Mexican vacation. The newlyweds stayed at The Cape Hotel, where they spent their days snorkeling, parasailing and relaxing in the sun. Now that sounds like the perfect honeymoon!

14 PK Subban's Italian Holiday

One of the places that I’m sure many of us would love to visit is the south coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Well, PK Subban and Lindsey Vonn did just that on their Italian vacation last year. According to USA Today, the couple wore matching USA striped bathing suit‘s on the Fourth of July, while they jumped off of a yacht into the sea off the coast of Capri, Italy. The couple was also lucky enough to visit the city of Florence and other small Italian villages, making this vacation one that we can all wish we were on as well!

13 James Harden's Fashion Week Extravaganza

James Harden is another athlete that is jumping on the European vacation bandwagon. According to, last off-season, Harden was seen with his teammates “living it up“ in the male fashion week of Milan, Italy and the Parisian fashion week in France. Not only did Harden get first peek at the latest fashion trends but he got to hang out with a lot of celebrities in fashion designers. For the reigning MVP, this shouldn’t be at all surprising but nevertheless makes us all fuming with envy.

12 Venus Williams' Scandinavian Adventure

Serena Williams isn’t the only sister who gets to go on luxury holidays: her sister Venus Williams also has some pretty elaborate vacationing herself that we can all be jealous of. Venus told CN Traveler that she goes on a plenary of holidays. One such vacation that stands out is her trip to Norway and Iceland, which she calls the best vacation that she ever took. Venus loved driving around the two beautiful countries, taking in the sights and visiting museums. Although Venus does say that she incorporates her workouts along the way, her favorite thing is when the hotel many bars are stocked with donuts, she explains, something, of course, us non-celebrities can all relate to - not!

11 Roger Federer's Luxury Resort Getaway

Roger Federer visited one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Anatara Hotel Resort and Spa in the Maldives. With the option of renting a villa or your own private island, it is no wonder this couple had a fantastic time swimming in the reefs, deep-sea fishing, and relaxing and hammocks. According to, this resort is the height of luxury and is sought after by many. With the sun shining almost 365 days a year and gorgeous turquoise color waters, it is no wonder Federer chose such a beautiful place to have a lavish vacation.

10 Lionel Messi's Yachting In Ibiza

When it comes to taking luxury vacations, Lionel Messi is yet another athlete that is bound to make us all green with envy. Messi vacationed with his family in a luxury yacht off the coast of the island of Ibiza. This Spanish Island is famous for having sun almost all year round, a hot spot for celebrities and socialites, and the European location of choice for wealthy vacationers in general. And who wouldn’t want to have access to all this scenic beauty on their own private yacht? Well done Messi, well done.

9 Alexander Ovechkin's Maldives Hideaway

Another South Pacific lover is Alexander Ovechkin who took his partner Anastasia Shunskaya to the One and Only Reethi Rah Resort in The Maldives. According to Frivolette, this couple was seen bike riding through the tropical landscape and suntanning on the white sandy beach. Their room not only featured a beachfront view but also a drool-worthy private walk-out infinity pool that looks out directly on the ocean. On her Instagram feed, Anastasia describes this location as “the most amazing and romantic place on earth”. Sign me up!

8 David Beckham's Croatian Retreat

Croatia is one of the most beautiful and exotic places on earth and with the popularity of the hit show Game of Thrones being filmed on location there, it has grown in desirability as well.

Croatia must have caught the eye of David and Victoria Beckham as they were seen there on a lavish family vacation for their 19th wedding anniversary, W Magazine reports. The family spent a lot of their time in the water, where they rented a boat and played water sports and basked in the Mediterranean sun. This vacation sounds like one for the books, combining just the perfect amount of relaxation and fun.

7 Connor McGregor's Luxury Spanish Villa

One of the most envious vacation homes in existence is perhaps the luxury villa that Connor McGregor purchased in Spain for $1.5 million. The Villa is complete with a gym, LED-lit driveway, infinity pool, and an indoor hot tub. According to NESN, the Villa is in a luxury development called the Heights in Mirabella, one of the most sought out developments in the country. Now that McGregor’s legal troubles have been resolved, he is sure to spend plenty of time there, making the rest of us fume with jealousy.

6 Floyd Mayweather's Caribbean Vacation In Turks And Caicos

Continuing with our fighter theme, Floyd Mayweather is another athlete to be envious of when it comes to taking lavish vacations. According to Business Insider, Mayweather was seen poolside in a luxury villa in Turks and Caicos, which is a tropical island 650 miles southwest of Miami Florida. Mayweather also managed to visit Miami on the same trip while he was in the area because when you’re an athlete raking in the dough, that’s something you can easily do. With Turks and Caicos being one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, this vacation is definitely one to drool over!