Worldwide travelers are called to prepare themselves to have their assumptions about summer fun in Switzerland challenged. The amazing Matterhorn Glacier can be skied, and the lofty Swiss Alps may be hiked. Tourists can wander from one mesmerizing chocolate factory to the next and take a relaxing train excursion. Many high-altitude lakes offer swimming opportunities. However, they should get ready for some adrenaline rush too!! On a track built of gleaming stainless steel, they can race down a hillside at thrilling high speeds. Here are the top 14 alpine roller coasters in Switzerland.


More Exciting Roller Coasters In Switzerland

Who doesn't enjoy racing down Swiss mountains on thrilling toboggan runs and roller coasters in summer? Everyone loves trying this unique experience. This list was updated to include additional exciting roller coasters, and toboggan runs in Switzerland, such as Rodelbahn Stuckli Run in Sattel-Hochstuckli and Rodelbahn Frakigaudi on Mount Pilatus.

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14 Glacier 3000, Alpine Coaster

On a one-kilometer track, 520° loops, ten bends, six waves, and three leaps guarantee activity speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mi/h): The wonderful Alpine Coaster will instantly increase tourist's heart rate and adrenaline levels! On this high-flying journey in a mountain environment, travelers will feel weightlessness up to 6 meters (19.68 ft.) above the earth. With the brake lever, adventurers choose the speed and how many times they wish to slide down the toboggan run. This iconic alpine coaster in Bernese Oberland offers a stunning view above the glacier. After trying it, people will enjoy bouncing across the suspension bridge. They will also be amazed by riding a chair lift down to the ice glacier and sledding on summer snow.

  • Summer season: May to September
  • Length: 877 meters.
  • Cost: CHF 9/ride ( $9.17 USD).

13 Saas Fee, Feeblitz Rodelbobbahn

The sharpest bobsled lift in the Alps transports one or two riders to one of the highest roller coasters in the region, providing a thrilling adrenaline rush. Tourists will get their first kick from Switzerland's only 360-degree circle, 9 meters (29.5 ft.) high. Three insane leaps finish the 900-meter (2952.7 ft.) race. The Feeblitz provides year-round entertainment for people of all ages. Riders scream down into the valley, where a café awaits with delicious snacks and beverages in a single trip that will take their breath away.

12 The Pfingstegg Toboggan Run

The wonderful Pfingstegg Toboggan Run in Grindelwald, which runs through the picturesque slopes above Interlaken, offers incomparable valley panoramas. The exciting alpine coaster takes tourists on a thrilling ride that lasts over 2,000 ft. (610 m) and reaches speeds of up to 25 mi/h (40 km/h). The best thing about the marvelous Pfingstegg Toboggan Run is that it can be rented by groups for evening fun. However, adventurous people shall call ahead—these reservations fill up quickly!

  • Summer season: May to October

11 Rodelbahn Rischli

Rodelbahn Rischli winds its way through the lofty mountain pastureland of Sörenberg, climbing about 2,900 ft. (884 m) in total. The starting point is conveniently positioned adjacent to Hotel Rischli at Sörenberg's main entrance, immediately on the Hauptstrasse. Adventurers are transported to the beginning of the course via a comfy lift, where the real fun begins. Rodelbahn Rischli is a unique thriller that travelers will remember for a lifetime, with twelve extremely exciting turns and twists.

  • Summer season: 26 May to 20 November

10 La Robella, Rodelbahn Féeline

At this little mountain resort in northwest Switzerland, travelers usually prefer to acquire a day pass to enjoy unlimited rides on the thrilling coaster, astonishing mountain scooters, and comfortable chair lifts. This site is the perfect destination for people who want to avoid crowdedness because even on a bright Sunday, they won't wait for long times, and they can ride a dozen times the splendid 1200 m (3937 ft.) roller coasters before lunch.

  • Summer season: it opens starting May 14, 2022

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9 Churwalden Pradaschier

The amazing Pradaschier coaster in Churwalden is Switzerland's longest mountain coaster. It's nearly 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) long and can achieve speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mi/h). To get to the top of the mountain, tourists must take a chair lift. To save money, travelers can trek up the mountain instead, where an exceptional adventure is waiting for them.

  • Summer season: 26 May to 23 October

8 Kronberg, Bobbahn

In addition to the wonderful and thrilling 1000 m (3280.8 ft.) coaster, the Kronberg mountain resort features an exceptional ropes course with dazzling 25 zip lines, a treasure hunt path, and a large playground, among other touristic attractions. On bright afternoons, lines might be long, so it's recommended to ride the roller coaster as the first activity in the morning.

  • Cost: $9.10 per two persons.

7 Monte Tamaro, Coaster Bob

This incredibly fast coaster with tons of thrilling loops is fantastic. As tourists approach the beginning point of the downhill run, they will take in the wonderful panoramic view from Alpe Foppa. They can pick how quickly they want to travel at a top speed of 50 km/h (31mi/h) across a distance of 800 meters (2624.67 ft.). To escape afternoon lineups, it is recommended to head toward it the first thing in the morning before hiking the bewitching trails surrounding the area.

6 Flumserberg, “Floomzer” Coaster

On Flumserberg, the "FLOOMZER" toboggan run is 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) long. It promises an adrenaline surge that will make tourists' hair stand on end. It is guaranteed that they will enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the embraced lakes by astonishing mountains right amid Flumserberg's incredible scenery. The kid-friendly "FLOOMZER" is an exciting ride 250 meters above sea level. It offers the entire family a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

5 Oeschinensee, Summer Toboggan Run

The summer toboggan slope at Oeschinenesee is a memorable experience for both the young and the elderly. At very high speed, they will conquer a height differential of about 150 meters (492 ft.) over a distance of 750 meters (2460.6 ft.). It's a fantastic pleasure to whizz down the slope alone or with a partner, letting the hair fly in the wind. After a thrilling ride on the mountain coaster, tourists can cool off in the clear water of Oeschinensee by rowing or swimming.

4 Atzmännig, Toboggan Run

Another amazing and thrilling alpine side roller coaster that offers a great ride is the Atzmännig toboggan run, which is part of a fun mountain amusement park. However, many people believe this roller coaster is overpriced since they will have to pay separately for themselves and their child even if they were riding double. This is why it's better to wait for the little ones to become bigger and able to ride alone, which allows one to save the CHF 9/adult fee. People hitting the area will have fun doing various other activities there. This includes a nice theme trail from the top of the lift.

  • Length: 700 meters.
  • Cost: CHF 9.5/ride ( $9.68 USD). Children can benefit from a discount.
  • Location: Atzmännig can be located in Eastern Switzerland.

3 Brunni Engelberg, Summer Toboggan

After spending a full day of mountain fun, people will enjoy hitting the iconic Brunni Engelberg alpine slide. This summer toboggan located in Central Switzerland offers plenty of fun, starting with the treasure hunt theme trail and ending at the picnic area at the "Tickle Path" barefoot. The big alpine playground offers various fun opportunities along with the must-try yummy ice cream. As for the ride, it closes at 17:00, thus the need to enjoy it before the end of the day.

  • Length: 660 meters.
  • Cost: CHF 5/ride ( $5.1 USD) + cable car return.
  • Location: The Brunni Engelberg is located in Central Switzerland.

2 Sattel-Hochstuckli, Rodelbahn Stuckli Run

This one comes with a day pass that allows people to ride the Sattel-Hochstuckli as many times as they want during the day. One is advised to get to that run as early as possible so that they can enjoy at least a dozen rides before the crowd sets in. Those who get the day pass for the Sattel-Hochstuckli will enjoy the gondola ride up the mountain. Additionally, they will also have unlimited access to all amusements, including trampolines, the alpine slide, summer tubing, and bouncy castles. People will also enjoy crossing the suspension bridge and admire a unique panorama trail.

  • Length: 600 meters.
  • Cost: CHF 5/ride ( $5.1 USD) + gondola return ticket.
  • Location: Central Zwitzerland.

1 Mt Pilatus, Rodelbahn Frakigaudi

Rodelbahn Frakigaudi on Mount Pilatus is Switzerland's longest alpine slide at 1,350 meters. People will enjoy sleeping overnight in tree tents and the ropes course there. They will also have fun catching big and stunning views after riding the cable car to the mountain's top. It's advisable to do that at the start of the day in order not to run out of time at the end of it.

  • Length: 1,350 meters.
  • Cost: CHF 9/ride ( $9.17 USD) + cable car return ticket + discount for children.
  • Location: Central Switzerland