Viva Las Vegas.

It's known for being the Sin City, and it's kind of hard to argue with that. It's a statement that can mean a variety of different things as the majority of us probably know, but in short, it means that those who arrive never leave the same way. That sounds a little bit dramatic and perhaps even a little bit silly, but trust us, it's an accurate remark.

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied when it comes to travelling over to the Nevada-based city, and we're here to run down what the majority of us think when we're either in the process of booking our tickets or when we've actually arrived. It's a multi-layered location, as you can imagine, so there are a literal variety of thought processes that you're about to read. Have fun with that.

It's difficult to speak openly on behalf of, you know, the world - but that isn't really what we're trying to do here. What we're doing is giving you a glimpse into what it's like to head over to Vegas, because let's face it, not all of us will get the chance to go. It's not that we wouldn't want to, but life often gets in the way of things like holidays (or even business trips).

So as the holiday season draws closer and closer and you're forced to spend time with your family, you can read this knowing that a potential trip to Las Vegas may not be all too far away.

25 “Is Heart Attack Grill Open?”

The Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant that exclusively features food which, if eaten regularly, will almost certainly cause a heart attack. That sounds a little bit over the top, but trust us when we say that it’s true.

It’s quite the experience, with the waitresses being dressed as nurses who will spank you for not finishing your meal. Also, if you order wine, it’ll come in the form of an IV drip – and you have to wear a hospital gown in order to even gain entry into the place.

It sounds utterly bizarre just by the description alone, but trust us when we say that it’s the perfect definition of Vegas.

24 "There’s No Way I’m Riding X-Scream“

X-Scream is one of the three tallest amusement rides in the world and that is not an exaggeration. At 866 feet you’ll be left feeling like you’re on the verge of disaster, and if you’re not an adrenaline junky, then this would probably be the worst idea imaginable.

The car rolls painfully towards the end of the track which is done to try and convince you that you’re about to fall when in reality, you’ll be just fine.

To call it a thrill ride would almost be undervaluing just how unnerving it truly is, but either way, the X-Scream is something to keep an eye out for.

23 “Show Me The Casinos!“

What’s one of the big things Vegas is known for? Casinos.

Whether you’re attending a bachelor’s party or you’re just trying to kill some time before your next business meeting, there are always options available when it comes to the casinos in Vegas.

They believe in being smart with how much you spend which is why a lot of folks are restricted from going there too much, but either way, they’re still going to do great business long into the future.

Why? Because it’s one of the primary sources of income for the city of Las Vegas, and they aren’t exactly going to want to move away from that.

22 "I Can’t Believe There’s A $777 Burger“

Yup. This is an actual thing.

The $777 burger can be found at Le Burger Brasserie, and before you ask, no, it isn’t just a regular burger with more than $700 single dollar notes to go alongside it.

The Kobe Beef and Maine Lobster burger is the primary dish in the restaurant, as you’d expect, and it features brie, prosciutto and caramelized onions.

It certainly sounds delicious, but the ingredient that likely takes it up to the next level from a financial perspective is probably the 100-year-old balsamic vinegar. It doesn’t sound like much but people are very particular about the details, and as long as people are buying it, then they must be doing something right.

21 “Where Did The Hangover Guys Film?“

The first Hangover film is extremely popular for all of the reasons you can imagine, and it’ll likely go down as a classic comedy in the years to come. Of course, the storyline is not so loosely based on the city of Las Vegas, and the many terrors that come along with that.

It’s understandable to want to go and see where the wedding happened, where they got the mattress stuck on the roof, and perhaps even the hospital they visited.

The Hangover isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea and we can understand why, but it still makes for a fun watch.

20 “I Need To Pace Myself“

You’re going to be spending a significant amount of money on this proposed trip, and it’s best that you get your head around that sooner rather than later. When you get there on the first night there’s going to be a lot of temptation around you, and it can be hard not to splash the cash like a madman – especially if you’ve had a particularly stressful week at work prior to travelling over.

It’s important to budget how much cash you’ve got for the entire trip, because that way, you can set out what you’re going to do from day to day.

19 “I Wonder What The Landmarks Are“

From the High Roller to the Hoover Dam to the Botanical Gardens and beyond, it turns out that there’s actually a lot of fun stuff to do when you go to Vegas. Everyone tends to visit thinking one thing, only to leave realising there’s much more to the city than initially meets the eye.

Of course, it’s not like visiting London, New York, Budapest or anywhere with a series of notable landmarks, but it’s still a lot of fun. You know what you’re going to get upon booking a trip here, and it’s all about managing your expectations in a realistic manner.

18 “Is It *ALL* About Partying?“

It’s a fair question.

The party culture has taken over Las Vegas over the course of the last few decades, and has never let go. The majority of foreigners, and even those from America, wouldn’t be able to say all too much about the state of Nevada as a whole: but they all know where Vegas is, and what its purpose is.

Partying certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and it’s not like we’re trying to alter that, but perhaps things get taken a little bit too far sometimes. There’s a phrase that some guys (and girls) just can’t handle Vegas, and as time goes on, that becomes more and more evident.

17 “How Are Some Of The Flights So Cheap?!“

This one really does depend on what your definition of ‘cheap’ is, but we happen to think that business is pretty reasonable in this regard.

Even on a short notice basis, you’d be able to get a flight from Las Vegas to London and back for $400 with Virgin Atlantic. Given that we’re talking about the West Coast, which ensures you’re spending at least 10 hours in the air, we happen to think that’s quite remarkable.

There are some real bargains out there so long as you’re willing to look hard enough, with Skyscanner being our top recommendation in that sense.

16 "This Is Some Serious Desert Heart”

If you head to sunny Las Vegas in the months of June, July or August, then you’d best prepare yourself for an average of 86.7°F, 92.5°F and 90.6°F – and September isn’t much better at 28.1°F.

That might not sound hot to those of you who are used to the climate, but if you’re originally from somewhere that’s pretty cold, then this can create a bit of a problem. Sure, you may have packed a lot of sun cream and a few pairs of shorts, but that isn’t going to be enough to prevent you from burning. Oh, and when we say burn, we mean it.

15 "Circus-Circus Has Some Weird Vibes“

The majority of hotel chains tend to focus on keeping you safe, providing you with a good room, and generally ensuring that you have a pleasant experience wherever you may be going. Circus Circus Las Vegas, however, take things to a whole new level, and we mean that in a literal sense.

The name alone should give it away but in case you’re still second guessing it, let us assure you that they put on circus acts, carnival games, they have a wedding chapel, and they even have three swimming pools.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and you really do need to see it in order to believe it.

14 “Are There Any Fights On?“

Las Vegas is the fighting capital of the world, and there are only a handful of cities who could ever dream of debating that point. A lot of people tend to go over specifically in search of some fights to watch, but if that isn’t the case, then they’ll sometimes keep an eye out on the off chance that something is on near them.

Usually there’s a good chance some form of boxing will be viewable, but as well as that, the Ultimate Fighting Championship tends to put on a series of high level mixed martial arts events throughout the year.

They come highly recommended, folks.

13 “How Big Is The Airport?“

Some people probably just want to book the flights and then deal with the stress of it all when they get there, but we don’t fall into that category. In fact, there are a lot of people who would be quite interested to know just how big the primary airport for Vegas is.

It’s called McCarran International, and while it isn’t on the same scale as some of the bigger airports in the country, it’s certainly a notable one. McCarran had over 45 million passengers in a single calendar year just three years ago, and it’s considered to be the 27th busiest airport on the planet.

12 “T-Mobile Arena Is Amazing“

As we’ve already mentioned Vegas is a bit of a hub for combat sports, but now, it’s branching out into a variety of other mainstream sports too.

A big part of the operation is T-Mobile Arena, which finally opened in April 2016. It’s a fairly remarkable arena from the inside and the out, and as the years go on, it’ll continue to gain more and more of an identity among sports fans.

There’s also retail shopping and dining options available, and after two and a half years of being in operation, it already feels like a slam dunk success for the city.

11 “There Are So Many Tourists“

The number of people actually deciding to live in Las Vegas is growing, contrary to what many people believe – but that doesn’t mean the number of tourists is subsiding.

Courtesy of the reputation that Vegas has created for itself, it’s much more likely that you’re going to pass tourists in the streets as opposed to locals. For example, if you happen to be from the United Kingdom, we’d argue that you’re more likely to hear a British accent than an American one in certain areas of Vegas.

That sounds ridiculous but after walking around for an hour or two, you’ll soon realise that it’s true.

10 “How Far Away Is LA?“

Some folks who go to Vegas probably aren’t actually aware of the fact that America is, by definition, bigger than they could ever imagine. As such, they’ll see that Vegas is a little inland from the West Coast, which is where Los Angeles is, and when looking at a map they’ll soon believe that they’re quite close together.

While that’s true in the grand scheme of the nation, it’ll still take you five hours to drive from one to the other. The distance is roughly 270 miles which isn’t too catastrophic, but just imagine the petrol you’d save if you just decided to fly instead.

9 “The People Here Are... Interesting“

If you’re talking about cities that never sleep, then Vegas has to be right up there in the conversation. Sure, in New York City you’ll likely run into some intriguing individuals, but they’ve got nothing on Vegas.

The only kind of place we can compare it to is New Orleans, and even then we feel like Vegas leads the way.

They’re just so eccentric there and while that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which we can understand, learning to embrace it would definitely be to your benefit.

Why? Because getting caught up in the madness is what a holiday is all about (for some people).

8 “The Hotels Are Amazing“

Some places have hotels that make you think “ah, that’s pretty cool” but Las Vegas is the kind of destination that will leave you actively seeking them out in order to witness them for yourself.

From Paris to Flamingo to the MGM Grand to the Bellagio, they’ve just about got it covered. You’ve got pricey hotels on one hand and then relatively cheap ones on the other, but either way, we’d argue that there’s a pretty nice variety.

Hotels are only useful for putting your head down to sleep in the eyes of many and we can understand that, but it’s hard not to appreciate what they do for the skyline.

7 “Are There Any Concerts On?“

Alongside combat sports, arguably one of the other top attractions in Las Vegas are the many concerts. Some of the biggest and best artists from the modern era and years gone by have performed there, mainly because it always makes for a great atmosphere.

There’s a variety of different performances for you to go and see, and it all really depends on your taste. Some people will be into the over the top stuff, whereas others will feel as if they’re better suited towards a bit of Michael Buble.

Just go out there and let your imagination run wild, folks.

6 “That’s A Rather Tacky Eiffel Tower“

Paris Las Vegas is, technically speaking, a hotel and casino on the strip – which serves as a kind of ‘tribute’ to the great French city of Paris. Of course, with that comes the incredibly tacky Eiffel Tower replica, which is actually half scale, standing at 540 feet tall.

If you want the real thing then we’d highly suggest you book a trip to Paris far enough in advance, because it can get expensive. Alas, that’s still worth much more than this cheap rip-off, which serves as a bit of an eyesore to be perfectly honest.

We appreciate the effort, though.