Despite having a number of problems of their own, ex-Thomas Cook employees have been helping wronged holidaymakers absolutely free of charge.

We currently live in uncertain times. An established company or brand can be here on a Friday and gone by the end of the weekend. We've seen it happen numerous times, the most recent example being the demise of Thomas Cook. It was a matter of days between the world discovering the well-known travel company was in trouble, to it no longer existing.


Being a big-time travel agent, Thomas Cook folding in the fashion that it did cause even more issues than when another company runs into problems. Thousands of people around the world were left not knowing how and when they'd be able to come, and those still at home who had booked trips with Thomas Cook were also in a spot of bother.

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All of this, and we haven't even mentioned the 22,000 employees who now find themselves unemployed. Despite the uncertain future many of them now face, weeks later, some are still helping former customers who have been left in limbo, reports BBC. Ex-employees have been setting up shop in malls, cafes, and bars across the UK and asking that customers with quandaries come to them.

Former branch manager Donna Jones told BBC that she and her fellow employees are doing it out of the love for the customers. Jones also added she almost burst into tears when they opened the doors to the pop-up shop they worked out of in a shopping center in Stoke-on-Trent. When they opened those doors, there were already 100 customers queueing outside hoping to find out some answers and maybe even solutions.

It sounds as if most of the customers are extremely understanding of the situation too. While they may have lost out on a holiday with what will admittedly be a large chunk of change, the people helping them find themselves without a job. People who have mortgages to pay and children to feed, yet they have still found the time and the ability to help others for absolutely nothing.

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