Pizza is probably one of the most popular foods worldwide. The tomato pies originated in Naples, Italy, but have captured the world by storm. Today, it’s common to see pizzerias and fast-food joints offering hot slices of pizza. Specifically, in the US, states, and cities transformed the traditional pie into their variation. While some argue that NYC has the best pizza, others claim that the Chicago deep-dish pizza is an iconic classic. Regardless of people’s preferences, it’s a fact that the US has its take on pizza. Foodies should pack their suitcases and tour these cities for an epic pizza tour across the USA!

9 Chicago, IL

Deep-dish pizza has captured the hearts of many, both locals and tourists alike. This Chicago-style pizza is made with a deep-dish dough base, generously topped with layers of cheese, toppings (like sausage, pepperoni, veggies, and other mixings), and a generous layer of sweet tomato sauce. This pizza is so decadent that it can be eaten like a pie: with large, hefty, thick slices. One of the best things about Chicago-style pizza is, like any other pizza, the way the cheese pulls as a slice is removed from the pie!

8 New York City, NY

New York-style pizza is such a popular slice; there are imitators worldwide that try to capture the essence of this pie! The New York-style pizza is characterized by its huge, foldable slices. Traditionally made with only tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, this pie is known for its greasy, glistening goodness. New York City is studded with pizzerias that sell this popular slice, and it is often on the to-do list of hungry tourists!

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7 Brooklyn, NY

Though Brooklyn-style pizza may have evolved from the iconic New York-style slice, this pizza is present all it's own. Brooklyn-style pizza starts with a hand-tossed dough that’s airy and thin upon cooking. To top off the dough, a modest ladle of savory tomato sauce and cheese sprinkles. Curious (and hungry) travelers can embark on a Brooklyn Pizza tour and sample this famous pie through A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours!

6 Detroit, MI

Rust Belt City is home to the now-abandoned Packard Automotive Plant and Detroit-style pizza. This special pizza is traditionally made using rectangular pans, a tradition born of which the first-ever pie was made using pans used in the assembly plants. Moreover, Detroit-style pizza is known for its fluffy, deep-dish-like crust. Ladles of tomato sauce are topped with sprinkles of freshly-grated cheese and studded with glistening pepperonis.

5 California

The Golden State is just as sunny as its pizza! California-style pizza offers a light, chewy dough (similar to traditional Neapolitan-style kind) cooked in a wood-fired oven. The pie is then topped with fresh toppings, including artichokes, arugula, kale, pesto, and other delicious toppings. More ritzy ingredients—like bone marrow, BBQ chicken, bean sprouts, and pate—are also possible toppings on a California-style pizza. Even avocados (a Californian favorite) can be added to the top of a fresh California pizza. The sky's the limit when it comes to customizing this sunny pizza variety!

4 Milwaukee, WI

Also known as bar pizza or tavern-type pizza, the Milwaukee-style pizza is characterized by its oily, thin, cracker-like crust. The crust is often baked inside a shallow pan and doused with cheese sprinkles (including the crust!). This savory pie is traditionally topped with sausage, mushroom, and onion (though it’s available in different varieties). This pizza is distinct because it’s cut into squares instead of a triangular shape. Often a staple at bars or pubs, the Milwaukee-style pizza is a great shareable pie that goes great with a fresh, cold one.

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3 New Haven, CI

Charred food may sound unappetizing to some, but that's only because haven’t tried the New Haven-style pizza yet! This special pie is equipped with a thin crust cooked inside a coal-fired oven, giving the dough a slightly charred look. The dough is also noticeably chewy because it’s left to rise for long periods in cool temperatures. However, perhaps the most distinctive trait of the New Haven-style pizza is its simplicity: ladles of sweet tomato sauce paired with gratings of Romano cheese!

2 St. Louis, MO

Who says all pizza are created equal? The St. Louis-style pizza is unlike its American pizza siblings. This pie’s base is a crispy, cracker-like crust made without yeast. The result is a relatively flat, unleavened crust, that's perfect for mounds of toppings. Moreover, instead of the traditional mozzarella, the pizza is topped with Provel, a processed white cheese made in St. Louis (and surrounding areas). To enjoy this pizza, it’s cut and divided into square slices.

1 Trenton, NJ

Trenton-specific pizza has several aliases, including the Trenton tomato pie and the New Jersey tomato pie. Born in Trenton, this unique pizza is incredibly saucy! To start, a thin crust is sprinkled with cheese and toppings. The sauce is always ladled on last, giving the pie a bright and bold color. The sauce is pleasantly sweet, making this pie distinct from its counterparts.