It is said that 90% of life in the rainforest lives in the treetops. That makes the Amazon Rainforest the perfect place for a treehouse stay. There are treehouse accommodation options around the Amazon but the two main countries for visiting the Amazon Rainforest are Brazil and Peru.

One of the leading treehouse lodge accommodations is Treehouse Lodge in the Peruvian Amazon. Here one can enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in one of the world's best treehouse accommodations. For a very different concept of treehouse accommodation, consider staying at Harald's treehouses in Sweden. Their treehouses are built to look like a bird's nest, alien spaceship, a mirrorcube, and more.


The Amazon's Treehouse Lodge Is A Veritable Safari

Located at the confluence of the Yarapa and Cumaceba Rivers near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, the Treehouse Lodge welcomes guests into the rainforest. It is the only all-inclusive treehouse lodge in the Amazon and is a chance to see the rainforest from the tree top canopy.

  • Located: In The Peruvian Rainforest
  • Only: The Only All-Inclusive Treehouse Lodge In The Amazon

Imagine waking up in the morning to monkeys and birds at eye level as they go about their lives in the canopy. Some animals one can expect to see in one's stay include sloths, macaws, parrots, pink river dolphins and five different species of monkeys. Staying in the canopy in the treehouse is a veritable safari unto itself. For some, it is the only real way to enjoy and explore the Amazon.

  • Animals: Sloths, Macaws, Parrots, Pink River Dolphins, Monkeys

Another bonus of staying in the treetop is the relief from the intense humidity and heat - at least here there it's some air in the treetops.

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The Treehouse Lodge Facilities

The Treehouse Lodge is also fully equipped with the comforts of life and one needn't worry about going without. Every treetop bungalow is equipped with sinking, toilets, and showers.

Treehouse Lodge has a selection of 12 treehouses that rise between 25 and 75 feet above the jungle floor.

  • Number of Treehouses: 12 Treehouse Bungalows
  • Height: Between 25 and 75 Feet Above The Ground

The experience of the Treehouse Lodge starts before actually climbing up into the treehouses. To get to Treehouse Lodge, visitors need to come by boat and then take a winding entrance path to the lodge. Depending on if one comes in the wet or dry season, the path leads over a lagoon or the jungle floor.

The lodge has a main lodge complete with a bar, dining area, Peruvian-style meals, a lounge, and more.

  • Includes: A Bar, Lounge, Etc

Activities include trying one's hand at a traditional Amazonian blowgun, jungle walks to see giant water lilies, paddle a dugout canoe, visiting a local visit with indigenous tribes, and more. Stays at Treehouse Lodge are best paired with an Amazon cruise and/or as a part of a trip to Machu Picchu. If one is planning to go out for an Amazon River Cruise there are a few things to know first - like the wet and dry seasons.

Treehouse Lodge was built to fit into the environment and not heavy equipment was used in its construction to avoid damaging the trees. The electricity is supplied by solar panels.

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Staying At Treehouse Lodge In The Peruvian Amazon

The rates for staying at Treehouse lodge vary by season, number of occupancy, and duration of stay. Per person then there are two or more people in the group, the all-inclusive rates start at:

  • 2 Nights: $695 (Per Person)
  • 3 Nights: $950 (Per Person)
  • 4 Nights: $1,150 (Per Person)
  • 5 Nights: $1,295 (Per Person)
  • Each Night After The 5th Night: $150 (Per Person)

Each treehouse sleeps two and the beds can be combined as a King bed or separated as twin beds. One Treehouse also sleeps three people. On request each treehouse can have up to two additional portable cots.


  • Pickup And Drop-off at Iquitos Airport
  • 3 Meals A Day
  • All Chosen Excursions
  • An English or Spanish-speaking guide

If one would like to make real memories of the experience with one's significant other, they also have a romance package. The romance package is for those who want to get married in the treehouse, renew the wedding vows, or just have a more romantic time together.